Guy Shoots Jerk, Cops Shoot 10 People, and Guy is Now “Empire State Building Shooter???”

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To be fair, maybe Steven Ercolino, the man shot today near the Empire State Building in NY wasn’t a Jerk.  However, the “dispute” he had with his shooter, Jeffrey Johnson, cost Johnson his job.  And Johnson had filed a legal suit against him for being a Jerk.

But whatever his ex-boss did to Ercolino, it was bad enough to stick with him for a year and still leave him angry enough to need revenge.

If Ercolino was like any boss I’ve Ever had, he wasn’t an innocent victim.  Generally speaking, the Nastiest, Bossiest people become Bosses.  And if they weren’t nasty and bossy before, they get that way quickly.

For Johnson to stew on this for a year, and then take drastic action, unlike anything he’d ever done before in his life, you can bet he got some bad treatment.  Every day Bosses make people’s lives miserable and Every day Bosses take people’s jobs and ruin their lives.  Most of the time they get away with it.  It’s nice to see that sometimes they don’t.

I will revisit the topic of Bosses and their treatment of subordinates.  But there’s something else about today’s shooting that needs to be set straight.

Jeffrey Johnson shot one person, and the two cops who killed Johnson shot ten people.

That’s right, the cops killed Johnson and then wounded 9 other people.  None of those bullets wounding bystanders were from Johnson’s gun.  In fact, none of Johnson’s bullets were anywhere except inside Ercolino.

The greatest tragedy here, is that the NYC Cops aren’t trained worth a Fuck, and that they hit 9 bystanders while shooting off 16 bullets, killing a man who didn’t fire a single shot at them.

The “Drought” is Bullshit!

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I am getting tired of hearing about how there is a “Terrible Drought” in every state in the US. just like I’ve heard over and over again for the last 15 years.   “Crops are a dyin’, farm animals are a dyin’ prices are gonna rise.  Drought Drought Drought!”


Then it’ll rain and rain and rain, and sometimes it even floods.  Now when it floods, the Crooked Officials don’t dare say, “but we’re still in a Drought!”  But any rain short of a flood that’s sure as Hell what you hear.


“Despite the rains, we’re still in a Drought.”  And then a few weeks later once the flood waters have subsided, that area is back in a Drought.

We don’t keep having fucking Droughts.  What we have is a mismanagement of growth and resources.  The reservoirs aren’t deep enough, there aren’t enough of them, there isn’t good irrigation, water routing, and reclamation.  The whole water system Sucks.

That’s why are there so many “Droughts” these past 15 years.   The Government has mismanaged tax money that should have been spent accommodating population growth and expansion.  More people need more water.  DUH!

Take Israel as an example.  Of course the Arabs want it now because it’s a fertile oasis in the middle of the desert.  It wasn’t when the Israelis got it 60 years ago.  In 1948 it looked like American farmland during the current “Drought.”  But through good development planning they have enough water.

So while we’re in the final countdown to the 2012 Presidential election is anyone going to ask the candidates why we keep having Droughts, but a Country in the middle of the desert is doing fine?

What the Nook?

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Crazy, outstanding, wacky?  Fucked up?  A sign of the times?  I don’t know what to make of this Shit.

And to be fair,. I’m sure the phenomenon I’m about to tell you about isn’t limited to Barnes and Noble.

I don’t read, never learned how.  But the other day somehow I found myself on the Barnes and Noble website looking at bargain books for $1.99.  There were even some hardcover books as low as $2.99.  You can check this out for yourself at B&N.  They’ve even got the domain so it’s easy to get there.  Once there they have a Bargain Corner or some shit like that.  Plus they have some kind of program where you get free shipping on books too.

So they’ve got some good deals for $1.99 books and if you get-with-the-program, free shipping too.  Nothing to get worked up about or to write an article about, right?

Well maybe there is.  Check out this screen capture of my visit!

NOOK Crazy Shit!


So if you’re seeing what I’m seeing, you can get a paperback of “Wedding Cake” for $1.99.  But  if you’d like an electronic download for your NOOK, it’s FUCKING $9.99!  Rinse and Repeat for all these damned books.  Dozens and dozens of books where they’ll ship you the damned book, for 1/5th of the price of an electronic download?

I have to say WHAT THE FUCK?  Are you shitting me?   People are really paying 5 times as much for a download of these books?

I’m not old enough to remember this (of course) but when automatic teller machines first came out, you had to PAY to use them.  At some banks it was as much as 75 cents to use a damned ATM.  Banks figured people would pay for the convenience of being able to bank all day and night and not wait on lines (except there were lines at the atm!)

After awhile the banks figured out that it was cheaper for them to put in an ATM instead of paying a teller, and now they charge you more if you go inside the bank.

I wonder when Barnes and Noble is going to figure out that it costs them a FUCKLOAD more to print, warehouse and ship books to people than it does to let them download a copy?

Deputy shoots himself in the head while on patrol? WTF???

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WTF?  WTF?  WTF?  Seriously. WTF?

I ran across an article about a week ago that details the “suicide” of  Edward Dillon III a 27 year old Sheriff’s Deputy in Middlesex County, Boston.  The article made no sense, so I wanted to see what unfolded before I commented on it.

Now that some time has passed, and I’ve read some other articles, I can officially say WHAT THE FUCK!!!???

I will link to a couple of news articles at the end of this Blog so that you can read about it yourself, but I will summarize what I’ve seen repeated in at least half a dozen places.  (This isn’t just sloppy reporting by 1 or 2 journalists.)

According to the official reports, Deputy Dillon was on patrol was working the midnight to 8 am shift at the Middlesex House of Correction.  He was driving the perimeter and purposely shot himself in the head, committing suicide.

Now if that’s not enough to make you shout BULLSHIT, get this: The incident was Wednesday, July 25th and by July 27th, LESS THAN TWO FUCKING DAYS LATER police officials announced it was a suicide.

Are you shitting me???

Officials are claiming that this cop supposedly shot himself while he was on patrol driving and the investigation only took a day and a half?  A Fucking day and a half later it’s OK for them to announce that they’ve finished the investigation?  It takes more than a day and a half to investigate a purse snatching!

This was a hugely suspicious death that immediately should make people wonder.  But declaring it a suicide a day and a half later takes away absolutely any shadow of a doubt that this man was murdered.  And the first place I’d look are the police who immediately declared it a suicide.

Rest in Peace Deputy Dillon.

Bullshit Story Link # 1

Bullshit Story Link # 2

Groupon PoopOn II

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Who doesn’t want $60 for $30?  That’s free money.  It’s better than going out on a date, because this way I don’t have to put out.  But damned if any of the Groupons I did turned out like that.

Hey, that sounds like my Groupon PoopOn post from June 1st!  And if you want to read some of my personal experiences with Groupon, check out that link.

Screw me over 4 times and we’re done with that Shit!  (I know I’m slow, I can’t believe it took 4 times!)

But the reason I wanted to revisit Groupon this fine Friday, is I was just reading about some of the Business Perspectives that small owners have shared about their Groupon experiences.  You can do some Googling yourself, for specifics, but there are a bunch of  reoccurring themes.

  1. The business offering the Groupon generally gets slammed, sometimes well beyond their capacity to handle business.  Meaning that either they have to incur additional expenses (like temporary help) or not fill orders the same way they did before.
  2. The business owner gets only half the Groupon money; so on a $20 groupon they get only $10.
  3. The people who use Groupons to go to a business they’ve never been to before, generally aren’t people who come back again, E-V-E-R!  They wanted a deal and don’t want to pay full price, so next week they’re going where the next Groupon is.
  4. Some existing customers use the Groupon resulting in the business giving their existing customers a crazy discount that they didn’t want to, since the purpose was to draw new business.
  5. Groupon holds the money for a long, long, long time.  Sometimes months.

What a Deal.... For Groupon!

There are some other things that seem to crop up in specific cases, but 1-5 seemed to be happening over and over again in the articles that I read.

Since I began this whole blogging thing with my Groupon-Poopon artcile, I felt compelled to write this follow-up when I became aware of what a lousy experience this seems like from the small business side too.

So if the consumers get Screwed, and the small business gets Screwed — I guess it’s just Groupon that’s getting a sweet deal?



Batman Murders

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So I don’t have as much Smart-Ass-Shit to say as usual.  I’m just thinking, WHAT THE FUCK?

Perhaps I’m being a Selfish Bitch, but I am thinking about how this changes my life.  I’ve always thought about a movie theater as a safe place to chill out and unwind.  I don’t know about you, but for the rest of my life I will never think of a theater as a safe place again.

And it’s not going to help me feel safe if you have me remove my shoes and strip search me each time I want to watch a Flick.  James Holmes busted in, and it wouldn’t have made any difference if you’d X-Rayed every person already in there — unless you’re X-Raying cars driving into the parking lot, you’ve got nothing.  But, I guess I shouldn’t worry, the Government will be strip searching people in movie lobbies by Monday anyway.

Movie Theaters now get added to my list that includes Post Offices, Fast Food Restaurants (there is always some crazy guy coming in and shooting up his ex-girlfriend and anyone else in there), Airplanes and Banks.

And to the Media that wants to make the actions of a Crazy Person into some kind of Political Statement: YOU SUCK!

My heart goes out to the Families and Friends of the Victims.  And to us all.