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You want to contact li’l oh me?

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  1. Rchrd

    Keep writing! I like your style, energetic and fun, it will be interesting to see how you as a person unfold through your entries.

    1. readthisshit

      Thank you Rchrd! I can’t wait to unfold!

  2. StephenMc

    Hey Rchrd, unfold this! JK. Hey RTS, love your blog. Never knew a chic could be so cutting and funny, but then again, I’ve never been to New York, so…. You’re like a smarter and better talented, long-lost sister. Perhaps I’ll start writing a blog too, so I can get in on that bot action! Take care.

    P.S. Think about getting in on eBooks. You can self-publish and charge people the $8.99 you were venting about–and you’ll take 40-60% per download.

    1. readthisshit

      Thank you Stephen! If you start a Blog, you can have all the Bots I get here!

      Good advice about eBooks, I’d do it for $4.99 too!

  3. David Lambertson

    Hello Ms. Read (if that is is in fact your name):

    While researching while my friggin cable bill is going through the roof, I came across your blog. I love it and will read more. While I am old, modest looking and married and you are young, nice looking and single, I believe that the readers of my blog ( would very much enjoy your shit. As such, I would like to include a link to your blog on mine – but being a gentlemen, wanted your permission to do so. So – okay?

    p.s., I tried to email directly by hitting email link above – but it did not work. You may want to check it.

    1. readthisshit

      Thank you for the compliments, Mr. Lamberston. I would love that!


      Ms. Read ;)

      1. David Lambertson

        Gracias – your link has been added – it will automatically update on my blog page each time you post:.

        Take care

  4. Carolina

    How can I create a thread?

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