How do I get this job???

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Whip me, spank me, beat me!  I know I haven’t written in about a week.  I will do better, I promise!

You almost weren’t going to get anything this week, but I was out running and thought of you!

The sidewalks in my neighborhood SUCK and a couple of days ago I saw this:

Now clearly the sidewalk is Fucked all to Hell and should have been replaced about 5 years ago before plants and grass started growing in the middle of it.  I’m not Rocket Scientist, but I’m guessing the spray painted markings mean that some “expert” from the city has noticed the sidewalk and identified that it needs to be fixed.

(By the way, please don’t Stalk me now that you have a picture of my neighborhood.)

Let’s take a closer look:

Clearly the white X indicates that a complete block of sidewalk needs to be replaced, perhaps so you can distinguish that from the cases where they come by and just replace half a sidewalk tile.  (What do you mean they never replace half a sidewalk tile?)  Then there is an orange line there on the piece that’s sticking up which maybe means “Whoa!  Damn” and then there’s an orange circle which is probably where the guy marking the sidewalk peed.

Now these markings brought up a lot of questions for me.

First of all, how do you get the gig where your job is to walk around and paint an X on sidewalks that need to be replaced?  What’s that pay and where do I apply?

But the more serious question that comes to mind is, “is that seriously necessary?”  Is the Fucking work crew so damned Retarded that they can’t see the sidewalk is smashed and that there is grass and plants growing in the middle of it?”  They need an X and orange lines for that?  Couldn’t the spray paint guy just tell them where the sidewalk is Fucked and when the crew comes out they’ll see it?  Are you telling me if Mister-X-Guy put an X on a good piece of sidewalk the crew would replace it anyway?

Too many questions, too little time.

I Killed Her Whole Family!

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I know I didn’t fool you with that whacked title.  You know I mean some vermin.

But let me tell you what happened, because I really do feel like Shit now.

There were some Wasps that had set up home in my Fucking Window and were building what could only be described as the next Wasp New York City.  They were really going to town.

I always say “live and let live” unless you Piss me off.  Or you’re a Bug that’s going to sting me.

Now I don’t know how I can be so freakin’ fabulous but still not have anyone I can count on to take care of these things for me, so I opened the window and vacuumed away the wasps and the nests and everything, but Mrs. Momma Wasp saw me coming and flew away.  She came back a couple of times, but I couldn’t get her.

So I started feeling really guilty about how I’d wiped out her whole family and hive-city, and I started wondering what this little wasp must be thinking.  But my pondering only lasted about 15 minutes, because I am easily distracted.

Well wouldn’t you know it, the next afternoon I open the door and Mama Wasp flies into the house!

WTF?  Her nest wasn’t even near the door, it was in another room, on the outside of the window.  But I guess she figured things out and came to see if her family was inside the house.  Or she came to Kill me.  One of those anyway.

So I vacuumed her up too, and now they are all together again.

(Hey after I led with that Dumb title were you expecting a Dean Koontz novel?)


I tore open an old wound with a crush from the past.

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You can’t go home again.  Or you shouldn’t anyway, metaphorically speaking of course.  (You’d be screwed if every time you left home, you couldn’t go back!)

Perhaps I shouldn’t call this a “wound” but I’m Melodramatic Bitch like that.  An old high school crush found me on Facebook (dontcha love it?) and brought back some memories.

He and I met at school and were best friends, but it never led to anything romantic.  I had the same boyfriend mostly through high school and my friend always seemed to be with one girl or another.

But probably more than any of the boyfriends I had before or since, I think my friend understood me best, and we connected on a very special level.  There were a few times when things almost led to more, but because of our commitments to other people, they didn’t.

He joined the Air Force after high school and moved away, and we had been out-of-touch since then.

Anyway, he’s married now and they’re expecting their first child, in 2 months.  It’ll be a girl.  Makes you wonder why he chose now to reconnect now.  We live across the country from each other now, so I doubt I will see him in person again.

But the whole thing makes me wonder, “what if” and I wonder how life would have been different if we had made different choices.

Don’t worry, I should be out of my funk by the next update! 😉

It’s the beginning of the weekend, have a Great One! is now on Alltop! Yay!!!

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I have had a super busy last few days, so I have not been able to write.

But I wanted to do a quick shout-out to who added to the lifestyles section today at


Welcome to anyone coming from to see what I have to say. I have got to figure out what to do about an Alltop badge and add that here.

I also want to thank everyone who has left comments. I am still sorting my way through what appears to be 90% Spambot comments (UGGGGGGG!) but it’s worth it for the other 10%. So I will get those comments approved and up soon, and reply to those that need replies. (I probably need to figure out a good plug-in to baffle the Spambots, I just don’t want to discourage any Human comments since I love you all so very much.)


What’s with the guys in jeeps?

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I have to put some effort into keeping my girlish figure, so you’ll find me out running on most days when it’s not raining.  So I have to throw out the question in the title, “What’s with the guys in Jeeps?”

When I’ve got a sweat worked up, a nod or a wave with that “I’m workin’ it too look”  from someone else running or on a bicycle gives us both some encouragement to keep it going.  But if you’re in a Jeep, WTF is up with that?  It creeps me out.  Plus (please don’t think I’m a Bitch), you don’t get to give that look unless you’re putting in some physical effort too.

Don’t Wave Soldier!

It’s like guys in Jeeps (sorry men, woman just don’t do it) think that because they’re in a freakin’ Jeep that counts like they were running or cycling?  Sorry Dude, you don’t get to participate in the sporty exhange unless you park the Jeep and get your lazy-Jeep-ass out of the vehicle and closer to the pavement.

You don’t see people in cars doing that shit, so what do the Jeepers think is the difference between them and someone in a car, truck or van?

Now I know the Jeepers wave to each other, the way that the guys who own Porsches are in that Porsche-Wave-Club, but I am totally fine with that because it doesn’t involve me.  Carry on with that if it floats your boat.

Alright, you’ve been warned now!  If you see me, get out of your Jeep, then wave to me.  Or catch me when you’re cycling. 😉

Craigslist Flag My Ass!

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Seriously Craigslist, WTF?  Why the rejection?

My friend is moving and I have been trying to help her sell some stuff.  We know this is an old school television, but she is only asking $50.

Sony KP 43T70 – 43″ Rear Projection TV with a Stand
TV is in perfect working order and looks great!

Diagonal size 43 inches.
  • Dual color filter system
  • 3-line digital comb filter
  • 2-tuner picture-in-picture (PIP)
  • 30 watts audio power, 2 speakers
  • 2 rear, 1 front S-video input, regular A/V inputs and component inputs
  • Channel Label, On Screen Menu, Multi-Language Menu, Sleep Timer, Closed Caption, Parental Lock, V-Chip
Beat me, Whip me, Flag Me!

So does someone not like old rear projection TVs?  Are they selling one too and don’t want the competition?  Is there a Craigslist Terms Of Use violation that I’m missing?  Maybe Mister Craig List doesn’t like TVs?

He has sent me this love note 3 times now:

This posting has been flagged for removal.

Please be sure to comply with posted guidelines and the CL TOU:

Information on flagging and community moderation is available:

Advice from CL users about flagging can be found in flag help forum:

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your understanding.


No Craigslist, the only thing I understand is that there are some crazies who have nothing better to do than flag anything that anyone posts.  And your system lets them do it and does not seem to penalize them for the abuse.

You know that TV really doesn’t look that bad, maybe I’ll give her $50 and stick it in my spare bedroom!