Batman Murders

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So I don’t have as much Smart-Ass-Shit to say as usual.  I’m just thinking, WHAT THE FUCK?

Perhaps I’m being a Selfish Bitch, but I am thinking about how this changes my life.  I’ve always thought about a movie theater as a safe place to chill out and unwind.  I don’t know about you, but for the rest of my life I will never think of a theater as a safe place again.

And it’s not going to help me feel safe if you have me remove my shoes and strip search me each time I want to watch a Flick.  James Holmes busted in, and it wouldn’t have made any difference if you’d X-Rayed every person already in there — unless you’re X-Raying cars driving into the parking lot, you’ve got nothing.  But, I guess I shouldn’t worry, the Government will be strip searching people in movie lobbies by Monday anyway.

Movie Theaters now get added to my list that includes Post Offices, Fast Food Restaurants (there is always some crazy guy coming in and shooting up his ex-girlfriend and anyone else in there), Airplanes and Banks.

And to the Media that wants to make the actions of a Crazy Person into some kind of Political Statement: YOU SUCK!

My heart goes out to the Families and Friends of the Victims.  And to us all.




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