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Arise Virtual Solutions is a Scam and a Ripoff Work at Home Company

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Let me begin by saying that I have not personally worked for Arise, but I am hearing so many reports these days, including a few from trusted friends, that I finally had to write this Blog.  I must also state that this is 100% my opinion (in case it wasn’t clear that my personal Blog is my opinion), because their SOP is to threaten to sue people when they speak out against the company.

Arise Virtual Solutions in Mirmar Florida bills themselves a “work at home opportunity” and has workers take calls for large companies like Disney, AT&T,  Carnival and Intuit while pretending that they are in a call center.   Recently large clients have bailed because Arise was doing a poor job and it was hurting their reputation.

Arise has been around for awhile and was originally called Willow, and at that time it was a legitimate work at home opportunity.  Willow paid a fair wage and treated agents well.  A few years ago they became Arise, and the bad changes have been non-ending, with each one worse for the poor desperate suckers who need a job.

Arise says that they are a “work at home opportunity” and by doing this they get away with a lot of shit.  First, they are able to scam victims out of hundreds of dollars for “training, background checks, monthly fees, etc.” without giving them any work.  A large amount of the company’s revenue is made scamming people who think that if they pay Arise all this money they’ll have a job.  Arise encourages these out-of-work people to buy equipment, incorporate, get phone lines installed, etc.  But after all of the money paid out and a few weeks (or months) of unpaid training, Arise tells many of them to go away.

The person looking for work is out over a thousand dollars in expenses, plus approximately 6 weeks of unpaid time that they donated to Arise for training, and they’re nowhere.  Some might say that these are the lucky ones because at least they’re done with Arise!

The others are allowed to contract “business to business” with Arise.  This allows Arise to get away with paying below minimum wage, giving no benefits and paying no taxes on these employees.  These people weren’t a “business” before, but they are now!  They’re a “business” with only one client:  Arise!  And then Arise dictates every aspect of their working time as if they were a paid employee.

Now Arise says, “but you have a flexible schedule, so you’re not an employee.”  But this is a lie.  For most clients there are never enough hours, because Arise is constantly bringing in more people so they can charge them training and application fees, even when there aren’t enough hours for the people already working.  Even if the “client” is about to be gone from  Arise they’ll still take people’s money and “train” them and then tell them there’s no work 6 weeks later.

For those people who do have some work, there are never enough hours and they’re broken up all day and night.  The people stuck in this hopeless trap take whatever they can get; 15 minutes at 6am, 30 minutes at 11am, 15 minutes at 2pm, 45 minutes at 5pm, 15 minutes at 6:15pm, an hour at 2am.  Flexible schedule, my ASS.  Arise makes all the agents scramble for time, trying to pick up work 24 hours a day.

On many “opportunities” they’ll advertise one pay rate and then after a chump has spent $1k and 6 weeks training announce that it’s really 25% less money than they said it would be.  Then another hit is when they tell you that you don’t get paid unless you’re talking on the phone, which means if you work for 8 hours but there’s time in-between calls Arise will only pay for 5 hours.  But of course you’re required to sit there.

It gets worse.  If Arise’s systems don’t work (and they frequently don’t, because they’re crap), there is virtually zero support, the agents don’t get paid, and they get threatened because they’re not meeting their required work times.  Anytime anything is wrong with their systems Arise blames the agents and then penalizes them, even when all of the agents are reporting the same problems.

They’ve got the existing agents so scared of being terminated, that they spend their time trying to get their “metrics” fixed instead of realizing that they’re being cheated out of real money that they’re owed by Arise.

And even though Arise is based on exploiting a loophole that claims everyone who works for them is not an employee, they are constantly looking for ways to dictate, monitor and control people as if they were employees.

Most recently Arise announced that they will start dropping by at any time to check if an agent’s house complies with Arise’s standards.”  Seriously, WTF?  Agents better be sure they wash all of their dirty dishes!  Unless they are police with a warrant, they shouldn’t be busting down people’s doors.

And another important warning:  There are some crooked companies that associate with Arise and say they “hire” people.   As if getting $5 an hour isn’t low enough, these companies will skim another 20% off the top and “help” folks.  These little scavenger companies are always fighting with each other and it adds even more complication into the mess of dealing with Arise.  Believe me, that kind of help you don’t need.

For those of you who don’t know this yet, I’ll have to do a separate Blog about the BBB.  If a company is crooked, but bribes the BBB they give them an A rating.  And even though Arise has thousands of complaints, they’ve bribed the BBB.  Don’t be impressed by their boast (or any company’s claim) that they have a great rating with the BBB, because that doesn’t mean shit!  And unfortunately ripoffreport.com is another one that’s gone corrupt like the BBB and allows companies to pay them to remove bad reports too.

There are some legitimate work at home companies but you must do your research first.  NEVER pay to get a job and stay away from Arise!


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  1. Mb

    i have worked for arise for a while .. now my sow is getting ready to run out and they are trying to find every thing under the sun to get rid of me FOR GOOD !!!!!!!!! they say its my metrics but once i start working harder than ever to bring them up they drop lower and lower… they also told me if i get fired for low scores with the current company im servicing that cant work for any other company with arise ..what crap … im tired of worrying if im going to have a job from one day to the next ..where do i go from here

    1. KJ

      Same thing happened to me MB but thank God I have found Vemma before they did me wrong and since then I’ve been working my own business from home with Vemma. you should check out my group on LinkedIn “Work from home with Vemma”. See you there.

      1. Renee

        Can you tell me more about Vemma?

        1. Watrice

          I know this is old but it looks like Vemma was shut down by the FTC for being a pyramid scheme. What the hell is going on in this world?!

    2. Former Arise IBO

      There is actually a pending lawsuit against Arise being handled by llrlaw.com
      Arise has been taking advantage of people for far to long. If I was you I would look into join the lawsuit. I am a former agent and I felt I had a moral obligation to take action.

      1. kesha lewis

        What kind of lawsuit is against Arise

    3. Former Arise IBO

      Arise has been taking advantage of people and getting away with it for far to long. LLrlaw is currently working on claims for those of us who have been abused by Arise. I felt obligated to take action. If you looking to take action I would contact llrlaw.com.

      1. Lola

        Hi. I am currently a csp and I am seeing this comments and have to agree. I am fairly new but am already seeing everything wrong. Like how the monies paid to me do not seem to match up with sow as well as the fact that no matter how much more hours I service the current week compared to the last and “metrics” still come back as crap. I feel like I address every area they want me to work on and yet I still get low scores on top of another. Ridiculous! All for minimum wage and no taxes or benefits. I am pretty sure they get paid a lot more from the “clients” then they are sharing with us who actually “service” these clients!

    4. gregory helberg

      I worked for arise for a while and I have to agree it is a scam. first to begin with they cheated me out of pay. Do you know how hard it is to dispute pay by email or chat in a virtual environment. They pay agents based on ratings based on the call with customers. I made top perfomance pay and they still denied me it and I quit on the spot. I got a phone line and internet that I had to pay and they cheated me out of pay. In the end I lost more money than i gained. I was a top performer with Arise and what it comes down to is they did not want to pay top pay. Stay away from this company as they will cheat you out of money and time and there really is no recourse unless you want to sue. The whole independent contractor thing is bogus as they are constantly telling you how they want things done and manditory training courses. Does that not make you an employee. it is my opinion that you should avoid this company at all costs. There actually is a class action lawsuit against them but in the end the lawyers get all the money. So again where did I really gain. Screw Arise let them sue me I have told the truth and the best defense against defamation is that what you say is the truth.

      1. IBO

        February 2015, Arise was just forced to pay a CSP $11,000 for miss-classifying her as employee. I would contact an attorney about your sitituation. If you can’t find one let me know.

    5. IBO

      https://www.scribd.com/doc/258575982/Tammie-Pendergraft-vs-Arise-Virtual-Solutions #yourcompetitorisbreakingthelaw #spreadtheword

  2. Patty B

    I have worked for Arise for over two years. I work from home and have plenty of hours. When AAA withdrew a portion of their contract (most of AAA is still with Arise) I was able to move to answering for another company at no cost to me.

    I don’t understand where these complaints come from because I take calls on a daily basis, have many friends with Arise and we are all very happy with our pay ($10-$18 per hour!)

    It is an upfront cost but Arise gets nothing out of it. Yes, you have to have a POTS telephone line, a computer, high speed internet, a headset, etc. None of thse things is through Arise. You can write them all off on your taxes because you are an independent contractor.

    You sign a SOW that specifically states what you are going to be paid before you sign up with a company to take their calls so the rate cannot change after the fact.

    I really hate that many people are being misled by these statements because they are simply not true for me or for anyone I know.

    1. Judy


      I read your comment about Arise. I am concerned about these things being said. Can you help me know what is true. Good and Bad things are said about everything, so I am trying to get this sorted out. Please contact me.

      Thank you,


      1. Patty

        Feel free to contact me at pbrand@charter.net. I am a believer in Arise and have made some great $ working for them. I’ve been mistreated or felt at all cheated in anyway. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and also work another full time job during the day. I’ll be glad to talk to you.

        1. terry

          Just seen your post on a blog and have a question. I am about to sever ties with arise because the only reason i have jumped through all the hoops is to work Carnival Cruise Lines. I was told if a course was not a class available then i could take another and switch to Carnival when one opens up. I just got back off a Carnival cruise yesterday and seen one available. To make a long story short (4hours on que to get “answers”), I was told that because I was enrolled to start the Sears course today if I cancelled I could not take the Carnival course for 30 days but it starts 11/4. So they lied to me. i will never be able to switch from sears to carnival because the courses offered are all within 30 days!!!!I have never taken a course and probably never will now. So how is THIS not misleading from arise???

          1. Patty

            I think it is just the timing that is bad. If you can possibly take two courses at a time with your schedule, I would do that. I did that before with two classes and didn’t have a problem.

          2. terry

            the ONLY COURSE I want to take is the Carnival Cruise Line on 11/4 (21 days away) but can not sign up for it because i am enrolled in the Sears course that I was told to enroll in (by arise enrollement) and could switch anytime to carnival when it became available.Now its available and they are saying I CAN NOT SIGN UP FOR IT. Because its less than 30 days away!GUESS WHAT? THEY ALL ARE LESS THAN 30 DAYS AWAY WHEN POSTED!!!

          3. Tamlin

            It happens all the time. Arise management gives false information. and they can make up the rules, because they can get away with it.

            Many bad things about Arise is true. Im working for arise still, but facing this kind of problem every single day. Your job is on the line with thread made to you daily.

        2. Sherry

          My name is Sherry. I just registered with ARISE and completed the CSR 101
          class. Now that I am at step to choose a company nerves are taking over. I
          signed up under a friends company and she tells me that the company I an
          interested in Carnival, seems to pay so very low compared to regular customer service.

          Are you an ARISE employee ? ie. works directly with ARISE rather than
          through website.
          Which company(ies) have paid more money per hour?
          How efficient is payroll system? ie. Payroll schedule after work completed, frequency, etc.
          Are you ISP or just CSP? Have you been able to see the ISP version of job
          description? Asked my ISP to see one for Carnival but seems like she is
          avoiding doing so and just bidding time for me to sign onto company.

          Thanks for any feedback that you can provide.

          1. Patty B

            I have always been my own IBO and not worked under anyone else. I set up my own corporation and I like it that way. You are able to see all of the information about the programs available and you get your full pay.

            I worked for Carnival Sales for a while and I loved it. The pay was very good. I just do sales all day at my full time job and it was easier for me to just do customer service rather than have sales expectations after hours too.

    2. A.R.

      I have also worked for Arise for years (since 2010) and have had some issues, but not as many as others. Thank goodness.

      My husband also works for Arise, and has had nothing but troubles with the systems, PF’s and tech support. I honestly think that it is “the luck of the draw” when it comes to issues. But do know that as of right now, the client that my husband is working for has had “issues” to the point of him not being able to work for almost 2 weeks. Arise is refusing to give him the $30.00/day pay as stated in the Master Service Agreement that you sign before ever working for anyone of the clients. And no one will even acknowledge his questions about it.

      He also has had nothing but issues with Tech support closing his tickets and never fixing anything.

      I on the other hand, very very rarely there is a glitch in my system and I have to reboot. But never have the issues he is having at this time.

      So I guess what I am saying…is that it happens alot it seems, but not to everyone that works through this company. If you have issues, you just have to stay on them, or they will get you upset and you’ll quit, and then where will ya be?

    3. Rebecca Avery

      You might feel this way but it is true arise is crooked. There are a lot of people who secretly work for arise and come on these sights to make the pepole who pay look like liars. Everything she said was completly accurate. So before you get on here calling everyone liars maybe you should get your fact straight.

      1. Maria J Whitney

        I was the star the Comcast class with Arise Monday. I didn’t start because I’ve been trying to go up on the another IBO. Arise told me in order for me to do that my IBO would have to drop me first. I have not been able to get in contact with him and arise says it’s nothing they can do about it. What I don’t understand is why do I have to wait for him to drop me if I don’t want to be under that IBO I should not have to. I’m telling them that I can’t get in contact with him and they can’t even get in contact with him so why am I being held back from being able to work? So therefore I did not start Monday because I refuse to continue under IBO that I can’t even get in touch with. I have sent him messages and have called him and he doesn’t answer the phone. Now my class is paid for but I guess that’s just the loss because if I had went to class and started working the money would have went to him and I would have never got paid. If anybody know of a different company other than arise please let me know.

        1. dubbautee


          I never EVER, and thank you LORD, signed up for a class/client ever with Arise nor with the pathetic, fat-ass, nonresponsive, never answer emails IBO (Melissa Adams, and do not sign up under her either because she too will not respond to agents…AT ALL) I was under due to the fact, in the back of my mind, along with my first-mind, was telling me not to sign up with this company let alone sign up under her IBO because first and freaking foremost – the damn training classes are too high, and if you fail the class that’s money you’ve lost – a gripe that I brought to Arise’s attention, especially when I was sweating bullets (metaphorically speaking) trying to get Arise to remove me from under her IBO and they wouldn’t due to what they told you, and hell what they’re telling every agent – “there is nothing we (arise) can do. it’s strictly between the agent and the IBO.” then I came back with “how the hell you all do not have nothing to do with it and they (the IBOs) are using your platform?!” But here is a typed letter I sent their crooked scamming ass back in July 2017 threatened to sue them if they didn’t remove all of my vital personal info from their system completely since they called themselves getting upset with me and subsequently deactivated my account, in which I was damn elated because I never paid a damn dime to them other than to that third party affiliate they use to conduct their background checks on agents which was $7.95. Arise ass get paid and get rich off of those background check fees and from the high priced, costly ass training class and once again if you fail that’s money you’ve lost out of pocket and probably needed from jump street for other reasons for yourself.

          Arise Virtual Solutions
          3450 Lakeside Drive
          Miramar, Florida 33027

          July 2, 2017

          RE: Removing me from your system manually or shall I inject the judicial court system

          [Please pass this letter along to the appropriate department when reached and who handles the below content of the letter, because I understand that the Admissions department is of no assistance whatsoever and because this is utterly disturbing and ridiculous that I cannot get a resolved resolution after numerous attempts to several of your online departments just to be directed to a silly, nonhuman "virtual computerized robot"]


          I need Arise to manually cancel and delete my profile because the IBO Melissa Adams of http://www.theworkathomesolutions.com currently is not responding to any emails whatsoever in order to have her remove me from her IBO. Secondly, I find it extremely disturbing that Arise, the corporation itself, will not step in and handle agitative problems such as mine regarding IBOs and agents wanting to separate, especially when the agent has reached out countless upon countless times to the IBO and the IBO literally ignores all methods of requests. I also find it disturbing that you all the corporation cannot and will not go into your system and remove an agent when the agent is not getting the attention they need from IBOs. That being said, what is it going to take in order for you as the corporation to reach out to that IBO, have her remove me from her system so that I can re-sign up with another more professional IBO that responds and interacts rapidly with agents? Do I need to intervene the court system, in which I do not want to have to do because I am wanting a work-from-home career not ongoing constant trouble with an IBO who does not respond and ignores agents at all cost.

          I have complained to your online chat representative via live chat by speaking with a representative by the name of “Nelson” (in which I did save the chat log) and I don’t know if he, in fact, did pass along my complaint to the appropriate department at all, in which he hasn’t because I have not heard a thing back from Arise’s “internal department.” Furthermore, I have been sending emails after emails to the current IBO I am under asking her to remove me from her IB but she has yet to respond and is ignoring all responses when reaching out to her, and it has been well over weeks going into months. When trying to reach out to her on her website chat portal – someone instantaneously closed the chat box in mid chat as I was typing, which further indicates that they saw me typing, ignored me and failed to respond.
          Being that as it may, I have not signed up for any of her clients due to her as an IBO not being transparent as other IBOs, being extremely unprofessional as an IBO and is needing to be reported and/or possible removal from Arise’s website, not to mention she is prohibiting me from the IBO I am wanting to join because I am still under her as an agent, however, have not signed up with a client since I joined Arise in August 26, 2016.

          I need another alternative as it relates to joining the other IBO. The present IBO I am with is no longer active or is simply too lazy to go into her system to remove agents upon their request, afraid of missing out and losing those monthly monetary benefits that agents pay to IBOs and to Arise. Something needs to be done because she is prohibiting me from joining a more transparent and much more better IBO who interacts on a very frequent basis with their agents. So again I ask, what is it going to take to have you, the corporation itself, manually remove me from that IBO Melissa Adams so that I can join another IBO, one that is more professional and interacts and responds to agents, unlike Melissa of Working Solutions who doesn’t. Because after all, another disturbing point to make is that you all harbor agents Social Security Numbers in your system permanently but will not allow an agent to go into the portal on your website and physically let them cancel their own profile. That particular part of your policy needs to also change with respect to at least letting an agent cancel their profile completely out of your system and letting them recreate another in order to start over again if they are dissatisfied with an IBO like I am presently enduring.

          To be clear, I will never signed up for a client under Melissa Adams’ IBO nor with Arise until you as the corporation either physically cancel my current profile or I am under another IBO who is currently awaiting me to join and speaking of which I even had her Human Resources representative, Mysti, reach out to her and to no avail no response. Conclusively I ask, is this how you all as a corporation treat agents all the time when agents are asking for literal assistance from a live person but want to refer them to a “virtual computerized robot?” If so, highly unacceptable to the utmost.

          That being said, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED about that so-called company Arise! They’re semi-scammers and do not give two flying craps about agents whatsoever – hence how their IBOs (Independent Business Owners) treat agents.


  3. Ken Jackowitz

    Arise is a company that has top tier clients that demand high quality services for their customers. During the last year, we have taken great pride in providing a level of transparency, support, better visibility, and better communications to our network of Independent Businesses and their Client Support Professionals. Part of this demand for high quality from our clients will absolutely have an effect on lower performers. Arise doesn’t “hire” or “fire”. We contract via statements of work that reflect the same metrics that our customers have in their own brick and mortar contact centers. This means that performance metrics are part of the Statement of Work, and must be adhered to or the Client Support Professional could be removed from a program for non performance (per client contract). This is no different than if an agent is working in a call center environment. And Mb, there are expectations and metrics that must be met. Clients do not want a person on their account who did not perform well on another account. We have more than 25,000 active people in our network taking hundreds of thousands of calls. If you are not making your metrics, talk to your PF or the Client team to see if perhaps some of your metrics that are good would make you a better fit for a different client.

    1. Kim

      Ha , now I know you are not going to come on here to defend Arise’s “reputation” when I tried to reach out to you numerous times about the unfair treatment I was getting and you never bothered to respond,

      1. Tamlin

        Well, it is normal. The management can do whatever they like, with reason they chose to, it doesn’t matter right or not.

    2. Someone

      Many trollers from Arise on here…Most make commissions on the background check and $99 ripoff fee to take a test that if you fail you don’t get to work or get your money back. There are even questions on the test that are no where in the study guide, (I took screenshots of every page). CSP 101 and 102. Arise is sort of a scam. I was in a class where someone from Detroit got suckered into Staples 249 dollar training and failed. They scheduled my class at 9am est, but it just said 9am, so I could not function a 6am with my schedule so I had to drop out. Luckily it was only 50 bucks. The class had 60 people with ONE teacher and one assistant who really did not know much herself. I will be filing a complaint. They are in litigation in some states for pulling this kind of crap. DO NOT PAY ANYTHING TO THIS COMPANY. Don’t let them make the excuse about the initial training pay being important so they know your serious, THATS A BUNCH OF CRAP. Arise is making more money failing people than succeeding them. The pay (less than 10 bucks an hour 99 percent of the time) does not equate to a fair wage after the initial investment. They will tell you, “Oh you’ll make it back in the first week. WTF? so its not like your getting reimbursed for the training? FUCK OFF ARISE…watch my finger “Arise” in your crooked ass faces. AT&T is the worst cell phone company in the world and they partner with Arise. I had people tell me in training that their job lasted 3 months, and they were paying hundreds for the training again. I had more computer experience than most people in my class, and was actually teaching the teachers, because they mad it MORE difficult. One instructor was VERY rude and condescending. I WANT MY MONEY BACK YOU CROOKS. Dont EVER EVER EVER give them a cent!
      Now they are pulling a scam about sucking you in to make money getting people to do background checks…check out this clandestine ad. They are pulling a wannabe pyramid scheme now. FUCK YOU ARISE GO TO HELL http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/sls/4134947267.html

      1. Someone

        P.S. In an example of the bullshit training, I asked the instructor if we will hear or take live calls in the training. She said no. We don’t take calls in training. What kind of an ass backwards company expects you to keep your metrics up immediately after training. DON”T GIVE THEM A CENT THEY WILL THROW YOU UNDER THE BUS FOR PROFIT. It’s true, because my recruiter said Arise wants to see me succeed. They don’t give a crap after they have you “initial” investment. At the 3rd week of training there were many people who couldn’t remember how to log in to the bajillion systems that At&T has, stuff they taught in the first day/week. Plus the instructor never even answered any emails. UNBELIEVEABLE!

  4. Ken Jackowitz

    I took the opportunity to re-read this blog and wanted to try to begin addressing some areas that you called out. Time prevents me from doing the entire blog, but let me hit the ground running….

    You said: “Arise has been around for awhile and was originally called Willow, and at that time it was a legitimate work at home opportunity. Willow paid a fair wage and treated agents well. A few years ago they became Arise, and the bad changes have been non-ending, with each one worse for the poor desperate suckers who need a job.”

    Arise and Willow are one and the same company. We have been in business since 1997 and continue to be providing services to over 25 clients, all companies in the Fortune 150.

    You said: “First, they are able to scam victims out of hundreds of dollars for “training, background checks, monthly fees, etc.” without giving them any work. A large amount of the company’s revenue is made scamming people who think that if they pay Arise all this money they’ll have a job. Arise encourages these out-of-work people to buy equipment, incorporate, get phone lines installed, etc. But after all of the money paid out and a few weeks (or months) of unpaid training, Arise tells an many of them to go away.”

    In actuality, we are VERY transparent about what are requirements are to provide services for Arise clients – http://partner.arise.com/media/4125/independent_business_guide.pdf We actively encourage people to do their research and talk to other business owners in the Arise network – http://www.facebook.com/thinkoutsidetheoffice. Arise revenues are based on what our clients are paying to Arise for services and not what our agent community pays. Background checks are not paid to Arise, but are processed directly thru a third party provider. These are required by each of our clients. Certification for a client program is an investment, but because this is a business to business opportunity, it is a small investment to be able to then service clients. There is no other business that you can be up and running providing service to clients and generating revenue in as little as 30 days.
    As to the comment about telling many people to go away after months of certification, if a person does not attend class and does not do the work and does not pass the final live call test, then yes, he/she is not able to provide service for our clients.

    You said: “Now Arise says, “but you have a flexible schedule, so you’re not an employee.” But this is a lie. For most clients there are never enough hours, because Arise is constantly bringing in more people so they can charge them training and application fees, even when there aren’t enough hours for the people already working.. Even if the “client” is about to be gone from Arise they’ll still take people’s money and “train” them and then tell them there’s no work 6 weeks later.”

    We have a performance based model, called the Star Program. Top performers have the ability for first pick of hours as they open. The ensures that the quality our clients care about are the key focus. Everyone who performs at Star level has the ability to pick and choose hours that fit their schedule first. And if someone has been in certification and a class is canceled due to our client not forecasting correctly, we refund the certification cost and in addition provide a voucher to cover the cost of another client program that is available.

    You said: “On many “opportunities” they’ll advertise one pay rate and then after a chump has spent $1k and 6 weeks training announce that it’s really 25% less money than they said it would be. Then another hit is when they tell you that you don’t get paid unless you’re talking on the phone, which means if you work for 8 hours but there’s time in-between calls Arise will only pay for 5 hours. But of course you’re required to sit there”

    Because Arise is business to business, client opportunities are CLEARLY posted with the rates that are paid to the business owner. If someone chooses to join the Arise network as an agent for an existing Arise Independent Business, he/she should do the diligence to determine what rate of pay they are going to receive. Arise does not control nor can control what transacts between and Independent Business Owner and their contracted agent. And yes, we only pay for productive minutes (time on the phone) which is clearly spelled out.

    You said: “If Arise’s systems don’t work (and they frequently don’t, because they’re crap), there is virtually zero support, the agents don’t get paid, and they get threatened because they’re not meeting their required work times. Anytime anything is wrong with their systems Arise blames the agents and then penalizes them, even when all of the agents are reporting the same problems.”

    Arise has 24/7, 365 day technical support. We have provided a self help tool, and if that cannot solve the problem, we have live support ALWAYS available. We would not blame the agents as it is in Arise’s best interest to get agents up and running to ensure client service level commitments are met. Arise must talk to client systems, and clients systems vary across the board. It is imperative that any contracted servicing agent has the right technology prior to commencing servicing to ensure there is not any system issues.

    You said: “Most recently Arise announced that they will start dropping by at any time to check if an agent’s house complies with Arise’s standards.” Seriously, WTF? Agents better be sure they wash all of their dirty dishes! Unless they are police with a warrant, they shouldn’t be busting down people’s doors.”

    Arise has clearly outlined in our Master Services Agreement that in-home audits may occur from time to time. This is signed and agreed to before anyone begins servicing with Arise.

    And finally, you said: If a company is crooked, but bribes the BBB they give them an A rating. And even though Arise has thousands of complaints, they’ve bribed the BBB. Don’t be impressed by their boast (or any company’s claim) that they have a great rating with the BBB, because that doesn’t mean shit!

    The BBB does not take any money and does their own due diligence on each company. Their ratings are based on the number of complaints out of the total number of customers. In Arise’s case our agent pool is well over 25000 active in our network compared to the minimal amount of complaints (which were work hard to resolve).

    And finally, you said: “… I have not personally worked for Arise, but I am hearing so many reports these days, including a few from trusted friends, that I finally had to write this Blog. I must also state that this is 100% my opinion (in case it wasn’t clear that my personal Blog is my opinion), because their SOP is to threaten to sue people when they speak out against the company.”

    Seriously, if you have no relationship nor contracted with Arise, I invite you to come partner with us. You have my contact information and I would love to have you actually experience providing service for our clients, generating revenue for yourself and your business. Once you do, i would then invite you to write an actual POV blog from your own experiences. We are a very real company with an incredibly passionate team of people that are here to help.

    1. Colisha R.

      Hi Mr. Ken Jackowitz,

      I need some help and would love if you can help me. If you email me I will explain.

      1. Colisha R.


    2. Coco

      Arise sucks! You guys are rip offs!

    3. Drake

      Good response. I am about to start Training with Arise. The BBB is paid. They are not paid to give a good rating but for general membership. I know because my business is a member.

    4. Rebecca Avery

      First you are a liar getting on here to discredit everyone’s complaints. I have worked for arise for a year and took 3 different classes. I paid over 500 dollars. The ibos steal your money and then arise says it’s none of their bussiness. I went to school for many weeks and had the worst teachers possible. They were nasty gave you the answers to the tests because they train horribly. Then decide to do an experiment on your class by putting you out there early.we are so unprepared and the. The first calls they cut you. I can’t believe you got on here and lied to everyone. There are no hours available and you have to get 30 mins here and there are 100 percent correct. My ibo stoles lots of money from me. Both of them I have had two ibos. We pay for this out of our own pockets money for out families because the economy is bad and there is no work. They money is non refundable and there is no way to get justice. I ended up making less than Min wage and arise is a 100 percent a scam making prophet off the little people

      1. Ana

        Wow thank you for sharing. I was just getting ready to invest. I already did the background check but these reviews. I do not want to be scavenging for hours….. oh no… I need to at least have 32 hours in a week.



  6. sad in canada

    I wasted ten months of my life and hundreds of dollars teaming up with Arise. I did all the courses, I was doing well in the metrics considering the endless weeks of American training didn’t really cover the reality of the Canadian company’s actual requirements. Then I was accidently fired during a mass termination. Well, my IBO got me my job back after weeks of hounding people, it’s impossible to find humans to speak to. No sooner was I back at my job for less than a couple of weeks, I was fired again. For not showing up at work during the time I was fired!!! More weeks go by, she gets it all sorted out again, and I was fired YET AGAIN after only working for five hours (You’re supposed to get four weeks each time to get your metrics up etc.) once again for not showing up for work DURING THE TIME I WAS FIRED. All of this bullshit took ten months, well nine months, I waited another whole month to get my job back again but all I’ve gotten is an email from Arise asking me to pay $200 to take ANOTHER course for a different company, spending another six weeks of training for free, and then no job security and the new position pays less than Canadian minimum wage. Well, all I know is that I’m out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Paying for a phone line for ten months at $35 a month is the least of it since I don’t use a land line. I’m a good worker, have been freelancing my whole life, my sales weren’t great but since I was wrestling with technology and never given a chance to actually work any decent amount of time, who can sell anything at all? However everything else was above average and my sales were at the proper spot during the first firing. Anyway, Canadians, beware. I love the idea of Arise, I loved my job, but they fired me before I had a chance and it would seem, I’ve been tossed out without Arise or Rogers saying a word ever. No warnings. No sorrys. Not even telling me what I did wrong!!!

  7. Breaking News

    Numerous new ADT agents that literally just began taking calls 6 weeks ago did not have their SOW (contract) renewed yesterday. Firstly, we were poorly trained and forced to sit for 4 hours per day for 13 days straight with no compensation for training. Their systems constantly froze and if their system crashes, unless it is a global event, your metrics are impacted and then your contract is not renewed.

    This is unfortunate because you often would spend up to 3 or 4 hours waiting in que on tech support to fix an issue that has nothing to do with your computer but with their faulty software systems they use. And yes, I said up to 4 hours. Ask any honest agent and not the ones Arise hires to ‘stalk’ various websites with untruthful reviews that everything is just so rosey. Imagine if you are suppoed to be on the phone with a client taking calls during the 3 to 4 hours and then when you ask to have the time excused they do not issue an exception. This is what happened to me and to thousands of other agents no longer with Arise.

    The majority of my former class members had already quit after servicing for a few days so I was literally one of the last few standing from the three classes that ‘wrapped up’ six weeks ago.

    I have been with Arise for years and it has changed for the worst since they brought on a new CEO. I am sad to report this company has now turned into a scam. They give you a short term contract of approximately 60 days and if you were excelling in everything except one area, you are given no warning and the client managers don’t respond to any of your emails reporting all their technical issues.. There are no warnings and not even an email giving you a warning. You just wake up and realize your contract was not renewed.

    I was actually lucky that my training just lasted for 40 hours of which you are not compensated. Other clients can take up to two months or 160 hours or over to train with no compensation. Arise then turns around after you spend two months in training and offers you a stupid two month contract and then purposely terminates you to bring in a new flock of new agents just out of class.

    They too will fall victim to the same fate as the class before them that got conned. They too will get a two month contract and in the meantime they have another ongoing class so when the new agents that just started this week are terminated next month, they already have a new class of new agents waiting. In the meantime, Arise just made another $200 plus per agent in the new class. This cycle continues throughout the year. They charge between $200 to $300 per class so you can imagine the amount of revenue collected from the vulnerable unemployed that are so desperate.

    The sad part is the companies that contract with Arise are not aware that because of the mass recycling of agents every two months, their customers that call into customer service are being serviced by mostly rookies who did not get have proper training. Meanwhile agents are out hundreds of dollars when you include things required to service.

    As I stated I have been with Arise for years and up until 4 years ago, I would have recommended Arise to a friend or family member. I would not dare do it now. Just check out the class action suit they just settled with agents this past January for over a million dollars and trust me there will be more to come. They are just too crooked.

    The CEO that was on this site is a big liar and he is afraid agents will again stand up and take their crooked selves to court and that day will soon come once more. TRUST ME. Stay away from this company. I have heard good things about Live Ops. They have contacted me and I will join them.

    1. WTF was I thinking...

      I had a very similar experience as you earlier this year. I was also terminated due to “my” system issues although my computer was completely compliant and worked fine for other clients. Now they marked my file so I cannot attempt to contract with another client – like I would even want to at this point after all the aggravation. Prior to this recent experience, my metrics were spot on. A majority of the people I finished the class with could not service because of “our” system issues. It was just ridiculous.

  8. Miranda

    I have worked at Arise for over 5 years, working right now actually. I work for Disney and have worked several others. I make around 12HR and make my own schedule every week. It may not be for everyone but I LOVE it! I spend all day with my babies (NO DAYCARE) and work after they go to bed.

    If you would like to get started or some information feel free to email me: miranda@wahsariseenrollment.com

    1. John

      Ah, so that’s why I can’t get decent customer service, it’s like nobody hears what I say – must be hard to be wrestling kids and taking calls at the same time…. how professional…

      1. Miranda


        Yes I am professional actually. I make my own schedule so I work AROUND my kids schedule, they are never around while I’m working that would be impossible. I’m not sure why most people think just because you work at home you aren’t really working?? Never understood it

        I work nights after they go to bed and early before they wake up and spend all day with them. So you can think what you want, have fun at work tomorrow while your kids are in Daycare :) Sorry have to get back to work now!

        1. Drake

          Haha. Good response. I am about to start training with Arise. Really excited.

        2. nikki

          Miranda, do you know what happends if your dont get renewed for your SOW? does that mean you cant work for arise anymore or just that company?

          1. Miranda

            Hi! No worries if your SOW doesn’t get renewed you can sign up for a new client. The only time it’s bad is if you’re terminated before your SOW is up.

      2. Ann

        Can you read? She said she work AFTER they go to bed. SMDH!

        1. John

          Wow, a perfect job, and perfect kids that go to bed and stay there!

          I am impressed!

          It’s also amusing how you try to deflect by making claims I said things I did not, attacking me. That’s called a fallacy. As a professional myself, the kind that went to college to be called one, I know these things, and don’t stoop to those levels. I don’t need to do so.

          Amazing how you work all night and stay up all day, you must have a lot of stamina. Cognitive deficits begin to set in well before the levels of sleep deprivation you describe. Being up non stop day and night isn’t exactly something that I desire to be, home or not, although it is something of a lifestyle among certain types of people who enjoy that kind of thing I guess.

          1. Thom Dee

            Honestly John, why the hostility?

            Plenty of moms actually work 8 hr days and then drive an hour home to take care of the kids. My mom did it for nearly twenty years. She would’ve loved to work at night — from the comfort of her own home. I don’t work for Arise, but I did work for a company that offered work at home opportunities. Our working mothers loved it. True it was mostly customer service emails — but the concept is the same. They were very professional and actually got MORE WORK DONE, than they did in the office.

            Working at home doesn’t equal unprofessional. In fact, it takes more discipline to work from home than it does to work in an office. If you aren’t disciplined then you will fail at an work-from-home scenario.

            I for one am glad that we live in an age where technology allows people to work from home. As technology advances, opportunities like this will become more the norm.

          2. June

            Wow you are definitely the know it all, always has to be right, every conversation is based on winning guy who is unable to fathom that others are able to multi-task better than himself. It’s called the survival instinct and when it comes to women and children, women are going to do whatever they have to do to make sure their children have what they need, even if that means staying up all night and not sleeping during the day. If you have kids idk what kind you have but there are plenty of kids who sleep through the night. Mine started at 6 weeks. I have a feeling you just love attacking women, especially strong women, and that you couldn’t handle watching kids and working and you know it. The majority of American women do it every day.

          3. Miranda

            So much hate! But anyways I’m still here! Not only did I start with Arise in 2008 but now work Full time at HOME as an employee for Apple :) But it all started with Arise, thanks Arise!!!

    2. jannice

      hi miranda,i would like to get more information from this company Arise from your own experience before i get to start working for them im not 100% sure to trust with all this bad and good comments.I am concerned about these things being said. Can you help me know what is true. Good and Bad things are said about everything, so I am trying to get this sorted out. Please contact me.

    3. jannice

      hi Miranda
      i really would like to hame more information about Arise From your own experience that you work for them before i get to start im not 100% sure if i should trust this company with all the comments.I am concerned about these things being said. Can you help me know what is true. Good and Bad things are said about everything, so I am trying to get this sorted out. Please contact me.

    4. Kim

      don’t buy into this miranda person – Arise has agents that they pay to scour the internet for negative reviews and then the agents write “testimonials.

    5. Ernesto Alfaro

      Miranda, Thank you for your comment. Approximately, what is the total cost to do arise?I am only planning to do it part time. Tx

    6. Steve

      Arise is nothing but a scam.
      “Miranda” who keeps defending Arise is from a scavenger company.
      miranda@wahsariseenrollment.com is associated with another scam company called work at home solutions which is a partner to Arise.
      Horrible business practice.
      Nice try pricks.

      1. Miranda

        Scam? We are an IBO with Arise that has over 500 CSP’s under us :)

        1. lyn pattersib

          Hi Miranda – I was with Arise from the inception. My last client was in 2 years ago. I am IBO – I had 1 csp she left for a medical career. I am now interested in recruiting with the Partnership Program because I definitely don’t want to deal with working myself with all the problems. Congratulations on having 500 CSP. i am not sure what % should be charged etc. As per the Guide it is left up to me . I see there are apx $50 charge for each CSP monthly. How did you recruit so many CSP, despite the negatives i am reading online. Pl respond if you my. TY


          1. Rebecca Avery

            They charge more than 50 dollars

  9. Matt

    I was an IBO for 18 months accepted a flat rate supervisor position halfway that payed less than I earned as a representative. If you keep refusing the promotion as chat room supervisor and/or call monitor, they will block your IP or find a way to terminate your contract and refuse to verify your background. The super VSCs were allowed to solicit noobs from weekly meetings to take up to 10% of their income. The management team for my account was mainly Hispanic and there were rumors of race favoritism and other shenanigans. The lead Performance Facilitator was a joke, ridiculous background, implemented an incentive program that clearly had a reverse impact on motivation, had difficulty with the English language and little to no management ability whatsoever.

  10. cindy

    I have to say that I find it very odd that you are posting this statement when you have never even dealt with arise or serviced for them. I have been partnered with Arise for over 7 years and worked for a major cruise line for them. I have loved every minute of being at home and working from the comforts of my home office. Arise is not an employment opportunity, it is a business opportunity. Everything is clearly spelled out as to what is expected of you when you read the Master Service Agreement as well as your SOW (statement of work) for the company that you choose. How well you do is up to you. Are there issues sometimes? Yes there are as with any company, is there slow times? Yes there are just as in a brick and morter position, that is why you look into getting working with a couple different clients so that you can make sure that you are getting the hours that you need to get. I think that you are a mass poster because I have seen this same post on numerous different sites and its a shame that you claim that it is your “opinion” yet you have never worked with Arise. I agree with Ken in saying join arise and service a client and then form your opinion. You cannot form an opinion when you have not had the opportunity to service with Arise. Have some people had bad experiences? I am sure they have, but it could also be due to their IBO not necessarily with Arise itself. I have over 100 contractors that contract with me to service with arise, and I think if you set people up for success and are able to answer questions and get the issue resolved whatever that may be then the experience turns from a negative to a positive. Thats just my 2 cents worth!

  11. Thomas

    If you say something positive about Arise you are a “paid stalker” or a “liar”. I have some advice for you people who want to knbow about Arise. Go to the website of Arise and read it. The guy who was complaining about unpaid training should have done that.

    Those of you who have the sense to do your own due diligence are just the type of people who will be happy with Arise. If you get your information at at a blog like this you will always find them populated by disgruntled people.

    Dont listen to me, Matt, Ken or the guy who called Ken a liar ……find out for yourself. The angry folks who post here do not have YOUR interests at heart.

    Oh yes, I have partnered with Arise. I guess that makes me a “paid stalker”, right. If Ken Jackowitz offers me money for my post, I let all of you know but I’m not holding my breath!

    1. Judy


      Help, this site is brutal. Can you tell me what is really true? I have been signing up.

      1. Thomas


        The fees don’t commence until you begin servicing.

        As for what is true, take the word of those who have failed. They failed and they look to blame someone else. Don’t take my word for it either. Arise has never chaeted and has alway kept its side of the agreement.

        If you meet your metrics, you will be happy. If you don’t, you will probably come to a site like this and join the chorus of discontent. Arise is NOT for everyone. If you are willing to work hard and are a self-starter your chances of success are greater than those who think all they need to do is show up. Arise is a competitive environment and not everyone will find it to their liking.

        I have to address the preposterous assertion that Arise makes money by training people. That is simply nt true. I know what instructors make and I know what students pay. Training is NOT a money maker. While its true that some instructors are better than others, its also true that good students, willing to work hard will always overcome the effects of a bad instructor. All the talk about bad instructors is nothing more than “excuse making”.

        Oh yes, call me an Arise employee paid to say good things is something people say who cant rely on facts to make their point.

        Good luck to you Judy.

  12. readthisshit

    Thank you for all of the comments. Since there are so many passionate people posting, perhaps one of you would be kind enough to answer a question for me? I requested a clarification on this after Ken made his statements, but then he went silent.

    Ken wrote, “I am proud to be leading the work from home teams that represent on-shore jobs.” This seems in conflict with when he previously commented, “Arise doesn’t ‘hire’ or ‘fire’. We contract via statements of work.” http://readthisshit.com/arise-virtual-solutions/#comment-499

    I have seen Arise brag that they offer American jobs, yet I continue to hear about agents who are working for less than minimum wage, and with no employment benefits. http://www.sutori.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=85 The Arise answer to that is that these aren’t jobs, they are “business opportunities.”

    Please tell me how Arise gets away with stating that these are these are “jobs” when they want to take credit for them, but then turn around and say that agents are only participating in “business opportunities” when Arise wants to pay agents below minimum wage and deny them all benefits?

    1. Miranda

      I work for Dis*ey through Arise and make 12HR which isn’t minimum wage. Been with them for 5 years and we have over 200 people working under our corp and most make more the minimum wage. Yes there are start up costs but I would be paying that much a week in Daycare which I don’t have to pay at all now, or Gas, work clothes, meals so on. So to me the 200-400$ it took to get started 5 years ago was very worth it. I LOVE my job and don’t really care if you or anyone else thinks it’s a scam. Your loss

      1. Thomas

        Miranda, you are out numbered here. Matt wants to get the lawyers involved and readthisshit wants to parce words to get the government involved. If you and your CSP’s are happy, I think you should be left alone but alas, we live in a country filled with people who want to blame others for their problems and the lawyers are more than happy to cater to them.

        If Arise is breaking laws, they should be called to account. I think they are but maybe if I had an ax to grind, I’d be here asking everyone to join me in a lawsuit. I hope I would simply move on with my life and not make a crusade out of it. If Matt gets his lawsuit going, even if he wins, he wont get a thing. The lawyers will get it all. What a terrible waste of time but I know the feeling. You want someone to hurt and feel the pain you feel. I am sure Arise had its reasons for what happened to Matt and if pressed by lawyers, will put it out there. Whats the point Matt?

        There will always be those who feel wronged and many are justified and we live in a country that encourages people to take all of their problems to lawyers. It’s not surprising given the fact that lawyers run the country.

        Miranda, good luck with your business and Matt, I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do. I’m sure you are a smart man. Put your Arise experience behind you and be happy.

        1. Kim

          Arise is party to a class action suit in California. 12 per hour is awesome if you are a top performer this means you get first pick think about agents who don’t get first pick of hours, then what arise doesn’t tell you is that for every pay period you pay them 20 thats 40 per month for use of their systems which never work. they can and will terminate you if their system doesn’t work either.

      2. Judy

        Miranda, are you still working with Arise? Please help me to know what is going on.

      3. workerbee



      4. Rebecca Avery

        Disney does not pay 12 and hour they pay 9 an hour with no raise so I just caught you on a lie

      5. Angela

        I am confused by all of your statements. You say you work for Disney, and then you say you you work for Apple. Your next comment speaks of being an IBO with 500 CSPs. So you are working 3 jobs, and taking care of your kids all day? Also why does your email have ariseenrollment in it? It seems like you are just working for Arise. I’ve already completed the background check with them, and I can verify that you pay $8 to the company performing it. That to me is understandable. I’ve been trying to decide on signing with a company or creating my own, but the hourly pay just sounds so pathetic. I want to work at home, but for $10 less than what I feel I am worth is a bit hard to swallow. Anyway, I’ve been pretty good at avoiding bad opportunities in the past by researching so I wanted to point out all of your contradictions to everyone else. Please respond to clear them up as I don’t want to discredit someone who could be telling the truth, but your statements lead me to believe you are not.

    2. Former Arise associate

      Let’s break down what really happens here, and why we say that you get paid less than minimum wage.

      Miranda talks about making $12 an hour with Dis*ey. Yeah, okay. I made $10 and hour with them but it is entirely possible she is working another section of that client than I was. Add to that your phone bill, internet bill, ohhhhh and what else? Come on Miranda, you know what else. What if you don’t want to incorporate? Riiight, that nice little fee that your IBO takes out every paycheck to the tune of around $50, is it more now? Who knows. So say you work your mandatory 15 or 20 hours at $10 a whack. Then you pay for your utilities that you have to use to even work this program. And then pay fees to your IBO. Are you guys following me here? Sure, you’ll get a paycheck and you don’t have to pay gas, blah blah blah. But is it even worth it? Oh, and don’t think because you already have a phone that it won’t put you out. Unless you have a POTS line you will have to either change your service or get new service. Really fun to do in this digital age. And whatever happened to people having to call into a Florida line to work? Did that ever happen? I’m curious, that was the deciding factor to me after our IBO fees went UP, that now I would need long distance as well.

      And just to add the icing on the cake, not only is your training unpaid, but you PAY for that training. And you aren’t even guaranteed to pass. It’s not cheap either.

      1. Sin

        Are you really complaining that you have to pay your household bills?? Wouldn’t you have internet and phone anyway? I never worked for Arise but I did work for another large and well-respected WAH program and they ALL require the same things: phone line, high speed internet, a specific type of phone with a headset, a decent and compatible computer… come on, man. That’s ridiculous. If you want to work at home, this is what it is. I paid over $100 for the phone alone. The only thing I didn’t have to do was pay for training BUT if you quit or had your contract terminated before a certain amount of time, you had to refund all the money you earned in training and it was over $1500.

        You already don’t have to commute, get dressed, pay for a baby sitter or even leave the house. You want them to send you all the equipment and pay your household bills too? The training is hard. The systems are hard. The hours are long. The pay scale can be confusing. Tech issues are rampant. It is like that EVERY place you go. It is not a job for everybody and if you can’t do it, then don’t. Every day I went to class during training, there were fewer and fewer people there because the training was long, the systems were hard… customer service is not an easy job. All of these issues that I see people having are the same as the place I contracted through and that company is loved almost universally by contractors on every review site there is. I loved that job. I only had to quit because my computer broke, otherwise I wouldn’t have.

        1. Former Arise associate

          I think you missed the point, by about a mile. When you get over the honeymoon phase of being taken advantage of by these employers get back to me. I still work from home and guess what? NO FEES. Yes, they do exist. I could walk away tomorrow (although I won’t, I love this company) and guess what? Still no fees. I trained on the job and yes I still pay for cable and phone. But that’s okay, that wasn’t even the point of my original post.

          Let me write it list style, maybe I was too wordy.

          Weekly fee
          Internet bill
          Phone bill (POTS service, non digital)
          Long Distance (not sure, they were going to Florida call in numbers)
          Unpaid training

          So you pay them to have the job (their fee). You pay them to train you for this job. You MIGHT make 10 bucks an hour, but honestly that’s not a given. So out of that ten bucks you are paying their fees and the cost of equipment to do the job. So in essence you are not making 10 bucks an hour, you might be clearing minimum wage. But hey, if it’s worth it to wear PJ’s while you work for a very low wage then it may just be a great fit for you! I’ll stick with a company who actually pays a livable wage.

          1. Sin

            There were no fees with the company I was with before either. I worked there almost a year before my PC failed. They paid ME for training and I made around $16/hr after training. My point is, some of the things being complained about here are just BS. They are not specific to Arise, obviously.

            I have been doing freelance transcription, data entry, copyediting, proofreading, etc. for over 5 years. Before that, I ran my own brick and mortar business for years. It’s about being realistic. From what I can see, the only real make money with Arise is to become an IBO and have other agents under you. It’s a pretty simple business model and it’s actually set up to favor that, not an individual. Which is kinda, like, what they tell you up front, from what I can see. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. It’s not for everybody. But you should probably accept that not everyone has had the same experience as you have had.

          2. Sin

            PS: A lot of the situations here sound like they are involving AT&T. I bet if you ask most people who had a terrible experience, that is who they serviced. I have serviced them, too. I did not find it terrible but it was definitely hard. Things – big things – change every single day and you have no warning at all. You can literally be offering the customer something, go into the offers and find that in the last 15 minutes, things have changed AGAIN and it is no longer offered at that price, etc. It’s extremely stressful and your life is that job if you are servicing AT&T. You can’t really blame Arise for that, though. It isn’t their people setting the metrics or forcing all these huddles and team meetings and all this other crap. It’s AT&T. That is another reason for the bad training; it’s pretty hard to teach people things that have changed since yesterday or even an hour ago, and could also change again at any time. The pressure from AT&T on these companies is very high and the training materials are not updated enough (how could they be??) so they do not really reflect or prepare you for all of the changes.

            I could give you tons of examples; one day we were told that selling is not a priority, the next day we are told we have a sales quota and must complete a sale on every call. One day we are offering 1gb data for a certain price, the next day we are not offering it at that price, a few days later we are not offering it at all, and then in a week we are offering it again. People call in very angry because their friend JUST GOT a certain plan that they want but we have to tell them it is not being offered anymore (for that day, at least). One day we are told not to add any International features and to transfer to Int’l Care. The next day we are told not to transfer and that we must add Int’l features, even though we were not really trained how to do so. You are told never to doubt their info base and to always follow it but you are often told information or procedures which contradict it. The reps are often accused of being stupid or badly-trained for not knowing for sure what is going on but the truth is, it changed every single day almost. Most people would have a problem keeping up to date in that situation. I generally didn’t but I thought it was really unfair that people were penalized for that.

            My advice to people is that whatever WAH company you go with (again, I have never worked with Arise), stay away from the AT&T contracts unless you can keep up to date with it. It’s very high-stress, it changes every day – sometimes more than once – and most of the customers you speak to will be really angry. The multiple systems (like 5) that you have to use are very slow and tech problems are rampant. And most of all, your training will never end when you service AT&T. Never.

          3. Former Arise associate

            I worked for AT&T, Rogers and Disney. It wasn’t the client, I actually really enjoyed AT&T. I enjoyed Rogers too. When they lost the Rogers contract I went to Disney and about that same time they made the changes with higher fees and the Florida call in number. After looking closely at what I was bringing in vs spending I realized it was just not worth it. I always went above and beyond my metrics, those weren’t even an issue.

            Here was my big issue, again the fees. There was no justification for the fees. They did not take out taxes, offer any type of employee benefit or even have the ability to help you if you were part of an IBO (Arise, that is). But because you were a contractor they made you pay a fee. And on top of that they paid lower than what the company was paying them FOR US. How do I know? Look at what Arise pays people to do Apple Care. And then go through Apple themselves for at home workers and see what their pay is. HUGE discrepancy. Same for TMobile, I know because I worked for them (the company itself, not Arise). So they make money from the company they contract through, money from the “contractors”, money for the training… this is what I want people to realize. Don’t let a company take advantage of you because the best way you feel to make money for your household is to work from home. There are better options where you are being paid what you are worth, not what Arise will try to convince you that you are worth. Yes with other companies you have to pay for your phone and internet (although many of them DO allow digital and don’t require POTS lines) but you aren’t getting nickled and dimed out of your paycheck from a greedy company.

            Sin, I think maybe you and I agree more than we disagree here. We are just coming at this topic from different angles, and mine is from being taken advantage of by this company while I was desperate to take care of myself and my children. They didn’t care, lol. I was a contractor after all. God I am glad I don’t work for a company like that anymore.

          4. Joseph Otis

            If you were miss-classified by Arise as a 1099 contractor you need to get in touch with an attorney, the only reason they are able to take advantage of some many is because so few speak up!

          5. IBO

            You have a legal claim against Arise and Arbitrator has ruled in favor of the first CSP to arbitrate in Feb. 2015. Don’t let the statute of limitations pass. I would file against Arise if I was in your situation.

          6. Gina Cousino

            Hi, what other company do you work for if you don’t mind me asking because I was thinking about working for Arise, but now I am not sure. Thanks

        2. Ellen

          Sin, you’ve never actually worked for Arise but think you know better than the people who have???

          1. Tiny Toy

            Does anyone know why Arise does not hire in the state of California anymore?

      2. Mary

        I too am a “former Arise employee” or rather “partner”. Your forgot to add corporation taxes to your list of expenses; mine were $800 (self employment tax) for 2015 and that is when my 1099 from Arise stated that I earned around $11,000 for the year.
        I was “partnered” with Arise since 2002 and Willow started about 2001 so I have seen it all (and felt it).
        Clients abruptly leaving and Arise not even letting its csp’s know that it happened or why (my guess has always been Arise did something to anger them).
        Next the AAA mess, which pulled the rug out from under thousands of Arise employees who worked AAA exclusively.. again, another move by Arise that cost everyone .Arise did offer me the Staples course and at the end of a 2.5 year stint with them many SOW’s were not renewed.. not Arise’s fault that Staples has decided to outsource to countries that do not speak or understand English.
        After that an “experimental” month long client called MD Live. I was contracted with them and received about 1 or 2 calls per hour. During the servicing we were required to transfer the patient to the MD Live call center which most of the time would take up to 20 minutes of waiting (with the patient on hold). Arise terminated my SOW (contract) for AHT (average handle time) overages, which according to the SOW was for maybe 4 or 5 minutes per call. Move on to the next episode with Arise.. I signed up for the Comcast Cable class (cost me $75) before my SOW was terminated for the previous client.
        Arise as now decided to have all their CSP’s install their ASD (Arise secure desktop) which is a huge problem to install, so like so many, I went to support to have them “fix it”. The support techs streamed into my 3 year old computer and completely wiped my hard drive clean. I had to pay for a new Windows 7 to be reinstalled. Arise has denied any fault in this, of course and said my computer no doubt had a corrupted version of Windows
        I have written to all the appropriate people about my complaints and I have heard nothing.
        At best Arise should refund my $75 that I spent on the class and pay for my computer repair, but none of this will happen
        I think more than anything I am disappointed with Arise, because there was a time I would have suggested to friends and family that they look into it, but not now.

  13. Matt


    If you believe your ip address was blocked as an Arise IBO, and/or your contract terminated without warning with great metrics by an incompetent Performance Compliance Lead, contact me on LinkedIn to join the class action lawsuit.
    Don’t let Arise ruin your life, boycott Arise!

    1. Tamlin

      Where do we find your linked profile? And the class action page.
      Provide everyone link.

  14. John

    I don’t get Arise.

    I had a gov’t security clearance. I’ve been a police Colonel, member of task forces. Officer of the courts in various positions, cleared to access files. Zero criminal record. I could go on… I think you get the idea, I can pass a background check of any type, or so I thought.

    I became disabled from an injury due to to something much like waterboarding. Someone told me Arise would be perfect for me. Yet, I can not pass the background check – I had to have a certain type of credit card just to start the background check, and I did not have that type of card, so I can’t even start the process.

    Fast forward….

    I apply for disability and come across various programs to get the disabled jobs. There’s Arise. Once I get on the gov’t dole, there are some kind of tax credits or inducements for hiring disabled people. No mention of credit checks as background checks, or screening of any kind, as to why someone is declared disabled (i.e, habitually lying sociopath, anti-social perv, etc). Why would someone declared mentally incompetent not need a background check – hmmm, maybe b/c of the tax credit kickbacks Obama is handing out to his Arise buddies? How does that work – Arise gets paid full price for labor, gets tax credits, folks that work for them get disability and money from them, and really don’t care how little they make per hour since they get that gov’t check, too.How can a working person compete against that?

    Heckuva business plan.

  15. Carla Moore

    I work with one of those “scavenger” companies that contracts with Arise. The CSP’s who have worked with us have all made more than minimum wage, and many have paid a minimum of whatever it took them to get their homes and equipment up to par with the requirements.

    There are many responsibilities that come along with getting set up, but we have to remember, Arise as a company is not looking to employ you, but to build a business relationship with you. If you have contracted with Arise directly, then you knew that you were operating your own business, and it costs to be the boss.

    We use employees and contractors alike within our company. I will tell you the difference in the two. We pay for our employees training. We tell them how much to work, and when to work. We can fire them, we can keep them working. If Arise has had to let go of any, They are typically very patient with those people not showing up for posted hours, having children and dogs in the background, etc. that is bad in any kind of business or job. I have to be honest. When you work any regular job, you are required to call in, etc. If you no call no show, then that is it. I cannot think of many companies who tolerate this kind of behavior. With Arise, I have seen that the time that you are picking up your metrics, which would not be a problem for any half responsible person, let alone a professional- which is what you clearly agreed to be.

    If you own a store, then how can the store make money if you do not come and open its doors and let the people in to purchase things? If the things the people shop for are not there, then they wont come at all.

    If pay was ever under minimum wage for any person working with Arise, that person is not working part time at all, and does not care to grow his/her business. If the person did not contract with arise and get paid from Arise, but through another company working with Arise, then that is who should be taking the heat for poor business practices.

    The company I work for does not charge the 10% from contractors until after 30 days, and even then, when the contractor has not worked many hours with that client, or if it is one of the lower-paying clients, they only pay the 19.95/ pay period.

    Most of the clients have many hours, and only during slow periods the hours slow down. You have to care enough to be responsible to line up other clients during these slow times but if you meet your metrics and make preselect, you wouldn’t have this worry at all. Heck all you have to do to make pre-select is show up at work, and do your job. I hardly think that is something unreasonable to ask of the people we depend on to keep our business running.

    I am sorry to see such a review about Arise, as the company has provided so many opportunities for so many people.

    1. Judy


      Help! I’m signing up! This site has me bewildered.

      1. Judy


        Are you working for another company?

        The company I work for does not charge the 10% from contractors until after 30 days, and even then, when the contractor has not worked many hours with that client, or if it is one of the lower-paying clients, they only pay the 19.95/ pay period.

        I’m confused about the $19.95?

    2. Former Arise associate

      Yeah, you keep eating the crap they are putting on your plate. Go ahead. Partner with you my butt. You are NOT in any way your own business. Besides the metrics, which I agree with having… everything else is at their discretion and you have NO power at all in this “partnership”, except to decide you are done and walk away.

  16. MWO

    If you consider “servicing” 363 out of 365 days a year approximately 60 hours a week for less than 30k an opportunity, you must be as desperate as I was to incorporate with AVS – did I mention I was coerced into doing a public relations interview with Motoko Rich of the New York Times while five people from Arise sat in the background after scripting the “interview” for me in secrecy? The story never published for reasons that become clearer every day. I was the exception, grossing 5k during one month due to a $1000 bonus for servicing the most hours, top tier metrics worthy of the AT&T Masters list, and a check that was delayed from a prior month. Arise is taking on water and slowly sinking into the unknown, as America falls further behind in every measurable category. We are now 27th in median income on the global stage. Of course there will always be exceptions. Look at me now, earning much more than the median household income after arise forced me into a shelter, and the streets of Houston for a few days last year.

  17. Jane

    Miranda works for Arise Enrollment. You may also work for Disney in your spare time but you cannot tell me with a straight face that you make $12.00 an hour consistently working for Disney.

    I worked for Disney Dining for 2 years and there were countless times you made just $3.00 the entire hour. Isn’t the minimum wage $7.15 an hour? We were paid per call and if a guest is calling to make dining reservations for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 weeks and they have no idea where they want to dine, you are stuck on that call for 45 minutes to an hour. You are not paid per hour but $1.15 per call.

    Miranda mentioned on her first post her email is @wahariseenrollment. You are an INSIDER working for Arise Virtual Solutions Inc and therefore you work for admissions which makes your claims biased. Did Ken send you along with your other trolls like Thomas to stalk this website? Get off from here both of you! Miranda, you may service Disney in your spare time but you work for Arise ENROLLMENT and you know it. Don’t believe anything she says. She is an insider.

  18. Ciara

    Wow! I just took arise’s voice assessment. I haven’t paid a dime for anything yet. Can anybody possibly direct me to any other, decent, work from home opportunities? Please email me: Ciara.cunningham10@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

  19. No Name

    Has anyone on here talked to a lady name or goes by “Kathleen Moore”?

  20. WTF was I thinking...

    I had a similar experience as Breaking News. My SOW was terminated because “I” had the system issues although I had a completely compliant computer which I had used for four other Arise clients without issue. They marked my filed to the point that I cannot get on with another client. I spent more time and money on this horrid adventure and would highly recommend that anyone thinking about contracting with Arise to have their head examined. They are nothing more than a training mill taking desperate people for enrollment fees to take poorly conducted classes (none of them adequately prepare me for any of the clients I serviced) geared toward a high failure rate. I had one class start with 50 people that paid $229 for the course and only 19 were left to even take the final. What does that tell you? That was an easy $11K for Arise to waste your time and efforts. I am done with them as I simply grew tired of their excuses, system issues, and serious lack of support which by the way you pay $19.95 per check for twice a month. They will find any excuse in the book to terminate you even when your metrics and attendance are spot on and constantly tell you how replaceable you are. I am now kicking myself in the @$$ for even spending the money on this “business opportunity” as they call it. After all the fees and expenses, I never made over minimum wage by the end of any given month. So what I did not have to pay for gas to go to work. I would have made more money working at McD’s just a mile down the road.

  21. LaTonya

    I agree with Miranda! I’ve only been partnered with Arise one and I Loves it! In regards to those who didn’t get a new SOW for the Home Security Client were probably the same one who were not taking the class serious. The same ones who were making fun of me for taking it serious and helping others practice. Oh wells my SOW was extended and I’ve been trained for a new skill for that Client. Sore losers always complain and get let behinds in society! From an Arise IBO Owner partnered with Arise and loving it.

    P.S. If you making minimum wage for any Client your IBO is chump changing you. The least that any client pays is $5.00, but it’s very easy to make more by performing and exceeding the Client metrics.

    1. Barb

      LaTonya you are an idiot!

      No wonder Arise has an endless supply of suckers. There will always be a stream of LaTonyas willing to work for $5 an hour.

  22. Kame

    Well its seem what goes around comes around yesterday morning with warning Arise contract

    with Rogers was terminated. ha ha ha

  23. Maribel

    People run home businesses every day all over the world and very professionally I might add. It does not matter if it is at home or or in a building, if a bad worker wants to drink on the job they will.

  24. theresa

    I service for Arise currently. i have nothing good to say about them. They bilk you out of hundreds of dollars to take thier courses in order to service their clients. 4-6wks of no pay. Then they put you in nesting for another 3wks or so. The big kicker is when you go into production, their are no hours put in starmatic for you. They released 400hrs for 200 people coming into production but their expectation is for you to work a min of 20 hrs. While I am not a math major, i can do the math on this. Also Arise says that you can work around your life. This is not true the only release pm hours for you to work. They constantly move the metric higher so you cannot meet them. They then pull your sow. Bring in the next bunch of suckers so that the influx of money never stops for them. You can only send emails to partner support not that that helps either. Now for the systems, they do constantly go down and yes the have tech support 24/365 you must wait in que 3-4hrs for the tech and not get paid for this either. If you must go to tech during your scheduled hours it does effect your metrics. Today alone i spend 5hrs waiting to get assisted by tech support. As far as, the classes go they are a joke because when you have completed the class you know very little of what you actually need in order to assist their clients. our instructor if you call her that was so hateful no one would ask her questions. She would not do any demostrations of the systems. They give self paced classes and send you out to breakout rooms to practice on each other but how can you practice when you do not understand they system in the first place. As i said you are set up to fail so Arise can keep the money train coming in with new suckers.

  25. AH

    Can someone comment on the available hours and SOW for Amazon? I haven’t started the training yet, and now I am skeptical of Arise altogether. My email is airsangel424@yahoo.com.

    1. Barb

      There are plenty of hours for it before it starts. Arise will promise you anything to get your money when you sign up.

      It is a shame about Amazon they were a really good company with good customer service, but Arise will fuck it up pretty quickly for them.

  26. Leanne

    It seems to me that there are some people that believe ARISE shouldn’t charge for anything at all, including Client Certification. ARISE is giving you opportunities that would not be available, otherwise. That’s how they make their money.

    I am about to begin training for my first Client, which I only paid $5.00 to certify for. Usually, every few weeks or so, Arise offers discounts on their CSP101 course, as well as discounts to certify for a client (sometimes little to no cost). For example, near the end of October, they were offering CSP101 for free. You DO have to pay for a background check, and there ARE occasionally expenses if you don’t have the equipment necessary, but if you were to start your own Brick-and-Mortar business, you would have startup costs as well. This is no different. But everything you have to purchase for your “business” is tax-deductible. If you do not have the funds to become incorporated, you can join an existing corporation in the ARISE network, which is what I did, and those are free to join. But you are NOT working for ARISE. Even before you fill out the initial application, there is a box you are required to check that states “I understand that Arise offers a business opportunity, not employment.” Which means that you are working for yourself. And it’s like any other business…you get out of it what you put into it.

    Not to be snarky,, but you’re awfully opinionated on something that you, personally, know nothing about. You cannot base an opinion on experiences that OTHER people have had. Everyone’s experience is different. Like I said earlier, you get out of it what you put into it.

    1. Barb

      Not to be snarky, but as a person who hasn’t ever worked for this company or even trained a single second, you don’t know anything. You are a know-it-all who actually doesn’t know anything.

      Good luck to you with Latonya.and Mironya. Idiots like you are how Arise keeps in business.

  27. Peanutcat

    Has anyone been contacted by a “Pamela George” or a “Lorenda Spangler” who claim to represent Arise?

    1. Jess

      Please dont respond or get involved in any kind of way.Please read my comment below. Have a blessed day.

  28. California Gal

    THANKS FOR SAVING ME TIME AND MONEY!!! I was skeptical of the text I got from someone claiming to be offering me a job from ARISE. They got my phone number off the CALJOBS website. You are provIding a very valuable service by exposing this type of scam THANKS!!!!

  29. Jess

    I was previously employed with Arise and it was the most horrible experience ever! The company contacted me to work for them while I was searching for a job on indeed.com. I was in desperate need of work being a mother of four and full time student, this seem like the perfect opportunity for me. But unfortunately it quickly backfired on me. Arise sent me multiple checks to have deposited in my account to get “office equipment” but the account was my moms and they were fine with that. Once the deposits were made they wanted me to get the money out to send multiple money gram and western union to what was suppose to be “vendors”. And this went on for about two weeks until my mother was contacted by her bank that theses checks are counterfeit! I contacted to company to let them know and they did nothing! Now my mother is facing prosecution for the funds because it was her account. The investigators at the bank may give her the chance to pay it back but she is disabled on a fixed income and I am still out of work with four kids so I’m unsure as to how we are going to reimburse the bank back $10, 000. So anyone looking to work for this company please reconsider as I don’t want anyone to have to go through what we are going through. Please keep us in your prayers and have a blessed day.

    1. A.L.H

      Jess, Let me start by saying I too am debating on whether or not to join Arise so I have to vested interest one way or the other. While I am sorry for your misfortunes, that “company” you were cashing checks for was not Arise. I have a friend who got the same “check” in the mail for a completely different company and decided to also cash the check. I told my friend it was a scam its just common sense to employer sends you money without you doing any work and says to cash the check and keep some and send them back some, that notion is ridiculous. Even though I pleaded with him not to cash it he did and the bank told him it should clear by the next day and when he went back to the bank he was arrested, and is still currently fighting his charges even with letter that was mailed to him. So consider yourself lucky your mom didn’t go to jail. There are many businesses who’s names are being used Walmart just released a statement stating they do not have “Secret Shoppers” because there’s a scam going around sending out checks to be a secret shopper with them. My rule is If it sounds to good to be true, Run! Even though I have a friend that works for Arise I’m still checking into because I always research things without jumping right into anything. Although I’m still researching this company and am not utterly impressed at this point, I absolutely have never heard of them sending out money for office supplies at all. Hell if anything it would seem like they would sooner charge you for your own office supplies lol. Just be more careful and know that that is not the only scam out there
      P.S. Not sure where you live but if youve fallen on hard times there are places like Community Action Partnership and lutheran Social Services and many Catholic Charities that help pay rent and utilities if you fall on hard times and if you live in the state of California you can dial 211 from a landline to find further assistance. Good luck and God bless

  30. Zee

    I have been an IBO with Arise for over 2 years now. Before Arise I worked outside the home in a call center so I understand the metrics deal. If you are new to call center work then it may be a different experience. I must say that Arise is legit. Have you always liked all of your employers? Didn’t think so. I encourage my CSP’s to read and decide which opportunity fits best for their needs. Not one of my CSP’s have spent thousands of dollars to start up and most make between 9-11/hr and even more with bonuses and incentives. If it was a scam then I would not even be wasting my time. It wouldn’t benefit anybody to just fatten Arise’s pockets. I am currently accepting new CSP’s and am available to answer any questions and help with enrollment. Contact me at deezpsllc@aol.com

    1. Rebecca Avery

      Way to go recruiting from the people arise has screwed. Arise is a scam and the ibos steal from you and lie to get you hooked they take more than 10 percent of your pay more like 69.75 from every pay check. I have worked for arise for 1 year and every class was horrible and they teachers are nasty and in the end you are not making 11 dollars and hour at all. After you get your sad check you have to pay taxes on it which leaves you unable to survive.

      1. Azeez

        I’m new to Arise and I’m already having problems. I haven’t received my USB to start participating in my training. Something does not feel right.

  31. Emma

    Hey all, some disappointing comments here to be sure. I am going through Arise’s CSP101 at present, and I must say that some of the “customer service “test questions are a bit ambiguous to say the least (!). I’m only on module 1 ‘though… :)

    I wonder, does anyone have a copy of the final test answers for CSP101? I’d like to find out if Arise really are legit, for myself, before investing any further time and money in to this and I think the only way to do that is to get to the end of their initial training course (CSP101).

    Any help that someone can offer me here would be greatly appreciated!

    my email: evolution651@gmail.com

  32. Kim

    Just wanted to thank this blog for helping me decide not to bother with this one. I have worked in a call center and seen how it can be a harsh environment for those who do not already possess the right skills and experience. However some of the comments above have convinced me that there is more to it than that, even taking into account the added problems Arise must face dealing with remote workers, global economy etc. In particular, technical problems caused by their systems described by theresa which they do not deal with in a way that is satisfactory for an agent business owner especially if it is then used as basis for terminating contract.

    There is a saying “no smoke without fire” however Arise seems to make it their business to create their own “smoke and mirrors” to confuse people sufficiently so sign up. If it is not actually a scam it looks like a business out of of control.

  33. travelchick777

    This blogger is on point! I just finished training with Arise for Disney Web Support answering emails at 85 cents per email. Was told I passed certification and today we were able to post for hours for the week of Jan 5th and Jan 12th. I went it exactly at the posting times 11 am, and 12 noon for the second week. I was able to get one 30 min slot for Jan 5th week and 7.5 hours for Jan 12th week. Now keep in mind the minimum required hours to work each week is 15!! So there were 24 people in my training during the day, and not sure how many were in the evening training. So if they don’t even have enough hours for us to get the minimum why did they take our money and have so many people training for this client???

    Previously I paid $189 for another client with Arise. During training I had a technical issue and went to Tech Support. After dealing with them for 2 days, even letting them take control of my computer, I could not access the internet when they were done. That caused me to miss class and so the instructor dropped me for not attending class. Even though she was aware of the issues because I was communicating daily via email on my phone with her. When I contacted Arise enrollment and let them know I didn’t miss class due to my own doing, but due to your Tech Support taking over my computer and now I can’t get on the internet. All Enrollment did was read some by the book rules about missing class and having to be dropped and no refunds due to that. He was not trying to hear anything I was trying to explain. So what I did instead was dispute it with my bank and get my $189 reversed! I was not going to just let them take my money. I sent my bank every single email I had about the incident and my dispute was I didn’t get what I paid for. My bank put the money back and I guess Arise never challenged it.

    I personally think I am done with Arise. I was also under an IBO (Independent Business Owner) who just vanished off the face of the earth. Stop taking calls, stop responding on Facebook, stopped answering emails. Then when I asked another CSP that was under him had she heard from him. She replied that he was a thief and had kept her money she had worked for with Arise. So I hadn’t serviced any client and hadn’t lost any money. I did however go get incorporated at $100 to become my own IBO so that’s another cost down the drain.

  34. Katy

    It’s crazy to see all of the responses differing in opinion. I jumped on with Arise some years ago. During that time I worked with a company servicing through them and I will say that although I stayed at the top 25 for IBOs, I continued to make a standard amount of money unless achieving incentives given. It was only at the time of their system failure that my SOW was terminated. Who’s to blame? I’m not really sure. I can agree with both sides good and bad. But when recently signing up for one of the company’s I was taking back by the unprofessional tactics. First, our class started with 35 and once it ended it was 10-15 (not sure as I was kicked out on 2nd to last day). Do the math though with 20-25 people who paid $219 each and will not have work. Mind blowing! Second, I was only given 2 live calls not 3 and guess what graded on 2 as well. Thirdly, I’m guessing the reason why they don’t want former/current agents speaking out is bc interestingly the companies you work have no clue about us or Arise (I was told through the actual company when giving a complaint after Arise could not solve my issue. What irony! We are trained to solve customers issue but Arise can’t do the same for their independent contractors. One of the corporate employees of the company I was contracted with stated that at THEIR call center if an employee fails they work with them instead of letting them go. Interesting right? Well who’s to say who’s telling the truth. But all to say from reading the blog today I refuse to openly become a fool by going back to them all for the money. Yes they may be doing a make over but there are complaints dating as recently as December of 2013. I don’t think anyone needs money that bad. Lastly I will say that Arise is not going to be a $45, 000/yr salary it is solely supplemental income.

  35. travelchick777

    UPDATE: I took it to an Atty to start a class action, who I just got off the phone with and he was interested in the case as a class action lawsuit. Well upon his research he stated that in Arise’s contract with us there is a clause about arbitration that states we won’t be a part of a class action or file a class action. He was talking Attorney speak but I got what he was saying. So he said to do it for one individual it would not be financially feasible to any attorney, so it would have to be a class action. Which of course that is why Arise has never been sued for their fraudulent practices.

    Hindsight, if you think about it they constantly have AT&T as a client. Is AT&T really doing that much hiring of hundreds of CSP’s per year? Of course not!! I wish I had researched before putting out money for training. I admit I never searched reviews. Hopes this helps others considering putting out money to work at home. My next step is a complaint with the Dept of Consumer Affairs in their state.

  36. Jonathan

    I think thing is a crock of shit, you have to pay for your Background check which is probably a site they own, then pay for your csp oh then you have to pay for your training, and if you don’t pass that you must pay once again. Admissions department is a crockpot loaded bunch of shit I have contacted them numerous times about things and have got the run around


  37. Buckledwarf

    This “business opportunity” is always posted in the “job section” on craigslist which is miss leading. Then they call you an IBO (independent business owner). If that was the case you choose your own hours with out hoping that there are scraps left over. You work when you want how ever long you want to work… Run this company is a crock of crap!

  38. Cnicki

    Ok, I don’t usually post negative about this client but I am very pissed and don’t know what to do. I went through 30 days of training, passed all test and mock calls. Received email Monday that I didn’t pass live calls. “WHAT THE HELL” so I contact the trainer to ask what going on and told the feedback that I received on the 02/05 didn’t qualify me to service live calls.

    This is my problem Live calls were 02/04-02/10 I didn’t take me first call till 02/05/2014 on 02/06/2014 I received feedback on the call I had on 02/05/2014 and the agent that observed me wrote that customer hung up on me because I refused to transfer her which was not true we are trained that If a customer request for a supervisor /agent first try to defuse the situation before transferring them. I even apologized to customer and tried to explain can submit her order but needed to create a customer acct and needed her to repeat the address. She was so irritated and just hung up. And so to say that I refused to transfer her was incorrect cause I didn’t. The customer didn’t give me a chance to transfer her or talk to me she hung up.

    So the decision was made on 02/05/2014 no to pass me for live calls but the last day of call were 02/10/2014. Live calls were 02/5/2014-02/10/2014 I received my only feedback 02/05/2014 what about my other calls. How can this happen ?

    1. IBO

      Did Arise Virtual Solutions , Inc. Misclassify You as an Independent Contractor? The First CSP Who went to Arbitration Won Her Case and Has Received More than $11,000 for the Wage Violation that Arise Committed. Read or listen to This Article and Claim Your Rights at llrlaw.com !


  39. Teresa

    Your website made my decision final. I emailed company and turned down opportunity.
    I was already on high alert and now I am 100 percent certain.

    Thx again

  40. June

    Arise has it’s ups and downs….I worked pt for arise in 2011. I actually did not score a passing grad on the mock sessions, but was told that I passed. I assume that this is because virtually nobody passed. When it came to scheduling, the time slots usually went quickly. I actually had my sow terminated, but I was not working the hours required. It was at least a month that I didn’t meet the requirement before they terminated me. The one thing I didn’t like was that I was sent an e-mail that just reminded me what the requirements were , in no part if the letter did it say anything about termination. By the end of that week they did terminate me. I wasn’t shocked, but wish I would have been notified of a timeframe. I couldn’t get any other work with them after that.

    I ended up cutting ties with arise and had my account deactivated. I decided to take a risk and spend money again to partner up with them to see if I could get work. I had my account reactivated and paid for the background check and the csp101 course again. I am currently in training and will see whether or not I will be able to pass by the end of this month. If I don’t pass and won’t pass any courses because of being terminated, I will be mad that they even allowed me to sign up for training. I can see why turnover rate is high, but it think that is a given in any customer service environment.

    1. Woodie


      I have just completed CSP 101. I am curious about the outcome of you last try with Arise. Can you tell me more about whether they let you service another client?

  41. Ali Abraham

    I actually WAS TERRIFIED of Arise and its associates. But obviously, the fact that I can talk about it on the Web means things are getting better. Arise is like a cult and the leader is their CEO. He himself will get on the phones and do call monitoring, assessments, and role plays. They freaked me out and over time began brainwashing me. At first, I played along, even when I knew it was a “fake customer”. I did the part right, handled the call the best that I could and moved to the next customer. But, after a while, I started getting the same Arise personnel calling me call after call with different names and accounts. I started getting annoyed because then they started calling on things that I couldn’t prove, such as a customer would suddenly break out of character and start talking…”You seriously can’t recognize that I am the same person as the Bob Smith who called earlier today? Are you weak in your ability to recognize a soul?” And when I gained the courage and would respond back, “I guess this is Quality control and this is what you expect from your reps” or something of the like, they would hang up or change back into customer mode, “What are you talking about?” Other times, I had one customer make a crowing noise like a crow. I thought it was a prank call so I hung up. Then, a totally different customer popped up on the screen and the same thing was going on. So I started trying to understand what they were doing. I would spend hours on these rhythmic sounds and different things with these people. The reason I put up with their wierd needs? They would hang up my SDE. That means they would totally reset my system and it would take 15 minutes or more to reboot and get on the log again. They told us this was common but it is a power trip that they are going through. One notorious female one that I call Barb because I recognized her first in that customer name, was really mean and aggressive and still prank calls me from time to time. To prove they were pulling the SDE’s on purpose she would give me a warning and then do it, such as “WRONG ANSWER”, or “You’re Suspended”. I finally gave in to them and went along this time of surrendering myself to them. Finally, I almost had a nervous breakdown. Believe it or not, they had so much control of me by that time, that as I typed the letter, and was on the phone system, a customer came online and started talking about their issue. Then, the man said, “instead of calling it a nervous breakdown, why don’t you leave it personal reasons so we don’t need to feel guilty about anything. why should we pay you so much attention? you are just another rep, right?” I said ok, and changed the letter. They still call me from time to time, pretending they’re responding to an ad on kijiji, or call with a wierd number that I can’t call back. The police said this a problem that still hasn’t been solved, calls from switches and that harrassment is high on former call center reps but not addressed as much. I hope those who aren’t aware as much, can add 2 and 2 and figure out if this happened to them as well. I hope we can infiltrate Amdocs and other companies that make it possible for these people to hide behind these untraceable virtual numbers.

  42. Curious

    I currently work for Arise. I have an IBO i work under. After reading all of this I am scared. I work in a small office with people that are actually making money. I was told by some of them that. At&t starts off with 5.50 an hour and higher and ADT actually starts off with 5.25 an hour. I don’t know if this is a scam but I will know soon enough I guess.

    1. lisa

      Yes it is a scam I am an IBO and AT&T pays must better then that per interval. Matter of fact At&t seems to be one of the better paying clients arise has. Don’t work for an IBO just become one yourself if you decide to do it. The only difference in pay is having to pay for the llc license. If you choose not to go with them do it for real reasons like lack of communication, continues system problems, and them no caring if you work for them or not because they already have your money and more people coming out of class soon and then really don’t care about you

  43. Sheila E

    Let me preface my comments by saying I have done a TON of research on various work-at-home companies before joining Arise. Like many of you, I had heard of many horror stories and read the various complaints. I am a mom of 4, who has a FT job in a very technical field and was looking for something strictly PT with a very flexible schedule. What I would caution anyone looking to join Arise is to read the client requirements extremely well to avoid any surprises with the pay, hours and job expectations. It seems (my observation) that a lot of the issues are universal to Arise no matter what client you choose. In the beginning I did not achieve the 3-star rating, therefore I knew I would only have the leftover hours remaining to schedule. With the help of the PF’s, I have been able to change my metrics. I will say, you will HAVE to be proactive in asking questions and above all else, make sure you are reaching out to others in your class, your PF’s and other workers if you need help. So far, it has been a wonderful PT job even if I had to work while on vacation and during the holidays. I was initially under another IBO and took advantage of discount training and free help from them with the promise I would stay, and then as soon as I finished I formed my own company to save a bit of money (FYI – I recommend signing with an IBO and then bailing once you’re trained). I am not going to say it has been a bed of roses but you do have to put forth a good amount of effort and have a mindset of succeeding. I hope this helps someone who is on the fence to think about it carefully before joining!

  44. EVE

    I have been with arise for over 4 years. Love my client (the largest theme park) , but Arise is the biggest issue. There is a lack of communication every where you turn. Because you are in Independent Contractor, there is no recourse. You can have your contract terminated for the slightest things or nothing at all. There is a constant fear of your (or at least my ) QA PF lying about be and I have caught her several times doing so … and if you go above her – look out. Contact rates have not rose in the 4 1/2 years I have been with them. We were forced to tell our guests about products that take more time and ruin metrics. They add things on and don’t change metrics, which makes you look like you’re doing your job. And even after 98-100′s on regular reviews – you’re still screwed.

    It’s hard to get out of it when you love your client though. BUT – we are actually going to move to FL so I can work on property for them and make DOUBLE what I make with Arise! I have the job set up and we move in 4 weeks!

  45. Concerned

    Do not let any of the “good” reviews fool you. I worked with Arise as a Premier IBO for years. (premier IBO is an outstanding business owner with CSPs working under them and are all high performers). Arise uses the business to business relationship to cover their ass. They can push everything back to the IBO and basically wash their hands of any issues. I will share just a few of my experiences. The one that stands out most for me is where an IBO was stealing money from his CSPs. This specific IBO was closing down and his CSPs were moving over to me. I had all his old paperwork and invoices from Arise. He had been shaving off hundreds of dollars from his CSPs and telljng them that arise did not pay him the amount they were supposed to. But I had the invoices from Arise and they showed he was paid the amount the CSP was do. I reported to Arise right away to ensure he would not do this again. Guess what. They allowed him to reopen another business, under his name, and he is still in business with them to this day. That right there should be a red flag for anyone wanting to go work with Arise. Why would they allow him to open again and do business with him after it was proven that he stole money from them? I’ll tell you why, $$$$. That is all that matters to them.
    Don’t let Ken J say the BBB does not take money. They 100% DO. In my state I could pay $350 to be listed in the directory and be accredited. You have to pay the BBB to be accredited. How do they get away with an A rating? Because most all of the complaints come from CSPs that are working under an IBO. So when the BBB gets the report, Arise responds and says, we are not the company they contract with. So the report gets closed as not even a complaint against them. That is their way to get around it. They blame the businesses that are IBO for almost all their problems.
    Issue number two. Support. It’s awful and you have none really. Plain and simple if you have to go to support, be prepared to wait for hours. Now in the most recent years the hold times have gotten shorter with support, but a couple years ago, I once got in with support at 8am, at 530pm, I was still waiting. I’m am not making this up. I stayed that long because I wanted to see if they would ever pick up. They did and then the chat ended within 2 minutes of me speaking with someone, without having my problem resolved.
    That leads me to another issue. No phone support and for that matter no one to call if you have an issue at all. I have tried to get the number to the legal department and was told they do not accept calls. I tried to get an office number and was to they do not have one. There is a number listed on the website that goes to a voicemail but, suprise suprise, no one ever calls back.
    I could go on on honestly, with numerous issues. But I will end with one more issue. Arise is supposed to provide tax forms to the businesses they do business with. (Not the CSPs, that again is the IBOs responsibility). I did not receive mine one year. I opened a ticket, that is still open to this day, and have never received my tax form. I was sent one once that had my business name on it but the wrong EIN number, the wrong address, and the wrong amount of money paid to my company. This issue is still not resolved.
    Please if you are going to try and work at home, go somewhere else.

    1. lisa

      Arise Virtual Solution is not a scam you can make money working with them and the Road Side Assistant program I service for has many hours available to work.
      The training was enough as long as you are a self starter and can really organize what is important because they give you so much information you don’t really need and do not spend enough time on what you actually do need.
      The Chat PF’s are there for you when you are working and they do an ok job the only problem is they only have a couple of PF’s in each chat room and have 30 to 50 people servicing the client needing help in each chat room. So when each class first start servicing the client it can be overwhelming.
      Tech support tries they will sign onto you system and fix most problems. But of course when they can’t they have to go to client and get help and that is when the problems start. Because NO ONE takes ownership of the problem it is escalated and then they NEVER get back to you and if you keep contacting them they give you the same answer over and over they are waiting for the client to fix the problem. The first time I had the problem it took 3 weeks for them to get around to fixing it. So that meant 3 weeks of NO MONEY!!!!! I email everyone in the company and got no response or help. I was just told to contact tech support or NO answer at all from most.
      So that brings me to communication……. None no one answers their phones or emails unless you are calling about “enrollment” and if you try and get help from them to transfer you to someone that will help they will not.
      They are constantly offer classes for the programs because of the lack of communication and fixing problems good people are always leaving because they cannot rely on the system working to make money. They don’t care about the people that are already servicing the client. Because they know they have 60 new people every 4 weeks that will be working for the client.
      Oh and the 60 new people pay $199.00 to take the course. That works out to 11940.00 they made just off the sign up for the course. Then they make money off every minute you are on the phone when they bill the client and “you” pay for the tech support team that is failing to fix the system.
      Boy Arise sure has a win win gig for themselves.

  46. Sara Smith

    I wouldn’t work for Arise, this company has no integrity and how they carry themselves as a company. You can wake up, like I did, one day and have no job without any warning!!! BEWARE!!!!

  47. Cautiously Optomistic

    I found myself reading blogs after having been with Arise only a short time. I was hoping to find someone else who had similar issues as myself who had told their story so I could feel more at ease. This has indeed not been the case. So I will tell my story, so if there is another sole who has been in this situation out there they may be able to ease my concerns.

    I was contacted by an IBO (Independent Business Owner) of Arise through a freelance website I have worked with for years. I was looking for a steady, stable income with the flexibility available to a work at home mom. After discussing this opportunity with my family we decided to pay the $29.99 for the background check and the $99 for the first of a series of customer service courses the company requires all independent contractors to take. I completed both and then selected from the opportunities that were available. My classes did not begin for several weeks, so I continued my freelance work and completed the “prework” that was required for the class.

    In April 2014 I began taking a 4 hour class daily, in addition to working my freelance jobs since training was unpaid. The first few days were more of a “getting to know the instructor” and “what to expect.” Then we started actually learning how to use the systems for the client and that is where the chaos began. Most days these systems were not working. Many days some could access systems while others were left watching a shared screen because their systems were not in working order.

    Throughout the 12 week class we were not taught much to be quite frankly. We heard a lot of personal stories and were shown many family photos, that were not pertinent in any way to our training. We also spent a lot of time assisting certain class members with tech and/or log in issues while others were completely ignored. Attendance is extremely strict, which is understandable, however I received several emails asking why I was not in class when I indeed was every single day. One classmate missed well over 2 weeks, yet was still allowed to continue; so it seems as though certain people were held to different standards opposed to being everyone across the board as was originally stated.

    The final 2 weeks of class were supposed to be tech training. We did not receive that kind of training at all. Instead another class was brought into our already large class and we got to go over calls they had taken that they were unable to handle themselves also due to poor training. We had to sit there and listen because it was a live customer so we could not watch and the talking was of no help to us. Then we were basically thrown to the wolves to take calls from actual customers. We were all completely unprepared to take the calls because all we knew for certain was how to log in to the systems. If someone needed to make changes, had questions about their bill, or anything technical so more than 90% of calls.

    I have now been working for about 10 weeks for the client and have done a decent job. I am learning every day and improving. I am in a pickle though because not only am I not being credited for all of the minutes I am talking with customers, I have yet to receive a dime in compensation. My IBO HAS been paid but is NOT paying me. If I stop working I lose my contract and lose the ability to make money, but by continuing to work I am only making my IBO money. I am not an IBO so Arise will not talk to me about compensation. I have reached out to management as well as support who all say there is nothing they can do. I am also unable to get out from under my IBO without her releasing me; which she has no motivation to do because I am paying her bills while mine fall behind.

    I feel that there genuinely is an opportunity to make a decent income working from home with Arise, I just have yet to reap the rewards of my efforts. With that said there is a lot of misinformation in the blog itself. All schedules are released in 30 minute intervals, there are no 15 minute intervals. Each client clearly states to the IBO what the pay will be prior to enrollment, so the CSP must ask the IBO prior to enrolling. Many courses offer incentives; which is up to the IBO to offer you if they so choose. I am definitely NOT defending them. This opportunity is certainly not for everyone. You will have to work for every penny you earn, so don’t assume it’s easy. Ask your IBO what equipment and technology you will need BEFORE deciding to take the opportunity. Know that wireless internet is NOT accepted: I say that because I was told it was and it in fact is not. You will also need Windows 7, although a few opportunities do work with Windows 8. You will also need to work using Internet Explorer 9; which is known for security issues. The computer you use for work is deemed virtually useless except for working, so take that into consideration as well.

    My best advice is to do your research. Make certain you are not getting into an agreement with a shady IBO or taking on a bad client. I think this is what has happened in my case. Do I regret taking the opportunity? Somewhat, but only because I haven’t been paid. Do I hope that this will be resolved? Absolutely. Am I doing everything I can to remedy the issue? I have been for weeks, but getting nowhere.

  48. K. Miller

    Does anyone have a number for arise . Because the one on the internet does not work . I have been servicing at&t sbeuc for arise since January 2012 they decide to terminate my business with arise and i haven’t receive my revenues for the last 13 days I’ve worked from july1-13 of 2014 there is no HR department or Accounting department to call to get any answers. And once your account with them is cancelled you cannot file a complaint because you don’t have access to the portal anymore. This is bullshit.

    1. TRL

      954-392-2690. Just found it through a Google search and got through to a voice ma (after hours) Good luck!

    2. TRL

      And when you call, let them know if it’s not resolved, you’ll file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision. Lawsuits pending – llrlaw.com

  49. Victim of Maketing

    I have been with arise since 09, and I have gone through 3 clients. So here goes my story.

    Arise is not a scam in any way. The problem with Arise is they are one of the most intelligently disorganized companies that exist to take advantage of you and your money. If Arise was managed correctly, it would be a decent side-cash opportunity.

    Lets start with the basics.

    1) You do not work for Arise, and you will not work for the big companies they state to work with. You are a drone that they allow to connect with the big companies. If they don’t like how you look, or act, or if they have a hair up their ass a certain week, they will pull the plug, tell you its your fault, and prevent you from ever working with that big client and sometimes with almost no warning what so ever. Stories to follow.

    2) You have no vacation or personal days since you do not work for a big company. You get sick, the dog gets sick, the kids get sick, the power goes out, Comcast decides its your turn this week to not have internet, then you are SOL.

    3) You have no medical. Again, because you do not work for a big company.

    4) Getting hours to work is like winning the lottery. Big companies give Arise X number of hours to distribute amongst us. At the day the hours “open” up for availability, everyone has to go in and select hours, and then you must pray you are able to select them fast enough otherwise you are left with nothing or hours during bad times of the day. It is the equivalence of driving a truck filled with food through Ethiopia. I used to just not even worry about when exactly I wanted to work. I would pick 9 straight hours in a day just to have hours there, and then I would release them after the madness calmed down to give myself breaks between the time slots. Time slots are in 30 minute increments. If you want to work for an hour, then you must select 8:00 and 8:30. Don’t sign off to pee because it will count against you. Don’t have an emergency because it will count against you. If your kid breaks a bone, let them cry it out because if you sign out not completing the hours you selected, then you will be dinged, and you will possibly not get the higher paid tier. The only pro to this is everyone, just like you, is desperate for hours to work. You can set your hours to be eaten by someone else, but they are not always taken.

    I once considered selecting as many hours as possible at all times, then creating a website where people would pay me $3-$5 per time slot. I would make an income just selling Arise time slots.

    5) You have to pay for your training. This is what seems like the biggest scam. When have you ever had to pay for your own training? lol. Here is one of the nice ways they make money. Training can be anywhere between $40-$200 depending on the job opportunity. Hey if you miss a few days, you are kicked out of the class, and they get to keep your money.

    6) Income: the biggest joke this side of the western hemisphere. Their goal is to minimize payments. They do so by inquiring on what are the most asinine ways of paying an agent and then incorporating them. Typical examples of most opportunities are paying you by the call you get. Yeah well that’s great. I guess I am SOL again if all of a sudden x number of customers decide not to call, or it takes an extra long amount of time to take care of an issue for a customer. Another are metrics designed to ensure it is as difficult as possible to take part of any bonuses. If a customer calls all pissed off about the service they are calling about, and you apologize, emphasize, and even give them credits, if they decide to still give you a bad survey…DING….it counts against you. Yeah thanks for not allowing me to advance to the next pay structure because your service sucks.

    Some clients are nice enough to have an hourly pay if you do not meet certain metrics of about $9-$11 per hour. Hey guess what? I can almost get that at my local grocery store AND I’ll have medical AND I’ll have bonuses AND I’ll have paid vacation days AND the list just goes on and on. The pay structure is a joke. They expect professionals but pay as if you are a high school drop out – most of the time. Some opportunities will explain you can get $15-$16 an hour. Yeah, but if a pissed off caller screws you over with a bad survey, then good bye high pay out.

    Some opportunities have you memorize a brew of metrics to adhere to. Your mind implodes having to worry about Schedule Adherence (you should always be on time anyways), Release Ratio (Oh noes you released a call with the release button!), Hour Weekend Requirement (If they want you to work weekends well you should), Average Handle Time (god forbid you are too efficient or helped a needy customer because if your call time is too short or too long, you get dinged), Average After Call Work (ACW) (lets make sure I type my shitty notes as fast as possible because if I put too many details about the call, then here is another metric to fail), Transfers (yes god forbid a caller reaches the wrong department!), Short Calls (they kinda want to make sure you are not hanging up on people), First Call Resolution (that’s right, kids. If the customers forgets to ask you something, or you didn’t ask the customer 10 times are they SURE there is nothing else they need, and they call back, then you get dinged!)

    7) Tech support. Lets say you are scheduled to work at 5. Oh noes you can not log in to the system to do your job! Off to tech support you go with wait times of 1+ hours. Oh, IF, and let me repeat—> IF arise decides to, then they will exempt you from the hours you had to work. If not, DING! Against your metrics they go.

    And for my stories:

    Opportunity #1
    This was the absolute worst, and they are not even with Arise. I’d be surprised if it were Arise that let them go. This company only paid per call that you got. Yeah, if I was sitting there twiddling my thumbs for an hour with no calls, I got nothing. This company made their monies forcing products down a customer’s throat during the purchase of another product. You were the front lines of why are you charging me, and you better cancel this yesterday. In my time machine I go. Between the lack of income and the screaming customers, I quit this one.

    Opportunity #2
    This was actually an extremely large company. For a few months, I was making almost $3000 a month with all the hours I selected. I wasn’t exactly meeting my sales quota, but my supervisor would consistently tell me “Its okay, you have an amazing voice, and you help anyone out that calls.” I can be one hell of a sales agent, but I turned that mode off to be as comfortable as possible with the callers by not putting pressure. I mean, I WAS told it would be okay by my immediate supervisor. One day I wake up with a lovely email saying I was terminated from it. Best response from my super was “sorry.” I know I could be an aggressive sales agent, but I choose not to because I was told not to worry. Well now I’m worried.

    Opportunity #3
    This was another large company. These guys love implementing as many BS metrics as possible to ensure you do not reach maximum payout on a regular routine. Their lovely business practice is to dump you between personal and business accounts as they choose, and if you refuse, they dont look at how great your metrics are now, they look at your metrics for the past x months and tell you on so and so date range you sucked, so now we need to move you to the suck queue (aka the business queue). No one wants the business queue because 9 out of 10 calls are not prepared to authenticate the account. You take 5 minutes authenticating, and now you have 4 minutes left to take care of the problem because if you are for too long on that call, then you get dinged for a high call time. My metrics were suddenly not updating themselves, and I was dropped from this company because I was not meeting metrics. Well duh I was not meeting metrics because they were not available! I emailed those you think are in charge, and best 3rd grade response was sorry you didn’t make it.

    Oh the best part is if you are terminated from a company, then you can’t go back to them – ever. Other companies look to see if you have been terminated, and if you have, they will refuse your application.

    A supervisor story:
    One of my supervisors told me she was not able to listen in on her agent’s calls. She told me her manager had told her not to worry, that she will not loose her position (as she needs to listen in to x number of agents per month) as the issue is being resolved. Guess what? She was terminated from being a supervisor because she did not meet her call listening quota. Well of course she did not because the system was not working! Hey not Arise’s problem as far as they are concerned.

    Customers and the agents are the least priority of Arise. Their goals are to hope you drop from the training class and for you to eventually fall ill from the mount Everest sized bs you need to deal with.

    ****Due to the inconsistencies of Arise, you can NOT make a living off of them.

    Fortunately, I have never had some of the payment issues others have had. Simply put, Arise is a Joke. Can you make money? You sure can, but do not EVER make the mistake of thinking it will be a consistent income. Simply put: Arise is run by some smart 4yr olds who discovered the value of money, and they will do what it takes to get more money.

    Thankfully, I discovered a real tech support job from home with real benefits. 20 paid vacation days for the first 5 years, stock options, insurance, they supplied me the equipment I need to do my job efficiently, I have a real schedule never worrying if I will be able to select hours, etc.

    My advise:
    If you have an account with Arise and are rather crafty, then you know the tricks to get around certain things and continue to take advantage of them as a supplement to your primary income. Might as well stay while you can.

    If you have never signed up with Arise, then don’t even bother. I discovered a real job working from home, and so can you.

    1. Truth

      Did Arise Virtual Solutions , Inc. Misclassify You as an Independent Contractor? The First CSP Who went to Arbitration Won Her Case and Has Received More than $11,000 for the Wage Violation that Arise Committed. Read or listen to This Article and Claim Your Rights at llrlaw.com ! 


  50. Nette_lou

    So thrilled I cam across this site!!
    I have just signed up to the Arise portal in the UK
    They want £25 ($40.34) for a background check, completed by an outside company – they claim they don’t make anything off this check.
    Then if I pass they want me to take a CS101 assessment test at £15 ($24.20)
    Neither are refundable if I do not pass.
    Tried chatting to an online advisor to be greeted by a ‘virtual assistant’ – one of those you type a question and by pin pointing words within your question they use a computer system to deduce the answer you are looking for – what a load of balls!!
    Chatted to a friend who says that the only hours she gets hold of – despite being what is classed as middle level – are 3 and 4am.
    She has twice been threatened with being terminated – I’ve seen the emails and listened to a call she recorded with Arise – they sound horrid!!
    Glad I found you when I did – you’ve save me time and money – think I’ll continue with the little beauty products business I do thanks!!

  51. afall

    So glad i found your blog today i was almost tempted to sign up with them tomorrow! i knew it was too good to be true. Shame!

  52. JimmyJam

    I gotta say this. arise is screwing us royally. I work for AT&T for a year we were making ,19 to ,33 cents a minute. Just recently in October we were told the pay was going to 2 per call. They keep sending emails saying they have urgent hours but they cap you at 30 hours per week. I used to bring home 1600 per pay now I barely make 700 for the same work. You get 2,00 per call no matter how long it takes to service the call, So several of us decided to train for Carnival. This past Friday they sent out a email saying that due to the high demand they are changing from 12 per hour to the 2.00 per call rate. they essentially got back at us for leaving AT&T. they expect you to service the customer yet dont pay for outbound calls. They dont even have a minimum to meet at leaset the minimum wage. Arise is a dictatorship that has hurt many people, they are greedy and wants to keep more of the money from the clients and pay you less for quality work. they are going to lose all their clients due to the mass exodus to other companies that at least pay a living wage. They are crooks and I will stay here until i find other employment. They make decisions without letting you have a say yet they call you a “partner”. thats bullshit Arise and you need to be ashamed of yourself taking from people who wouldnt do this if they didnt have to.

  53. TRL

    Just don’t do it! Arise is not reputable, ethical nor professional. Wish I’d seen this blog before I dumped $13 for a background check. But, glad that’s all I lost, along with time doing their ‘CSP101′ course.

  54. Theon

    I have been one of Arise’s biggest champions. It used to be a good option for part time work. Unfortunately Arise is silently shifting client pay scales to sweat shop levels. They are also making it next to impossible to take a day off without huge repercussions in your pay or job security.

    I have worked for the same client for nearly four years. My position paid an average of $12 a hour, with the potential to make $14+ with incentives. We also are required to work every major holiday. I have worked the last four Christmases. I usually took one week summer vacation. This was not paid vacation, nor granted by Arise. During my week I would receive warning emails that I was not meeting the requirements of my statement of work. Not an ideal way to spend a vacation, which is very ironic because I work for a company in the travel/vacation industry.

    For many months Arise has hinted there would be a pay increase. They now have come out with a new measurement system and are proclaiming how they listened to our concerns and made the system so much better! Guess they think we are all dummies and can’t do simple math. They have raised our minimum hours, yet make it impossible to secure them. They make this a part of the structure of our pay. They also make other elements (many of them we have no control over) a requirement of our pay.

    Cutting through all the bullshit and it comes down to the most we can make per hour as $10.80. Yes..they have lowered our pay with smoke and mirrors propaganda. Questions about this change have been answered with the standard, “if you don’t like it, leave”.

    Again, all holidays must be worked. Taking time off now will lower your pay for an entire month, resulting in working for less than minimum wage, in my case. Yes, my vacation now will only be unpaid, but will lower my average hourly wage for the hours I do work. How is this even legal?

    Though I’ve been a top performer I have never been under the illusion that I had an job security. I know Arise’s business model is to produce a new crop of agents as much as possible with their endless training opportunities. I did think they at least needed a few of us to be successful keep business.

    They spring this on us two weeks before these changes come into effect. We have no recourse…sign up for the change or walk away. Not so easy when you have worked for a job that will give you no resource for references. Now I have a giant hole in my resume to explain.

    Bottom line…stay away from Arise.

  55. AH

    I am currently working for the Arise Corporation and I’m telling anybody that is thinking about signing up with them, DON’T!!!. When I first started with Arise I had to invest at least $300 to get set up. I signed up with an IBO that should be arrested for theft and Arise should be put out of business for illegal business practices. The will pay you what they want because you not subject to minimum wage laws. Currently, I was supposed to be paid October 30 and now I have to wait until November 15 which is two weeks away. My IBO has done this before and she steals the agents money for her own personal use. She continues to ignore my emails and gave me some bullshit story that we are waiting for a transition with Wells Fargo bank that could take up to 15 days. I called Wells Fargo bank. It only takes two days if there’s a transition of any kind. Arise has metrics you must meet and so does the IBO. They all rub noses and Arise backs up these crooked IBOs. They don’t tell you this double metric shit and its not on your contract. They think they are smarter than you and I am not a child. Research Work At Home first because there are companies out there that are legitimate and don’t rip you off.

  56. Sasha Doe

    Arise is allegedly involved in high profile corporate gang stalking. When you post negative information online, approach them about unethical business practice, etc. this causes Arise Virtual Solutions to result to corporate gang stalking. I am not stating that the information you have posted so for isn’t true but be aware of what kind of company you are dealing with. If they are involved in unethical business practices, just think what this kind of company will do to you if they find out who you are. They have been known to hire psychiatrists and psychologists as consultants to advise them on how to weed out “threatening” IBOs or contractors that partner with them. They already have access to your computer and landline, in which they can listen to your personal calls and view what you are doing online. Also, they can use it to set you up. The Stalker groups that they sometimes will use have been known to install audio bugs in the residence of a target. Typically, they use inexpensive bugs which broadcast on a frequency which can be monitored by other group members using scanners. Expensive bugs are reserved for high level targets. All I am saying in please properly educate yourself before speaking out against them. They do advise you that they will sue you in the contract but they leave out the part about gang stalking.

    1. Woodie

      Sasha -

      Your post is scary! Are you saying that Arise is putting listening devices in IBO and CSP homes? How are they getting into folks’ homes to do this? How can they afford to do this as they would have to fly a paid employee here, rent a hotel and car and then buy the device then get in my home to “plant” it then pay someone to listen to the “scanner”? I’m not sure I clearly understand what you are saying. Can you provide some examples?

      1. Lesha

        Woodie, if its happening, it would be through devices call ASDs, which are flash drives they send you or they will send you a disk to install on your computer. This is why I have a computer strictly for Arise and nothing else. I didn’t know about the issue above, but if its true, this is how they would get it into our homes, and they can afford to do it, because “we” pay for the class and the equipment.

  57. Thomas Vaughan

    Arise is not a scam. They are upfront about what is expected. The problem is that they are willing take anybody who can breathe. Take in 50 desperate people who can barely work a computer and use terms like “ax” for “ask” and “mines” for mine. The cant or wont read the workstation requirements or broadband speed requirements. Ask them how much RAM they have and cant tell you. Ask them not to use wireless connection and they either have no clue or ignore the requirement. They use digital phones or wait until certification is over before the have the correct phone or try to use VOIP to take calls.

    I could go on and on. Work from home positions require a level of computer savvy and ability to read that the majority of Arise applicants do not possess. When they are terminated, as they always are, they claim to have been scammed. It’s the same old story and nothing will change until they stop recruiting McDonald’s counter help and leave it to instructors to weed out the unmotivated, unprepared and uneducated. Instructors will certify them because their own metrics are ties to cert rates.

    I challenge anyone from Arise to tell me this is not true. You pay 9/hour and you get 9/hour talent. It’s not rocket science. If a small percentage of the recruited ones come prepared with the right equipment, pay attention in class, do the homework, they will survive long enough too make their investment pay off and , in the meantime, learn something about the grown-up world and make a better choice next time.

    The others will cry and moan about how unfair it is which is pure BS because it was all spelled out on the website. It’s not a hamburger joint’…you have no rights. The middle class is being destroyed by the likes of Arise. Use them for what they are and you can benefit. Treat Arise like a a place the owes you something and you will get a big surprise.

    I am fed up with Arise because they lowered their standards and made working with them an embarrassment. Reading about “axing a question” or “that call was mines” made me feel I was associated with a bunch of uneducated idiots. If you cant use proper grammar, you do not belong in a customer service business. Oh yes, before you call me a racist, the standard argument used by those who cant argue the facts, remember this…I don’t care what you think because you are ignorant. If you want to dispute what I wrote, have at it.

    I have my issues with Arise but whatever problems I had with them, I brought on myself. They have their share of petty idiots but they are human and I could have avoided my issues with than had I cared to. The money sucked as did the evolving cultural environment. The best people are probably going to jump ship because this field is booming for smart people that can speak proper English or Spanish,

  58. Thomas Vaughan

    One more thing…..don’t blame Arise for all of this. Business talk about wanting to give “white glove customer service” but are unwilling to putt their money where their rhetoric is. Arise used to be a good gig when I began in 2007 but as the guy above intimidated, things have changed. Too bad but in this economy, it makes sense to screw the worker chasing short term profits.

  59. Lesha

    I am a recent and perfect example of the bs some of us are going through at Arise. I have been contracted with the company since 2006, but I haven’t worked on a project since 2008. I was terminated due to misconduct, disconnecting a guest during a call. Of course I did not disconnect the guest, the avaya system was having issues as it does often, on several programs. This has been an issue since I first started. Anyway, I was so disgusted, I didn’t want to work another program, however my sister is a CSP and she still works a program so I keep it going( yes she also has constant issues but needs the money so hey). Last year after an incident with another of my CSPs I received a call directly from an “Angie” from Arise, who offered me an opportunity to come back and select a program, training fee waived, as after reviewing my record, I didnt come across as the type to hang up on a guest yada yada. I accepted the offer but just recently selected a program I found interesting. After jumping through hoops to collect on the offer extended and paying for the class myself, taking the 30 day course, passing with an excellent score, as I have been in customer service 22 years and I’m damn good at what I do, and getting ready for calls, my SOW was abruptly terminated before I even got the chance to take one call. Why? Please read below. This is direct correspondence from Arise after I had to file an escalation. Mind you, there is no one to actually speak to for these situations. No one at the number one their site will take your call. Anyway, start from the bottom and read up, as this is the way the thread starts. Have Fun!

    Your Arise Technical Support incident INC(Omitted) has been resolved. If you agree, no further action is required and your ticket will automatically close in 72 hours. The resolution details are included below:

    Resolution Details: We have brought this issue to the attention of the client manager and unfortunately the final decision to dissolve the SOW agreement with your IBO was ultimately made by the client. Arise staff cannot override the client’s final decision. We hope that you will try to express interest in another client opportunity within Arise. Again we are not able to issue reinstate the SOW for this client program. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you disagree with the resolution, please click the link below to re-open your incident and provide detailed information as to why you feel it has not been resolved

    Click here if your issue was not properly resolved INC(Omitted)

    I recently certified for the(Name Omitted) sales project. There were no hours to select on the program and we received an email that Arise was aware of the issue and our SOW would not be in jeopardy, however on Friday, I received a termination of SOW due to me not logging on for hours, when there were NO hours available! I “stalked” the schedule daily looking for hours and there was nothing open. There were interval exceptions we were encouraged to take because there was no call volume. I would like to know why both myself and my CSP were terminated, for issues that were beyond our control? I put money and a lot of time in the client and I feel like I have been ripped off by Arise. I am sure I am not the only one this has happened to. What is Arise prepared to do? I would like my SOW and my CSPs SOW reinstated. This is also for my CSP (name omitted)
    Here is a copy of the email we received, as several of us complained there were no hours or call volume:
    Good Evening Team,

    A few of you have brought the lack of hours available to my attention. Please know, we are diligently attempting to get more hours added by the client. As it stands, if there are no hours available for you to select, you will not be penalized for not meeting your SOW. If you see a half hour here and there, please feel free to pick it up and service. Although it may not be much, it will give you the ability to test the waters. With that being said, hours are currently being released around 4pm est every Wednesday and go within seconds.


    I opened a support ticket on Monday regarding both myself and my CSP being terminated for not meeting the SOW requirement for hours, when there was a mass email from the T-Mobile client that they were aware there were no hours open and our SOW would not be in Jeopardy, now I get a message saying my case is resolved, and they didn’t even touch on the issue!!! It was a generic response about a Max Cap of hours!!

    It clearly states my SOW was terminated, and there was a copy of the email we received that stated we were protected. I get a response about a max cap being lifted, what is that about? Has nothing at all to do with the escalation!


    I have escalated my T mobile Telesales SOW termination twice now, and twice they have sent me a response regarding a MAX CAP of HOURS!!! I will not accept this any further. If Arise isn’t prepared to fix the mistake they have made, I am willing to take this farther!! I have paid my money, wasted my time in this class, and now I feel like Arise Stole both mine and my CSPs money and kicked us off of the program. Twice I’ve noted our SOW was to be protected PER ARISE and I noted that 2 days after we got the email we were protected due to lack of hours, two days later I was terminated because I didn’t meet my SOW hours, when Arise didn’t have any. This is an issue with Arise and it needs to be fixed. Twice I’ve escalated and have waited a week. Now its been so long that I don’t remember the course material so the only resolution I want for myself and my CSP is to either get a refund for the class or be placed free of charge in the new T-Mobile class. If I get another canned response email, I will go outside of Arise to get the issue resolved. As it seems Arise is not trying to rectify their error!!!!

    Twice Ive escalated this issue for myself and my CSP and twice I have been sent a STUPID canned response about Max Cap hours!!!!
    At this point I want one of two things only: A full refund for the cost of the class for both myself and my CSP or to be placed in the new T-Mobile class free of charge.

    I don’t even want it escalated again because it take a full week just to get the crap back that I received twice in a row, as if they didn’t understand the first time, someone isn’t too bright to resend the same response the second. I have NO confidence in the escalation team at this point. I don’t believe they are competent because they surely cannot read

    What does max cap, sir, have to do with my SOW being terminated for not posting hours that were not available???

    1. IBO

      Read or listen to This Article and Claim Your Rights at llrlaw.com !


  60. CSgeneral

    About me…been in CS for many, many years. I have been a CSR and management, worked for some of the best “hospitality” companies in the U.S. I have a communications degree from an excellent college.
    So…I currently work for Arise on one of their accounts. I have been trying to figure out just what they are trying to achieve. Arise seems to have some sadistic tendencies…let me explain….
    We all are familiar with “AHT” (average handle time/talk time). AHT was designed to be a suggested allowed time to complete a task/call. Arise allows 375 seconds or 6 minutes 25 seconds to complete a call on this account, well, it can be done, only by pure luck or the roll of the calls. In my own data analysis, a proper AHT was calculated at around 14 minutes, a slight discrepancy here. Arise also uses AHT as a reward system for picking hours, you can see the dilemma created here.
    FCR…”first call resolution” designed to track errors by CSRs. FCR really doesn’t apply to this account due to too many outside variables, but, they use it anyway. Designed to help a CSR to better their system and problem solving skills, FCR is a useful tool….not at Arise, just more punishment with no explanation.
    Arise corporate employees are excellently scripted in deception. I was once told that “80% of our CSPs meet the AHT”, well, that’s not true because they post “rankings”, and only 30% or less meet that goal of 375 seconds. The management love to help you in any way they can by referring you to somewhat useless call handling suggestions, and group chats. All the chats and spiffs aren’t gonna get you to that AHT no matter what, its all luck.
    In closing….there are many hours available to work, the system is good, and the live support can be very good (depends on whose working the chat). But, be prepared for very low morale, probably not getting the hours at the time you need them, and, probably not finishing your contract due to a very unreasonable AHT/FCR.

    Good Luck!

    1. CSgeneral

      Well…my SOW was cancelled due to not meeting the AHT and or the CA. I can say this….my “commitment adherence” was perfect, but try to tell Arise that it was. As for the AHT…..lol!, nobody can continually meet those standards. This company needs to be investigated, just for the sheer turnover. I don’t see how they make money. To clarify….I am not a disgruntled subcontractor, I am disappointed, I thought this would be a good experience…..not!

      1. Joseph Otis

        Arise is being investigated, and they are facing multiple lawsuits for classifications of employees as 1099 contractors. If you need help get in touch with me jdwotis1@gmail.com.

        1. CSgeneral

          Your e-mail is not valid.

          1. CSgeneral

            My mistake…..too many periods and commas.

  61. A.

    My IBO told me that I would get paid back in Nov. it’s been over a month and she keeps making excuses why my money isn’t in my account and keep telling me to wait. I don’t know what I am suppose to do. If someone could give me some advice it would be gladly appreciated.


    1. Indiana

      I have the same problem my IBO will not pay! I am in the process of getting my own IBO. And I have no problem telling who the IBO is I work for ,her name is Michelle Scales owner of Scales Top Performes. Basically she is promoting slave labor. Anyone that has a dishonest IBO should post who they are so others are not roped into to their evil schemes. It is people like this that make this company look bad.

  62. Anna

    I’m from the UK, Arise are over here as well and I honestly thought this was genuine, I’m on the first stage have just completed the Voice assessment. I started to get suspicious for a number of reasons, and although I don’t fully believe its a scam, I do believe its set up in such a way that clearly the majority will not profit, the company will, which is sad but i’m genuinely glad I came across these as I won’t be going any further with the ‘opportunity’.
    There are way too many bad experiences and its too big a risk and and way too much money to lose.

  63. IMSC Pam

    There are plenty of good companies looking to hire people. Legitimate companies do not need to charge a fee for people to work for them. I call BS! I am the President of the Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition and we actively try to help people who fall for these types of scams.

    This person posted in one of the Mom’s work at home groups I belong to and I looked up the company (which was Arise) she was referring people to. I found they charged $347.00 to work for them. Part of her post said there was a small start up fee. I posted that people should not have to pay to work and that $347.00 was not a small fee. She sent me these two emails through Facebook before blocking me. (Note, they are copied and pasted exactly how she wrote them.)

    Silvia Maria Ricketts
    Please learn who to read before making you stupid comments. Hiring independent contractors and we offer specials to help with the fees
    Silvia Maria Ricketts
    Just because you are not an open minded person doesn’t mean other aren’t and they have been very. If you never have tried something before and you speak negative of it, it makes you look foolish and uneducated!

    1. Francine

      Hi Pam I’m looking for a Job to work from home I was in the process to apply with Arise I speak French can you refer me any company please thanks

      1. Pamela

        Hi Francine, I mystery shop since 2000. You work as an independent contractor unless you live in Nevada, which requires a work card. Below is some free information for you. Remember, you should never pay a company to mystery shop for them, they pay you. You should never pay for a list of companies, it is free. I am always here to help and you can email me at info@imscinfo.com


  64. Sin

    I have never worked with Arise, but I did work for a very well-liked WAH company for about a year. A lot of the situations here sound like they are involving AT&T. I bet if you ask most people who had a terrible experience, that is who they serviced. I have serviced them, too. I did not find it terrible but it was definitely hard. Things – big things – change every single day and you have no warning at all. You can literally be offering the customer something, go into the offers and find that in the last 15 minutes, things have changed AGAIN and it is no longer offered at that price, etc. It’s extremely stressful and your life is that job if you are servicing AT&T. You can’t really blame Arise for that, though. It isn’t their people setting the metrics or forcing all these huddles and team meetings and all this other crap. It’s AT&T. That is another reason for the bad training; it’s pretty hard to teach people things that have changed since yesterday or even an hour ago, and could also change again at any time. The pressure from AT&T on these companies is very high and the training materials are not updated enough (how could they be??) so they do not really reflect or prepare you for all of the changes.

    I could give you tons of examples; one day we were told that selling is not a priority, the next day we are told we have a sales quota and must complete a sale on every call. One day we are offering 1gb data for a certain price, the next day we are not offering it at that price, a few days later we are not offering it at all, and then in a week we are offering it again. People call in very angry because their friend JUST GOT a certain plan that they want but we have to tell them it is not being offered anymore (for that day, at least). One day we are told not to add any International features and to transfer to Int’l Care. The next day we are told not to transfer and that we must add Int’l features, even though we were not really trained how to do so. You are told never to doubt their info base and to always follow it but you are often told information or procedures which contradict it. The reps are often accused of being stupid or badly-trained for not knowing for sure what is going on but the truth is, it changed every single day almost. Most people would have a problem keeping up to date in that situation. I generally didn’t but I thought it was really unfair that people were penalized for that.

    By the way, the WAH company I worked with did not require you to pay for your training; they paid YOU for training and they still had new classes coming in constantly the entire time I was there. Agent turnover rate is a big problem, especially for AT&T. The expectations are just too high, the training too inadequate and the pressure too much for many people. More than half my class dropped out or didn’t make it during training and many others quit or had their contracts terminated during the first month afterwards. The metrics are ridiculous and the pressure never lets up. Again, I did not work with Arise. This can be blamed squarely on AT&T.

    My advice to people is that whatever WAH company you go with, stay away from the AT&T contract unless you can keep up to date with it. It’s very high-stress, it changes every day – sometimes more than once – and most of the customers you speak to will be really angry. The multiple systems (like 5) that you have to use are very slow and tech problems are rampant. And most of all, your training will never end when you service AT&T. Never. We were paid for the team meetings and extra things but if you are not, it’s not worth it.

    1. Robert Padron

      If you plan on miss-classifying employees as contractors contact Greenberg Traurig LLP they are expensive but they can really help!

      1. Sin

        What does that even mean?

      2. Sara

        Amazon is another one….trust me stay away from Arise for I worked for em for a short three or four months and it was hell! Pretty much all their clients are hard to work for and customers are very upset and wont think twice to cuss you out even if it isn’t your fault…I enjoyed being an IBO but I would prefer working for another company who appreciates their reps.

  65. Sara

    My name is Sara…

    I just got my SOW terminated with Arise for what they say is: Contacting customers outside of business related issues…really? I had never contacted anyone like that. I did however complain a lot because Amazon was the client I worked for. I have to say customers acted like two yr olds when something doesn’t go their way. If they leave you a negative response your hours get taken and cut. They only include those customers who fill out their “Hows my driving” surveys. They don’t take into account the other 100 calls you did who didnt fill it out. So if you do a million calls and only one person fills it out because Fedex lost their package and that customer blames you for it…well there goes your hours of work.

    Their tech service never can figure out what the issues are, and if you send messages to people like Reed Marbry…well hes not gonna answer it. Also to many times my “supervisor or PF” would schedule a session for 8 in the morning on a date I didn’t work and only one of us would show up…guess who? Yep me! Working with this client and company was like trying to win the lottery…will this scratch off be a winner or a dud? Work shouldnt be like that….also they lie about the starting wage of 11.50 an hour. I guess they got so many complaints they removed it off of Arise’s home page. Even with a screen shot of it they didn’t honor it. They said thats not whats in your statement of work…really?

    Training…well it can cost clear up to close to $200! Mine was $130 and there were so many tech issues I got so far behind that I asked for my money back and they said no…luckily after this two weeks I happen to run upon a lady who helped me by giving me the correct link address which sometimes works and sometimes don’t…one day it will start with http then the next it will start with https://

    I guess the end was the icing off the cake for me…they took four days to inform me they terminated my contract…yep FOUR LONG DAYS!!! They left me on with tech trying to figure out why I couldn’t access the client portal when all along instead of being honest saying hey we terminated you they just drug me along like a fool! So your not gonna find professionalism here by no means. They got upset because I spoke out…I was there to work and not to soothe adults who want to act like their two! If you can’t do something like price match a sellers item you get a negative and they will say well they wont give a negative if you watch how you tell them no…for real? So your danged if you do or danged if you don’t….

    1. IBO

      Seems like Arise Virtual Solutions , Inc. Misclassified You as an Independent Contractor? The First CSP Who went to Arbitration Won Her Case and Has Received More than $11,000 for the Wage Violation that Arise Committed. Read or listen to This Article and Claim Your Rights at llrlaw.com !


  66. Raquel

    I passed the exam and paid the total of $17.95 for the background test and the course. I haven’t found a company I want to work for yet and I selected my client opportunity. This lady from LATEAM, LLC seems nice. She post the different companies that I can select to make money from. With everything that everyone here is saying I’m afraid to continue with Arise.

    1. IBO

      Don’t get sucked into this scam. Read or listen to This Article and Claim Your Rights at llrlaw.com !


  67. Andrea

    I partnered with Arise. I trained for two months, thought I knew the systems and was ready to go. NOPE. Oh was I wrong. There is supposed to be a script that pops up for the client I chose. I went three four calls, script never pops up. It is also supposed to tell you whether its an insurance call or OEM. Nope. Never did that either. You are also supposed to know if its customer or a Service Provider caling in. Nope. Their systems didn’t tell me that either. To top it all off, it takes PF Chats forever to answer your question when you need help, and you never know when a customer is on the line. And even if your phone line is working great and your volume is up high, if your customer cant hear you, then you still get the blame. Kind of bullshitty if you ask me.

    Blame the CSP for things that he/she cant control. It isn’t right. So needless to say, I don’t work for that client. If you love high stress, frustration, systems constantly freezing and breaking down, getting blame for things you cant control, rarely ever getting help when you need it, then I encourage you to join Arise.

    I myself would rather drive in traffic every morning for two hours than deal with all of their technical, and computer problems, not to mention the constant lack of help.

  68. NewandConfused

    i have worked less than a month and I am regretting the time and expense that I have invested in Arise. Yes, I did my research and thought my client had a good reputation with Arise. I easily passed and started working. I was happy to see plenty of hours available. First problem, the class did not prepare us for our actual job. I hate the amount of stress I feel because I was taught X when the actual calls are Y.

    Second problem, my check. I signed on for this position because of the average hourly pay. The reality is something totally different. I have talked with some of my fellow classmates and we are all disappointed in the bait and switch income.

    Third, pressure of my superiors. The constant emails pushing calls to be shorter, surveys better, etc borders on harassment. I am new…I am actually learning my job on the job.

    There was a big push to post hours. Yet when I made arrangements to help and work late I show up and I am told to get off the system because they have no calls. I thought our business relationship was contractor/client. Employers can tell employees to go home early, but how come I contract to work and I am told there is no work? I guess just another way that this “opportunity” is really a job with Arise.

    Sorry, Arise, you can’t have it both ways.

  69. Sherri

    So I worked for Arise for 3 years, and it has not been a bad experience, not enough hours though. Every once in a while my money just did not seem right. I was working under an Independant Business Owner, and as such you do not have access to your invoices. When something did not seem right I would tell my IBO (Divine, Story & Edwards), I would tell them and they would “put a ticket in” and nothing ever came of it. So I decided to become my own IBO, as such I had complete acess to my invoices. Not only did my IBO take a full pay period from me to the tune of $679, but I picked up an additional client and they stole the majority of the monies received from that client to the tune of over $800 dollars. To add insult to injury, they also stole much more from the very beginning, much more than the 10% that they were suppose to take. To rub salt in that wound, Arise refused to remove them from their trusted IBO list. So much for integrity, thanks Arise were done.

  70. gina

    You are helping so many people to not get scammed and saving us a huge headache! Thank you so much for the information!

    1. Kimberlee

      I’m so glad that I read this blog! I have been working part time with a company who has a great compensation plan. I wanted to find a way to work from home until I built my business up with the other company. I passed the voice assessment and background check. I felt like this was what I needed until I got to the part where I had to pay $99 before I ever made a dime. I could see paying for a product but if I left the company or was simply not selected I would not be able to do anything with the training I paid $99 for.
      Thank you but I think I will just continue to work to build my business with a company who has an amazing reputation.

  71. lorri

    Has anyone else worked for the AT&T contract that just ended and not received any pay?

    1. Ashley

      Hello Lori,
      We are also missing out last payment after AT&T was cancelled. We never even received a invoice for June 8th, 2015. Have you since been paid? We opened a ticket and they closed it stating as “resolved” and still no pay.

  72. Ashley

    Lorri we are missing our last check of close to 5 grand!!!!

  73. Ashley

    Please email me Lorri at moliver2759@gmAil.com I have been trying to find out just how many others have not been paid their last check after they ended ATT

  74. Teresa

    I was recently contacted by a Nicholas Frierson with Judah Enterprise LLC that says they get jobs through Arise. After reading all the reviews and complaints, etc. I am wondering if this is just a new way to sucker people!?!?!?

  75. Monica

    I work for Arise now and I am beyond pissed. I started training in September for a class and at the end they tell you that you need 80 hours too certify AFTER u take the 2nd part of training. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Then they extended it another week. They lie all the time after they sucker you in. The pay sucks and they make you take classes while your working and don’t pay you for them and if you don’t go they will suspend you from being able to work. This is called blackmail!! The systems never worked in training which is ridiculous and now the bills in the system don’t work to even assist the customers. It’s always something with Arise.

    1. LYNDA

      Thanks Monica. I’m glad I didn’t “Join”!

  76. Cindy

    I wish I saw this before. Dont waist your money or time with this company. I did 2 certifications both were horrible. I passed one failed the other class ( me and like 70% of my class).
    Nesting is the way you can make your money back before you get kicked out for so many excuses.
    Arise only wants to make money from training people. Your contract is only for 1 or 2 months and most likely you wont get it renewed. Believe me I did 3 different programs all the same story, no hours, very unorganized, low metrics and the few dollars you make you will spend it paying arise and your IBO.
    They are many private groups in facebook with people who work for this company and they all complain about the same issue. If you already invested time and energy work a few hours get your money back and get out.

    PLEASE dont join at least this company.

    1. Monica

      I’m trying to just make it to the end of August then my kids are in school and I will work for a real company making better money. Just biding my time til my kids are in school full day come september.

      1. jen

        is there any other companies that is better that arise

  77. Mary

    Thank God I did my research, after reading this site and all the comments as well as other sites I will not be signing up with Arise. Hopefully more lawsuits will put Arise out of business.

    1. LYNDA

      Thanks Mary. I was put off because of the fees for training. So I didn’t sign up. Another called Medical something from Wyoming also has wok at home which I don’t trust. Lynda

      1. Marie

        You can go work for Apple directly doing customer/tech support from home. They pay up to $25 an hour – Arise was keeping half that pay with their pay out. Apple gives commissions too, Arise kept those bonuses as I learned later on…

  78. Marie

    I had a horrible experience with Arise and their T-Mobile program. They treated everyone like garbage. Nasty rude or just plain ignore us. I also had constant issues with their servers, network and each time I had to reach Tech Support it took over 5 hours to get anywhere, if I got anywhere – many times they washed it off saying it was my computer/network and equipment… All my equipment is brand new, purchased for the program and only used with Arise – so, yeah, ok… The Avaya system they use is horrible… all the issues you can think of happen on a daily basis. Bottom line, Arise gladly takes your money, and does not let you certify. They put us through last minute boot camps and constant last minute training to then let us all go… Great SCAM they have going on. I know several IBO’s that were big time once upon a time and lost all their CSP’s over night so to speak. I think they are going down fast and are doing whatever they can do get more people to fall for their scam. Its about time someone does something about it.

  79. Rsalie Feinen

    I was so excited to start training but wasn’t sure who to go with. Now, after reading this blog my excitement has fizzed away. So much confusion and I deep down thought it was a scam. My husband just wants me to ignore all of this and continue. I was apprehensive of the paying for training. I always got paid to train with other companies. I’m retired and anxious to work so I figured this sounded good. Actually, my daughter told me about Arise that she heard from a friend. She told me it was a real job and not a scam.
    Now as I am proofreading this, I think I am not going to commit. I’ve only paid for a background check. I did take the CSP test but was not charged anything. I guess if it sounds too good to be true…it’s not!

  80. cochel01

    I am looking to apply for a job for at home work….I am a little skeptical from reading the comments posted.I will continue to research to locate the best fit for me…any other suggestions?

  81. cochel01

    I have been reading the comments posted regarding arise/t mobile work at home agents…I am a little skeptical about joining the program now. I will continue to research to find the best fit for me. Can anyone suggest any other at home work jobs to consider?

  82. Watrice

    I feel really bad about all of the people that “work” for Arise, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone would pay for a job!! That’s one of the first things I learned NOT to do when I became eligible to work as a teenager. I mean I could see paying $300 for a legit opportunity to make a six figure income, but for $10 an hour?! That’s crazy! I really cannot wrap my head around this whole concept. First of all how much of a sociopath does one have to be to even have the balls to come up with something like this? Secondly, what was the sales pitch used to convince a room full of people that this was the golden ticket to actually supporting themselves and their families? Crap, teach me!

  83. Burned

    I signed up for Arise and did the Certification Course for Road America. There were 300 in the group in which I participated and they have run classes (I would guess of comparable sizes) since. That means there is a huge turnover in personnel. I found Arise/Road America to not be run efficiently and/or professionally. They are not geared to customer service and focus on unrealistic metrics. The Average Handle Time expected cannot be met if one follows the required procedures set by Arise. In fact, it seems like they set unrealistic metrics as a means to create the need to keep running classes of new recruits. Essentially, the required procedures set up the CSP (Customer Service Professional) for failure! The Quality Assurance Professional Facilitators are overbearing and only seek to find fault. The company seeks to keep CSP’s on a short leash, trying to get hours. They have a great deal of technical problems and when they do, the CSP does not get paid for the time they spend trying to login. When you add up all the things Arise expects an Independent(?) Agent to do, you will be working for less that minimum wage!

  84. Ready to Sue Arise

    So I just spent weeks in the Carnival course from Arise. I passed all of the exams and mock calls, etc. And just because one of the coaches didn’t approve me..I can’t work! I am about to take them to small claims court because of all of the hours of “training” I just went through. They are scamming people because you are actually employees. You are not independent contractors even if you are your own IBO. The Arise client and Arise still tells you WHAT to do and HOW to do it and they give you MANDATORY coaching sessions and training that you can’t miss. This is still an employee. So what if you can select your HOURS if they have any. It’s not an independent contractor because they have too much handle on what you can or cannot do.

    1. Sunshine Lollipops

      Most contractors don’t pick and choose hours either–they are assigned to a project or program and work the hours it requires to get the workload, product or deliverable completed. What you are experiencing is the result of Arise losing a very, very big, longtime client (allegedly taking its business in a different approach) primarily due to poor servicing from the slate of vendors this client had taken on with its poor tools and training of its entire customer-facing workforce. As the client and Arise ramped up to throw customer reps at the call center side and the client threw reps at the sales side a great conflict in goals occurred where sales reps were empowered to say anything to make a sale, or call reps would say anything to shorten a call to improve metrics. A classic case of too much focus on metrics and not enough on quality of servicing the customer. So, the fallout is that everyone approaching Arise now has to pass a battery of tests and coach approvals prior to getting to live calls for support or sales. The core of Arise incumbents is struggling to maintain their livelihood from drive-by participants focused on a short-term cash-flow solution instead of a long-term livelihood.

  85. Lizzie

    Here is a warning for those who do the Arise direct s