Pizza Hut STILL Sucks A LOT! My $10 for “any” Pizza Experience!

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I’m old enough to remember when Pizza Hut was pretty Damned Good.  But it has Sucked for quite awhile.  But in the spirit of remaining open minded, I thought I’d give their “$10 for any Pizza” offer a try and see if they were still as awful as the last time I tried them.  (Except it’s not really “any” pizza, for instance cheese is $2 more and Delivery is $2.50 extra.)

Turns out the “$10 for any Pizza” costs about $20 with taxes, delivery charges, tips and fees.  So being a Cheap Bitch, I thought I’d pick one up myself and save some money.  I’d never been to their location which they listed on the website as being “by” a Chinese buffet that is actually 7.7 miles away and has been Closed for over a year.  (Seriously, before I wrote this Blog, I Googled it by name and there was only one Chinese Buffet named that in town.)

It didn’t matter that I got lost though, because the email I was sent at 7:52pm that told me to pick up my pizza at 8:13pm wasn’t even close.  My pizza wasn’t ready until 8:45pm.  The website is sloppy and doesn’t allow online payments, so they cheerfully took my money at the store before telling me I’d have to wait awhile until my pizza was done.

Now to speak to the website, I somehow wound up with a flat regular pizza, instead of the Pan Pizza that I know I ordered.  In fact, I went back to the website to the Pizza Builder and confirmed that it defaults to Pan Pizza.

And I can assure you that I did not go out of my way to change the pizza from Pan Pizza to Crap Cardboard Pizza.  Yet that’s exactly what the website did.

The toppings were wrong, and while the website did manage to record what I wanted, the store messed it up and just put whatever the Hell they wanted on this pizza.

Some of the ingredients weren’t that bad, even the ones I didn’t order — but they were skimpy on the cheese, the sauce was bland, and the cardboard crust was nasty, which pretty much Fucked Up the whole pizza.

So what is Pizza Hut’s report card?

Website: F
Ingredients: C
Accuracy: D
Promptness: F
Value: D


Save your $10, even Dominos is better!

No new content this week to honor Obama shutting down the Government!

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Joining forces with Michelle Obama who can’t Tweet, national monuments that are being guarded at higher cost than it’d cost to keep them open, and Government websites that are being completely blacked-out while Barack is having his Über Hissy Fit, has nothing new to say this week!

Just in case you’re STILL stupid enough to sell on Ebay!

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Here’s a quick summary for you, because if you’re still trying to sell items on Ebay you’re probably too stupid to handle more than that!  (The typical Ebay sugar-coated-spun-email follows in Shit brown below, but of course all the details are buried in the actual 5000 page user agreement.)

In a nutshell:

You can choose to opt out of Ebay’s return program that always finds for Scamming “Buyers” (but sometimes requires a return), but if you do so, the Crook automatically keeps the item(s) but doesn’t have to return anything.   “Opting out” means they get the money plus don’t even have to ship an empty box back.

The deadline for a Scammer to file a claim has been removed, and they can now do one forever.

When Ebay wants to steal money, the new User Agreement allows them to pull it from  a sucker’s credit card or bank account instead of taking the Ebay or Paypal account negative.  So the first clue a seller may get to tip them off that they’ve been scammed on Ebay is that their bank account is empty!

And finally, Ebay may choose to never display someone’s  listings to anyone, during any search, and you agree to it.  That means someone can specifically search for you or the item you’re selling and Ebay may choose never to show it.

Being a Buyer there isn’t much better.   You often deal with rude, unprofessional sellers, get slow shipping, and used garbage when things are represented as new.

The Ebay brand had so much promise in the 90’s, but Meg Whitman and John Donahoe stole all the money and sold it out.



We are writing to let you know about updates to the eBay User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Buyer Protection Policy. The updated eBay User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Buyer Protection Policy were posted on on September 11, 2013. The updated eBay User Agreement is effective upon acceptance for users who accept it through registration of an eBay account or other electronic click-through prior to October 26, 2013.  For all other users, it is effective October 26, 2013. The updated Privacy Policy is effective immediately for new members and on October 26, 2013, for current users.  The updated Buyer Protection Policy is effective for all users on October 26, 2013.

Key updates to the eBay User Agreement:

  • Simplification. We rewrote the User Agreement to make it more clear and understandable.
  • Updates to the Buyer Protection provision. We simplified the Buyer Protection provision in the User Agreement to make it more clear and understandable. This coincides with the simplification of the separate Buyer Protection policy.
  • Provision regarding hassle-free managed returns. We added a provision describing the eBay returns process, which simplifies returns for our buyers and sellers. We may automatically apply the eBay returns process to listings where returns are accepted. Sellers may remove the eBay returns process from their listings by adjusting their account settings within My eBay. Initially this change will only apply when a new seller account is opened.
  • Provision regarding intellectual property rights. We added a provision in which users promise that the content they give us, or its use, will not infringe on any intellectual property rights.
  • Updates to listing conditions. To further create a marketplace where buyers find what they want and drive positive user experience, we updated the provision regarding listing conditions to recognize that the appearance and placement of listings in search and browse results will depend on a variety of factors.  So, in some situations a listing may not appear in some search and browse results regardless of sort order.

        Key updates to the eBay Privacy Policy:       

  • Updates relating to our disclosure of your personal information. We updated the provision regarding information sharing with financial institutional partners of eBay’s corporate family.
  • Provision regarding cookies. We updated the provision regarding cookies, web beacons, local storage, and similar technology. This coincides with updates to provide further clarity about our use of such technologies in the separate cookies policy.

        Key updates to the eBay Buyer Protection Policy:       

  • Simplification. We rewrote our Buyer Protection Policy to make it more clear and understandable.
  • Resolution of item not as described cases. We updated the policy to clarify that we carefully weigh all the information provided in cases where a buyer claims that the item delivered is not as described in the listing. If we can’t determine from the information we have that the item matches or doesn’t match the listing description, we generally ask the buyer to return the item to the seller and will ask the seller to refund the buyer. In addition, we updated the policy to reflect that, if as a seller, you choose not to engage with the eBay Buyer Protection process on an item not as described case, we may seek to carry out a reimbursement from you without asking the buyer to return the item to you.
  • Case window extension. We updated the policy to reflect that we reserve the right to extend the period that buyers are eligible to open an eBay Buyer Protection case during which sellers are responsible for resolving such cases (e.g., national emergency, national holidays, and governmental acts). When applicable, this will be communicated via the announcements section of   In addition, we will soon update the timeline for opening a case to 30 days after the estimated delivery date. We calculate the estimated delivery date based on the shipping service used and the shipping address. In the absence of information about shipping service, we will estimate delivery date based on average delivery times for each location. We will notify buyers and sellers when this change goes into effect by posting an announcement on

        As with previous updates, other changes have been made to keep the eBay User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Buyer Protection Policy up-to-date with our product and service offerings. We encourage you to review the updated eBay User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Buyer Protection Policy to familiarize yourself with the updates, as they will apply to your account as of the dates noted above.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more information about these updates.

Thank you for being a part of the eBay Community.


The eBay Team

More on Apple…

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Last time I wrote about how Apple sold out Humanity with their development of a phone virus they want installed around the world in order to manipulate and destroy freedom.

This time around, I have a couple more Apple tidbits for you!

First, if you’re one of the elitist snobs that uses Apple products, you’re not just going to pay more when you’re buying Apple stuff.  Turns out that a lot of companies have figured out that you’re stupid and have a bunch of money to piss away.  They are now identifying web browsing sessions of Apple users and show them higher prices.    Rather than say too much more about it, here’s a Time Magazine article that details what Orbitz is doing.

The second funny Apple story is almost as funny as when Steve Jobs made that batch of iPhones with the crap antennas and then told users they were “holding the phones the wrong way” causing them not to work.

Apple has warned that use of counterfeit Apple products, such as chargers, may lead to their deaths.

I hate to do two in a row about Apple, but they’re really Assholes and deserve the attention!

Apple sold us out, I’m glad Steve Jobs is Dead!

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I’ve always thought of Apple as artsy-fartsy-tech for people who were too stupid use a PC or who wanted to show off by having the latest expensive iCrap.  Even with all of the lawsuits where Apple claims to have invented everything that’s been done for the last 50 years, I was still pretty indifferent towards the company and Steve Jobs.

But this Google Search shows that Steve Jobs was a Greedy Motherfucker who wanted to enslave the entire human race.

The nutshell version: in 2011 Apple filed for a patent for technology to let Big Brother disable the camera, microphone, text and phone call ability of a crowd of people whenever they want.  With a little black box, the Government (or a concert promoter) could turn off all of the cell phones at a venue.  And they could do this remotely too.  Any phone with this Apple Virus built in would be susceptible to it — and Apple wants all of the phones to have their Virus.

The implications and potential for abuse for this technology is horrifying.  I get that Paramount might not want you filming the latest Star Trek movie, but even more than that, I know that the local Police might also not want you recording them beating the shit out of your boyfriend during a traffic stop.

This is bad, bad, shit.  Fuck Apple and Rot in Hell Steve Jobs!

Do NOT Smash Your Time Warner Cable Modem!

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In October Time Warner Cable hiked everyone’s internet bills by $3.95 — even for those that had a contract or a guarantee for a set price.  See:

Now less than a year later, they’re demanding another 40% and notified customers they’re jacking up the price to $5.95 for “rental” of old modems that most people have had for years without being previously charged.

This $5.95 fee will cost subscribers almost half a BILLION dollars more each year, in addition to already steep service fees..

They’re able to get away with this because they changed the Terms of Service so that they can’t be sued.  Instead, everyone is subject to Kangaroo Court arbitration that is always won by the crooked monster company.  See:

There is nothing that can be legally done.  And since TWC is a Monopoly in most areas, they’ve got everyone backed into a corner.

The only thing that would make the Bullies at Time Warner behave is If people started smashing their modems and demanding new ones.   If they had to replace everyone’s modems, then TWC would be forced to rethink Fucking over their customers.  Then someone at Time Warner might realize that replacing a $80 modem every couple of months isn’t offsetting their $5.95 gouge!

However even though it Is righteous thing to do given Time Warner Cables morally bankrupt behavior, I would never suggest anyone actually damage Time Warner Cable’s property, because that is illegal.