Fuck You Google+ You’re Not Getting My Picture!

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I like the Google products, they’re innovative, cool and helpful.  But it Sucks that they’re a crooked company and so damned Nosey too.  Be sure to read Evidence of Google Stealing Ad Revenue on Youtube and Google wants to trick you into Advertising Adsense for them for FREE.

I also hate what they’ve done to Youtube.  It is flooded with ads (gotta love having to watch a commercial before you watch a movie trailer commercial), half the videos are censored or pulled down for copyright violations, and now they won’t even let people comment unless you sign up for the crap Google+ that nobody wants.

They are in everyone’s mobile phones and searches and God-only-knows-what else, and they know more about us than the damned Government does.   But that’s not enough for them!  So they are constantly sending me this Fucking Spam Email:


Google is just dying to link their crap Google+ accounts with successful social media sites like Facebook.  And the second they have pictures, they start using picture matching technology to link up Google+ accounts with other sites so they can gather more information about you.

So if you’re not using your real name on a Google+ account because you would like just a sliver of anonymity, Google wants your picture so that they can disregard your wishes and keep building that big file they have on you.

Well FUCK YOU Google+ I’m not uploading a picture!

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    • Daniel on December 15, 2013 at 3:29 am

    I DON’T comment on youtube now that Google finds it more important to be a social media player (whatever that means) instead of enjoying running a very successful, popular and useful site.
    The more intrusive they become the further users will move away.

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