Someone Please call the Authorities on this Abusive Mother!

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I am not a Mother (Yet) and I found someone who shouldn’t be a Mother (Ever)!

Take a look at this anal-retentive, overbearing tool that slows you to be a lazy, controlling parent who doesn’t trust her kids, and who wants to dominate every aspect of their lives.  I introduce you to mamabearapp or as I like to think of it, psychobearapp.

Crazy Shit!

The Mamabear App which is in BETA right now, uses a kid’s cellphone to track their every moment, including the child’s location at all times, every social media post, if they’re speeding, when they have been tagged in a photograph, if they’ve used a “prohibited word,” when they are tardy for a class at school, and more silly things that I don’t have time to list.  And I’m sure the crazy woman will dream up more ideas soon.

I don’t want to go on and on about this, but I have to say that I hope she falls on her face and that it discourages other people from this heavy handed abusive parenting.

I think it’s a great idea to track your kids (and boyfriend, husband and pets) to some extent, but this application goes way overboard and is indicative of severe mental illness and psychotic domination.

If I were a kid whose Mother tried this on me, I’d leave my cell phone turned off, at home, and then head to the nearest social services office and report her.  Let her Fucking App deal with that!

Because we’re dealing with a psycho woman, I thought I’d add this paragraph.  My website is all about my opinions, and that should be clear.  And a review of a product is protected as free speech under the Constitution.  But this is a good time to reiterate that what I say here is my opinion and not fact.   My commentary on this nutso’s ability to be a parent and her whacked out App are my personal opinion (though I’m 100% right)!

Happy Holidays from Obamacare!

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I received a nice holiday letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield this week telling me what is in store for me next year.  And it didn’t have any Fucking Reindeer on it or a nice Gift Check enclosed.  In fact, they want me to pay for their Holiday Bonuses.

I have “catastrophic” health insurance which means I don’t get a Penny in benefits unless I have a stroke or some shit.   This has worked out pretty well for Blue Cross Blue Shield since in the last 5 years I’ve paid them about $6,000 and gotten Zero money or benefits from them.

$6000 in = Zilch out

Since I’m a pretty healthy young woman, I figure the deal has worked for me, and I can’t feel that bad about not being catastrophically sick over last five years.  (I feel a little bad about the car I could have bought that instead went to the insurance company’s record profits, but what can you do?)

But now Barack Hussein Obama is playing Santa Claus with my money, so Blue Cross is going to jack-up my premium by 10%.  Now it’ll cost me Fucking 10% More for the privilege of carrying their Damned card that I haven’t used even Once in 5 years.

I don’t want some lazy welfare person to die in the streets because they can’t afford to get treatment for sickle cell, but you can be Fucking Damned Sure that if Obama is going to jack up my healthcare bill by 10% a month, I don’t feel warm and fuzzy about giving people free Obamaphones, welfare for their entire life and extra money to spend on liquor using their government-debit-cards.

Obama if you want to be Santa Claus, cut government spending and do it.  Don’t make me pay for it so you can win elections.  Happy-Fucking-Black-Friday Mr. President, I’m working today, I heard you’re playing Golf.

Paypal plans to SCAM to you this holiday season!

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If you’re an Ebay/Paypal user you know that they’re always looking for new ways to cheat and gouge you.  Some of these border on the criminal, others are more subtle.  This week I stumbled into a Paypal change that they’re hoping people won’t notice.

A lot of people like to use Paypal with a credit card because 1) they might not have the cash on hand or 2) they get rewards for using a card.

But Paypal hates it when you pay with a credit card, it costs them a small transaction fee and cuts into their bottom line.  It’s not enough that they make BILLIONS on money transfer, they’ve always got to squeeze just a little bit more out of the little guy.

If you’ve used the service, you’ll notice that it’s extraordinarily difficult to use a credit card.  You can select credit card as your preference, but Paypal changes it back to debit from your bank account in order to Fuck You Over.  I’ve had times when I’ve changed it and they’d display a confirm button with tiny writing underneath that said, “Change this back to withdraw from your bank account and confirm transaction.”  Yeah Paypal, I just changed it to use my credit card, but was hoping you’d go ahead and take the money from my Bank Account instead.

Look at what they’ve done now.

When you go to pay someone they automatically choose to drain your bank account, with no option to change it, and then highlight a big “Send Money” button.  There is no way to change the transaction before the button!

It is only underneath all that Crap that you then see a small link that allows you to change the funding option.

I was DONE sending money before I even realized what had happened, since they removed the screen that allowed you to change.  GONE were my 5% reward points that Discover was going to give me, and instead I got ZERO from Paypal.

Well FUCK PAYPAL, I contacted the recipient, got a refund and sent it again. If they trick you too, you should do the same!

But then, Paypal held my refund money for a week before depositing it INTO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT instead of putting it back in my bank account, where they’d fraudulently taken it.

Many people won’t even know what hit them, and for the rest, it’s going to take them a week to get their money away from Paypal.  Longer, if the person who received the money doesn’t cooperate with the refund so that they can be paid the way you want to pay them.

Thanks so much for your wonderful Lump of Coal this holiday season, Paypal.  I’m sure Meg Whitman would be proud of you.

Where can I sign up for the Class Action Lawsuit?

Lance Armstrong and Second Place

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I had meant to get to this sooner, but with all of the recent news events, it moved to the back of my head.  But I want to address it now.

The USADA released a 1,000-page report which details the case against Lance Armstrong that shows what it calls “conclusive and undeniable proof that brings to the light of day for the first time this systemic, sustained and highly professionalized team-run doping conspiracy.”

So Lance Armstrong is a Doper, a Fraud and a Cheat.  And he’s being stripped of all of the first place awards and all of promotional contracts.

He stole over $5 million in prize winnings alone, plus the money he made from contracts (which is much more).  Even though he may be required to give back the winnings, the bulk of his money was made from contracts and he’ll keep that.  Crime pays..

But here’s my big beef.  He stole the Tour de France first place from seven people who would have won if he hadn’t cheated.  They won, he didn’t.  .When I thought about doing this article, I thought I would list their names, BUT AFTER LOOKING, I COULDN’T EVEN FIND THEM!  Second place isn’t even important enough to note.

Those seven people are entitled to first place awards, first place money and first place contracts — or at least the money they would have earned.  And that money needs to come out of Lance Armstrong’s hide..

Tour de France Race director Christian Prudhomme wants the money for his pockets, “We hope that there is no winner in these editions,” he said. “A formal decision must be taken by the UCI but for us, very clearly, there must be a blank record.”  Nice Prudhomme, the second place winners had the prize money stolen from them once, you want to take it from Armstrong and steal it from them AGAIN?  You should be Fucking “stripped” too.

At $700k for each Tour de France he stole, we’re talking.about FIVE MILLION DOLLARS + interest, that Armstrong should have to pay to the 2nd place winners instead of this money going to Christian Prudhomme’s next summer house.

But from the look of it, these 7 First Place winners aren’t going to get Shit beyond their original 2nd place awards.  They won and they’re treated like losers.

And that sucks a lot.

Price Gouging after Sandy is Essential and NJ Officials are Idiots!

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It really pisses me off every time there is a disaster officials “crack down” on price gouging.  They’re such Stupid Fucking Idiots.

Look at this:

Let me break it down for you NJ Officials:  People are Greedy and 100% interested in helping themselves.  If there is a disaster and supplies are in short supply, the first people in line take as much as they can hold and then come back and take more.  If they are able to get away with it, they’ll take everything they can and leave nothing for the 2nd person in line.  Even if they don’t need it, they’ll take enough water to fill their swimming pool and leave everyone else with nothing.

When supplies are limited and the people who have them price gouge, the supplies last longer and more people are able to get some relief.

I get it, in a disaster, you’d like to fill up your tank for the market rate of $4 a gallon.  And that’s just what “NJ Officials” would do, even if they could get by with 1/4th of a tank.

But if the price is jacked up to $8 a gallon, many people will get just what they need, and then there will be gas left for the the next person.  And instead of  just 1 person filling their tank, 4 people can get 1/4th of a tank.   So the real question is: Do you want NO gas at all — ZERO GAS — or do you want 1/4th of a tank for double (or even triple) the regular price?  I betcha 100% of the people would choose the latter.

Works the same with everything else.  If you need a hotel room for your entire family and you’d normally get 2 rooms, would you rather not have a room at all, or pay triple for one room?  Again, the answer is clear.

In a disaster, you want people from neighboring states to load up their inventory and bring it over.  There’s significant risk, disruption and cost for doing this, but if they can make a profit, it’s worth it.  If you’re in NJ right now, would you rather buy a generator and get some water for triple the price from a guy who drove up from South Carolina, or would you rather have nothing?

If these disconnected, worthless politicians get their way, the guy driving in from SC will be fined, imprisoned and the next disaster NJ has, the people can do without water and generators.  Because I assure you, the local Sears is not going to have a half price sale on generators and water, if they’re even open.  Chances are the “victims” have looted anything local anyway.

But in all fairness to the spineless assess in the NJ Attorney General’s office, every state always has hissy fits about this during disasters.  I guess if your job doesn’t actually help anyone, you have to do something to feel needed.

Worthless politicians looking for a photo-op at the expense of the people really suffering.  There’s your Fucking Gouging.

Time Warner Cable Hikes the Price Even if You Have a 12 Month “Guarantee!”

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Think your cable bill is high now, but at least you’re “locked in” for a price for 12 months?  Think again!

Time Warner Cable has found a way around honoring their commitment to your current price by charging for equipment that was previously included in your monthly bill.

I received the following postcard today from my friends at Time Warner Cable:

Calling customer-no-service located in India, I reached Patel who advised me that, “thisisnotpriceincrease.”  It does mean that I am expected to pay another $48 a year more, but he assured me that I simply don’t understand.

If I want, I can buy a $200 modem and then I don’t have to pay the $48 a year, but that modem will be obsolete in a year + it locks me into having to Fuck with Time Warner Cable.  And that modem won’t do me a bit of good when I switch to another provider.  Nice choice, thanks for mentioning it, Patel.

Screw You Time Warner Cable.  I will be using your service just long enough to find another provider.