Turbo Tax Free, Freedom and Deluxe

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Here is my special Valentines Gift to you, my gentle reader!

You may not know, but unless you make about $50k a year, you can file your taxes for free.  However the tax software companies keep it a secret and the support people are absolutely no help.

Be sure to check out The Difference Between Intuit Turbo Tax Free versus Freedom versus Deluxe for some help in sorting out Intuit’s offerings.  Be aware that generally they do updates through April and the programming is sloppy and won’t fix returns that you do earlier.

Also Beware!  The “support” is contracted out to temporary work at home people, so do not give them any of your sensitive information.

I also wanted to say a word about Scam “tax free” Roth IRAs.  The promise with these things is that you pay tax on your money now, and then when it’s time to pull it out, your money won’t be taxed.


If you’re under 90 years old, it is a 100% certainty that when it’s time to cash our your Roth IRA the Government will say, “we are losing too much revenue, we’re now going to tax your Roth IRA.  Fuck you and have a nice day!”  So don’t fall for that Shit  .

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