Happy Holidays from Obamacare!

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I received a nice holiday letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield this week telling me what is in store for me next year.  And it didn’t have any Fucking Reindeer on it or a nice Gift Check enclosed.  In fact, they want me to pay for their Holiday Bonuses.

I have “catastrophic” health insurance which means I don’t get a Penny in benefits unless I have a stroke or some shit.   This has worked out pretty well for Blue Cross Blue Shield since in the last 5 years I’ve paid them about $6,000 and gotten Zero money or benefits from them.

$6000 in = Zilch out

Since I’m a pretty healthy young woman, I figure the deal has worked for me, and I can’t feel that bad about not being catastrophically sick over last five years.  (I feel a little bad about the car I could have bought that instead went to the insurance company’s record profits, but what can you do?)

But now Barack Hussein Obama is playing Santa Claus with my money, so Blue Cross is going to jack-up my premium by 10%.  Now it’ll cost me Fucking 10% More for the privilege of carrying their Damned card that I haven’t used even Once in 5 years.

I don’t want some lazy welfare person to die in the streets because they can’t afford to get treatment for sickle cell, but you can be Fucking Damned Sure that if Obama is going to jack up my healthcare bill by 10% a month, I don’t feel warm and fuzzy about giving people free Obamaphones, welfare for their entire life and extra money to spend on liquor using their government-debit-cards.

Obama if you want to be Santa Claus, cut government spending and do it.  Don’t make me pay for it so you can win elections.  Happy-Fucking-Black-Friday Mr. President, I’m working today, I heard you’re playing Golf.


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    • Drazet on December 2, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy the tax credits you get that you didn’t before – before you paid 6k, got zero back, now you get tax credits… think about it…

  1. That’s not necessarily Obama doing it, it’s Blue Cross being greedy assholes. I pay for insurance through my workplace and for this coming year, the benefits actually got better, which is…odd.

  2. Thank you for the responses Drazet and Synfidie.

    I don’t see my taxes going down anytime soon. And I do think there’s enough space to blame Obama and Blue Cross!

    • John Turner on March 3, 2016 at 11:00 am

    Obamacare…….sickle cell……BLACK Friday……..I LOVE IT!!!!!! Smiling inside, feeling warm……someone “gets it”…………..subtle nuances…….not lost……..you are GENIUS!!

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