Pizza Hut STILL Sucks A LOT! My $10 for “any” Pizza Experience!

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I’m old enough to remember when Pizza Hut was pretty Damned Good.  But it has Sucked for quite awhile.  But in the spirit of remaining open minded, I thought I’d give their “$10 for any Pizza” offer a try and see if they were still as awful as the last time I tried them.  (Except it’s not really “any” pizza, for instance cheese is $2 more and Delivery is $2.50 extra.)

Turns out the “$10 for any Pizza” costs about $20 with taxes, delivery charges, tips and fees.  So being a Cheap Bitch, I thought I’d pick one up myself and save some money.  I’d never been to their location which they listed on the website as being “by” a Chinese buffet that is actually 7.7 miles away and has been Closed for over a year.  (Seriously, before I wrote this Blog, I Googled it by name and there was only one Chinese Buffet named that in town.)

It didn’t matter that I got lost though, because the email I was sent at 7:52pm that told me to pick up my pizza at 8:13pm wasn’t even close.  My pizza wasn’t ready until 8:45pm.  The website is sloppy and doesn’t allow online payments, so they cheerfully took my money at the store before telling me I’d have to wait awhile until my pizza was done.

Now to speak to the website, I somehow wound up with a flat regular pizza, instead of the Pan Pizza that I know I ordered.  In fact, I went back to the website to the Pizza Builder and confirmed that it defaults to Pan Pizza.

And I can assure you that I did not go out of my way to change the pizza from Pan Pizza to Crap Cardboard Pizza.  Yet that’s exactly what the website did.

The toppings were wrong, and while the website did manage to record what I wanted, the store messed it up and just put whatever the Hell they wanted on this pizza.

Some of the ingredients weren’t that bad, even the ones I didn’t order — but they were skimpy on the cheese, the sauce was bland, and the cardboard crust was nasty, which pretty much Fucked Up the whole pizza.

So what is Pizza Hut’s report card?

Website: F
Ingredients: C
Accuracy: D
Promptness: F
Value: D


Save your $10, even Dominos is better!

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