Turbo Tax Free, Freedom and Deluxe

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Here is my special Valentines Gift to you, my gentle reader!

You may not know, but unless you make about $50k a year, you can file your taxes for free.  However the tax software companies keep it a secret and the support people are absolutely no help.

Be sure to check out The Difference Between Intuit Turbo Tax Free versus Freedom versus Deluxe for some help in sorting out Intuit’s offerings.  Be aware that generally they do updates through April and the programming is sloppy and won’t fix returns that you do earlier.

Also Beware!  The “support” is contracted out to temporary work at home people, so do not give them any of your sensitive information.

I also wanted to say a word about Scam “tax free” Roth IRAs.  The promise with these things is that you pay tax on your money now, and then when it’s time to pull it out, your money won’t be taxed.


If you’re under 90 years old, it is a 100% certainty that when it’s time to cash our your Roth IRA the Government will say, “we are losing too much revenue, we’re now going to tax your Roth IRA.  Fuck you and have a nice day!”  So don’t fall for that Shit  .

Google’s Self Driving Cars Will Destroy America

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Google is known for being crooked and self-serving, and you should check out Google wants to trick you into Advertising Adsense for them for FREE and Evidence of Google Stealing Ad Revenue on Youtube.  But the scope of the damage they’re plotting is a hundred times worse than manipulating search, invading our privacy or stealing ad revenue.

And nobody is talking about it!

It seems like the idea of Google self driving cars is the focus of every tech writer’s report and they talk about all of the wonderful things that will come out having vehicles that drive themselves.

Tell me about how wonderful it’s going to be for the 3.5 million professional truck drivers?  How about the taxi cab drivers, the bus drivers and the delivery drivers?

Just like that millions of middle class people will have no jobs and absolutely nothing to replace those jobs.  Technology and moving jobs overseas has decimated the employment market in America and Google is planning to drop a Nuclear Bomb on the people who drive professionally.

Historically when technology took jobs there were replacements for those jobs.  The blacksmith could work on automobiles or the guy who lit streetlamps could become an electrician.  But now jobs go away and there is nothing to replace them,  As a country, what do we expect people to do when their jobs become obsolete and there is nothing else to replace that work?

Today a truck driver can earn $70,000 a year.  After driverless vehicles maybe they could take a pay cut and get another job?  Perhaps they could all become bank tellers?  Well No…  those have been replaced by ATMs.  Well maybe they could work as cashiers?  Oh, those are being replaced by self scanning registers.  Well maybe they could be a programmer?  Shit, those jobs have moved to India.  Perhaps they could move to China and get a manufacturing job, because they’re sure not going to get one in the USA!  LOL!  You get the point.

I’m the first one to say I love technology.  And as long as the car drives better than I do (which wouldn’t be hard to do), I’d love to have one.  But what about the consequences to our country?

Meg Whitman Fires Everyone at HP While Taking $1,500,000 Bonus!

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I hate to revisit the same topics, but shitty CEOs like Meg Whitman keep stealing money and hurting people.  It’s not enough that her great great great great great great grandchildren will be rich.  How FUCKING GREEDY IS THIS DAMNED BITCH?

Apparently stealing BILLIONS from Ebay sellers and trashing the company isn’t enough for her, so now she’s destroying the computer manufacturer HP and getting another $1.5 million for her efforts!

This week HP announced Whitman is slashing 34,000 jobs.   But somehow she is  entitled to a $1,500,000 bonus?  This damned Bitch should be imprisoned for what she’s done to hardworking people, but instead she’s made a career out of bleeding large companies dry and then moving on.

When she lost the California Gubernatorial race (and wasted $140,000,000 stolen from Ebay sellers) in 2010 I’m sure a lot of people breathed a sigh of relief.  But you can bet this DAMNED BITCH will try again and with all the money she’s taken away from the people who earned it.

Eventually she’ll be President and then we’ll really suffer!

And some related shit:

Hostess Execs Bankrupt Company then take $1.75 Million in Bonuses

They’re NOT Worth It!!!

Just in case you’re STILL stupid enough to sell on Ebay!

FREE on Ebay!

Why the Hell would anyone still use Ebay?



Fuck You Google+ You’re Not Getting My Picture!

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I like the Google products, they’re innovative, cool and helpful.  But it Sucks that they’re a crooked company and so damned Nosey too.  Be sure to read Evidence of Google Stealing Ad Revenue on Youtube and Google wants to trick you into Advertising Adsense for them for FREE.

I also hate what they’ve done to Youtube.  It is flooded with ads (gotta love having to watch a commercial before you watch a movie trailer commercial), half the videos are censored or pulled down for copyright violations, and now they won’t even let people comment unless you sign up for the crap Google+ that nobody wants.

They are in everyone’s mobile phones and searches and God-only-knows-what else, and they know more about us than the damned Government does.   But that’s not enough for them!  So they are constantly sending me this Fucking Spam Email:


Google is just dying to link their crap Google+ accounts with successful social media sites like Facebook.  And the second they have pictures, they start using picture matching technology to link up Google+ accounts with other sites so they can gather more information about you.

So if you’re not using your real name on a Google+ account because you would like just a sliver of anonymity, Google wants your picture so that they can disregard your wishes and keep building that big file they have on you.

Well FUCK YOU Google+ I’m not uploading a picture!

China wants to kill your pets!

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Happy Black Friday!   Be careful when you’re out there that you don’t get trampled, shot, or pepper-sprayed by the disrespectful, greedy slobs that I see on the news each year!

Another thing to be careful about is the source of anything that you give your pets.  Pay attention to toys, bedding, treats and food, because I assure you, gentle reader, China absolutely wants to see your pets Dead. 

Take a look at this Google search: China Kills Pets.



Maybe they’re so fucking incompetent that all of these are an “accident.”  Perhaps they are cutting corners so that Walmart can undercut all the local manufacturers.  Could be that they’re tired of calling companies in the US and getting India.  But any way you look at it, you don’t want any of this China-Shit near your pets!


Believe in GOD? Then explain the DEVIL.

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Religious fanatics are pretty stupid, so I’m going with a couple of numbered lists rather than explain in prose.

These are points that the religious crazies will agree on:

1. The Devil is Evil.

2. People who are evil deserve to be punished in Hell.  .

3. The Devil rules Hell..

Clearly I’m not theologian but if the Devil is in charge of Hell, who is punishing Her for being Evil?  Seems like the Devil gets away with whatever She wants and doesn’t suffer any consequences.  In fact, She was rewarded for being Evil.

There are 3 possible answers.

1. The Devil is not Evil, but actually an agent of God.  God has let Satan take a bad rap because the lie suits His needs.

2. Life is unfair and some Evil (like the Devil) gets rewarded with infinite power.

3. Religion is made up Shit.

What do you think?