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Here is my entry to be considered for the world of viral pictures (below)!  If you like it, share it please!  Now it may just look like a lame-ass picture of an empty Walmart cart bay, but let me tell you the story behind it, and why I think it’s a good picture to share.

This is the area where you would usually see hundreds of shopping carts ready to use for Walmart shopping.  I took this picture a few weeks ago at my local Walmart because I thought it was unusual that it was completely empty.  Even on a busy days like a holiday, I’d never been to a Walmart where there wasn’t a single cart available.

Not Viral-worthy, but interesting!  But now let me tell you what it represents!

This was a weekday evening, the store wasn’t busy, and then FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS WHEN I WENT TO THIS STORE, THE BAY LOOKED JUST LIKE THIS!

Now you can imagine what the parking lot looked like, with more carts than cars out there, but let me paint a picture of the rest of the store.

After waiting about 30 minutes to use one of the two open registers in a store equipped with about 40 (the other 38 closed as usual), I overheard the cashier telling a manager that customers were complaining about the bathroom, and she laughed that it was probably because it hadn’t been cleaned in days.

I asked the cashier, “What’s going on, has everyone been fired?  Why are there no carts, the shelves unstocked, most of the registers closed, pallets full of product laying around, and the store filthy?”

She replied, “oh, people are sick” and then she scrunched up her face and it was clear our conversation was over.

So if you’ve ever been to a Walmart and waited an hour because there are only 2 registers open, couldn’t find anything because nobody was stocking, or couldn’t get a cart without going out to the parking lot to get it yourself, then share this picture!


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    • Leona on April 17, 2015 at 6:06 am

    I was a front end manager or csm for walmart for 8 years. No cart, filthy restrooms, no cashiers and unstocked shelves are typically due to incompetent or underqualified management in the stores and in the corporate offices. This happened rather frequently in my store. I would call for a cart run not once not twice not even three times on my walkie talkie and got completely ignored by management. I would call that cashiers were needed and it would take them on average 5-10 minutes for someone to pull their head out of their ass and take action because doing mods were far more important than taking care of customers. I heard it come out of a store managers mouth that he wanted us to pull people out of the service desk to cashier because he didnt give a shit if the service desk line was a mile long because they were losing money. WALMART HASNT GIVEN A SHIT ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE IN YEARS. Its all about profit profit profit. They fail to realize who is the soul reason for profit. The people who spend their paychecks there!!!!!!!

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