Guy Shoots Jerk, Cops Shoot 10 People, and Guy is Now “Empire State Building Shooter???”

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To be fair, maybe Steven Ercolino, the man shot today near the Empire State Building in NY wasn’t a Jerk.  However, the “dispute” he had with his shooter, Jeffrey Johnson, cost Johnson his job.  And Johnson had filed a legal suit against him for being a Jerk.

But whatever his ex-boss did to Ercolino, it was bad enough to stick with him for a year and still leave him angry enough to need revenge.

If Ercolino was like any boss I’ve Ever had, he wasn’t an innocent victim.  Generally speaking, the Nastiest, Bossiest people become Bosses.  And if they weren’t nasty and bossy before, they get that way quickly.

For Johnson to stew on this for a year, and then take drastic action, unlike anything he’d ever done before in his life, you can bet he got some bad treatment.  Every day Bosses make people’s lives miserable and Every day Bosses take people’s jobs and ruin their lives.  Most of the time they get away with it.  It’s nice to see that sometimes they don’t.

I will revisit the topic of Bosses and their treatment of subordinates.  But there’s something else about today’s shooting that needs to be set straight.

Jeffrey Johnson shot one person, and the two cops who killed Johnson shot ten people.

That’s right, the cops killed Johnson and then wounded 9 other people.  None of those bullets wounding bystanders were from Johnson’s gun.  In fact, none of Johnson’s bullets were anywhere except inside Ercolino.

The greatest tragedy here, is that the NYC Cops aren’t trained worth a Fuck, and that they hit 9 bystanders while shooting off 16 bullets, killing a man who didn’t fire a single shot at them.

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  1. Turns out my instincts about this were Spot On!

    Check out this post:

    08-25-2012, 09:33 AM
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    Default Shooting at Empire State Bldg…
    Shooting at Empire State Bldg…
    Let me offer up the truth and the simple facts, before the NewYorkCity spindoctors and Mayor Bloomberg muddy the waters with their propoganda and lies and distortions.

    Jeffrey Johnson was a quiet peaceful bird-watcher; a T-shirt designer.
    Steve Ercolino was a loud mouthed gregarious jerk; a sales executive.
    They were coworkers; and Jeffrey finally had enough…lost his temper and murdered Steve. He walked up to him, shot him once in the head, and then four times in the torso.

    Then the two Local Law Enforcement Officers arrived…and overreacted!! They both “emptied” their weapons, firing sixteen shots in eight seconds. They did manage to kill Jeffrey. But they also managed to shoot nine innocent bystanders in the process. This is called “pray and spray”… just point your weapon and keep pulling the trigger until your gun is empty!?

    Jeffrey never fired at the officers. He shot only at his intended victim, and did so with 100% accuracy.

    The law enforcement officers however fired sixteen times, and would have fired more except their clips ran empty. One perp was killed and nine innocent bystanders were wounded. This unfortunately is absolutely “typical” marksmanship for the average Law Enforcement Officer.

    Mayor Bloomberg’s immediate response??… “this speaks to the National Problem of Gun Violence!!”

    The only thing it speaks to, for me, is… the average local law enforcement officer is still woefully and horribly under-trained. Most of them should not be allowed to carry a loaded gun. Somebody please tell Mayor Bloomberg… “this speaks to the National Problem of Untrained Cops”.

    Im not defending Jeffrey. He made his choice to kill his tormenter, and he paid the price.
    That’s all on him. His choice. His death.
    But all those bystanders who were innocent?…that’s all on Mayor Bloomberg!! He has nine different very expensive lawsuits on his hands. And he is just trying to turn the table here, and spin the truth, and try to blame it all on his favorite ideology… Gun Control. The only guns that were out of control that day, belonged to his local law enforcement officers, and that’s a fact!!

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