I Can Text Safely While Driving

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Screw You Oprah-Texting-Kills.  Fuck You parents of teenagers who are now on a Crusade because you didn’t teach your children to be responsible and your kids died while driving and texting.   And Go to Hell, you Busybodies who think you know what’s right for everyone.

Would I send a text while I’m driving 70 mph on the highway, or while I’m making a turn, or during a rainstorm?  No.  In fact, I only “text while driving” while I’m stopped at a light or stuck in traffic.  But if the Crazies get their way, both would become illegal because of a blanket ban.

Under the proposed bans, let’s say you did text at a light and then 2 minutes later you were in an accident.  You can bet the insurance company and the Cops will be pulling your cellphone record; the Cops looking to ticket you and your Insurance looking to get out of their contract with you to cover you in an accident.  Even when your text two minutes before, while you were stopped, had nothing to do with an accident.

For the record, I also don’t put on makeup, read the newspaper, or change clothes while driving, though I see that shit all the time.  And frankly, that’s even more distracting than texting.

When I have children, you can be Damned Sure they won’t be doing any of that shit Ever in the car.  Even at a stoplight.  Teenagers are a mess, they can barely drive as it is, and responsible parents set limits for their kids and enforce them, before their child dies.  They don’t go on crusades to ban things after their kids are dead.  Maybe it gives their life some purpose, or makes them feel less guilty for their Neglect, but they just need to get some Therapy and stay the Fuck out of my car!

Make no mistake, this intrusive activism will not stop at texting, they will be coming next to ban all conversations, even hands free.  If they can get away with that, they’ll ban talk radio because it’s more distracting than music.  And after that they’ll be taking the radios out of our cars.

It never stops, and when the extremists win one thing, they always go for the next.

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