China wants to kill your pets!

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Happy Black Friday!   Be careful when you’re out there that you don’t get trampled, shot, or pepper-sprayed by the disrespectful, greedy slobs that I see on the news each year!

Another thing to be careful about is the source of anything that you give your pets.  Pay attention to toys, bedding, treats and food, because I assure you, gentle reader, China absolutely wants to see your pets Dead. 

Take a look at this Google search: China Kills Pets.



Maybe they’re so fucking incompetent that all of these are an “accident.”  Perhaps they are cutting corners so that Walmart can undercut all the local manufacturers.  Could be that they’re tired of calling companies in the US and getting India.  But any way you look at it, you don’t want any of this China-Shit near your pets!


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