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Ebay had over 15 billion dollars in profit for 2012 which I’m sure inspired their delightful FREE “post-holiday-gift.”  Since they didn’t give me anything for this holiday or any holiday ever, it was a wonderful surprise!  I thought I’d share it with those less fortunate.

You can see the amazing, generous gift as cut and pasted from my email.


Since speaking nicely of Ebay, even in a sarcastic tone is about to make my head explode, let me cut the Shit.

What these worthless, greedy bastards did was send me an email that links to sellers who have shipping built into the item cost.  That’s it.  The “post-holiday-gift” is a worthless search for “free shipping” that is linked to a bunch of items where sellers have jacked-up the price and included the shipping costs.  (I could have linked you to the “free shipping” search too, but FUCK EBAY they have enough links.)

And as a special insult to the people who are stupid enough to be selling on Ebay, the “With the shipping cost on us” line takes the credit away from the merchants that are actually the ones who are offering the “free” shipping.

Their customer NO service is based in India where they pay those clueless people pennies a day, and Ebay doesn’t sell or ship anything, so their only other legitimate cost is some servers to run the site.

15 billion dollars in profit and virtually no real expenses.

Where’d the money go?  The site has more bugs in it than it did 15 years ago and even the most basic features don’t work half the time.  Fraud is higher than ever, and the fee gouging of the sellers is insane.

It ‘s clear that the money went to the crooked management team, just like it’s always gone since Meg Whitman stole billions from the company when she was CEO..

Ebay.  I’ve made this special link as a free post-holiday-gift just for you:  Ebay Sucks


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  1. I think you posted about ebay before being aholes and I responded there. I just wanted to say that I still agree and still don’t want to use ebay. What sucks about people who sell on the internet nowadays is that they go to the easy site, the popular site and websites that are better get ignored. Way back before ebay became huge there were a few other websites out there. I used to shop on this site called that was SO much better than ebay. I remember winning 5 refurbished cameras for about 30 bucks. It was basically a site that sold refurbed items from warehouses and real stores for pretty cheap prices. They were taken out by ebay sometime in the mid to early 2000’s, I believe.

    I used to shop on ebay when it wasn’t a commercialized piece of sh*t and loved finding good deals. Nowadays its all “powersellers” and people ripping each other off. There are a few websites that have sprung up in the last couple years that COULD rival ebay if people would stop being sheeple and actually used them.

    1. You are so right. Before Ebay drove all of the other sites out of business with illegal tactics, the online auction market was fantastic. I remember Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo!, Overstock and plenty of other big players. And there was lots of money for everyone.

      But Meg Whitman wanted it all. Now she’s over at HP bankrupting them.

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