Paypal plans to SCAM to you this holiday season!

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If you’re an Ebay/Paypal user you know that they’re always looking for new ways to cheat and gouge you.  Some of these border on the criminal, others are more subtle.  This week I stumbled into a Paypal change that they’re hoping people won’t notice.

A lot of people like to use Paypal with a credit card because 1) they might not have the cash on hand or 2) they get rewards for using a card.

But Paypal hates it when you pay with a credit card, it costs them a small transaction fee and cuts into their bottom line.  It’s not enough that they make BILLIONS on money transfer, they’ve always got to squeeze just a little bit more out of the little guy.

If you’ve used the service, you’ll notice that it’s extraordinarily difficult to use a credit card.  You can select credit card as your preference, but Paypal changes it back to debit from your bank account in order to Fuck You Over.  I’ve had times when I’ve changed it and they’d display a confirm button with tiny writing underneath that said, “Change this back to withdraw from your bank account and confirm transaction.”  Yeah Paypal, I just changed it to use my credit card, but was hoping you’d go ahead and take the money from my Bank Account instead.

Look at what they’ve done now.

When you go to pay someone they automatically choose to drain your bank account, with no option to change it, and then highlight a big “Send Money” button.  There is no way to change the transaction before the button!

It is only underneath all that Crap that you then see a small link that allows you to change the funding option.

I was DONE sending money before I even realized what had happened, since they removed the screen that allowed you to change.  GONE were my 5% reward points that Discover was going to give me, and instead I got ZERO from Paypal.

Well FUCK PAYPAL, I contacted the recipient, got a refund and sent it again. If they trick you too, you should do the same!

But then, Paypal held my refund money for a week before depositing it INTO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT instead of putting it back in my bank account, where they’d fraudulently taken it.

Many people won’t even know what hit them, and for the rest, it’s going to take them a week to get their money away from Paypal.  Longer, if the person who received the money doesn’t cooperate with the refund so that they can be paid the way you want to pay them.

Thanks so much for your wonderful Lump of Coal this holiday season, Paypal.  I’m sure Meg Whitman would be proud of you.

Where can I sign up for the Class Action Lawsuit?

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