Meg Whitman Fires Everyone at HP While Taking $1,500,000 Bonus!

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I hate to revisit the same topics, but shitty CEOs like Meg Whitman keep stealing money and hurting people.  It’s not enough that her great great great great great great grandchildren will be rich.  How FUCKING GREEDY IS THIS DAMNED BITCH?

Apparently stealing BILLIONS from Ebay sellers and trashing the company isn’t enough for her, so now she’s destroying the computer manufacturer HP and getting another $1.5 million for her efforts!

This week HP announced Whitman is slashing 34,000 jobs.   But somehow she is  entitled to a $1,500,000 bonus?  This damned Bitch should be imprisoned for what she’s done to hardworking people, but instead she’s made a career out of bleeding large companies dry and then moving on.

When she lost the California Gubernatorial race (and wasted $140,000,000 stolen from Ebay sellers) in 2010 I’m sure a lot of people breathed a sigh of relief.  But you can bet this DAMNED BITCH will try again and with all the money she’s taken away from the people who earned it.

Eventually she’ll be President and then we’ll really suffer!

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    • Pissed HP throwaway on May 16, 2015 at 8:02 am

    This CUNT is the bobble head of one of the most evil, lying companies ever. I hate her. I target practice with her face and also that of Mike Nefkens.

      • Fuck you. on June 7, 2015 at 6:47 pm

      Meg Whitman aka dumb bitch sucks at her job. She doesn’t even know what she is doing. I never worked at HP and she recently came on CNN and said she will do more layoffs. What a dumb thing to say on national television. You don’t come on TV an say you are going to perform more layoffs you dumb fucking retard. You’re going to be killing employee morale. Why is this dumb bitch the CEO of HP? Dumb fucking ugly skank is going to turn HP into an shittier company than they were before.

  1. This cunt is a living monument to all that is wicked and fucked in this planet! Fuck you very much!

    • Wow on July 16, 2015 at 10:53 pm

    Honestly she keeps laying of. Everyone is saying that the ship is sinking and top talent is fleeing like no tomorrow. Leadership has no idea what is going. They have not done anything work related for months.

    • HPhatesamericans on November 10, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    Meg hates American workers, except those in her inner executive circle. ALL American operational support people will be fired before 2017. Most will be replaced by Indians. Why won’t Meg just move HP headquarters in beautiful and very expensive Palo Alto California. She frittered away $2 BILLION dollars in splitting the company, and still is demanding the heads of all the operational support teams. Translation: Operational Support teams = the people who actually perform the work that generates revenue. So, she fires everyone in the U.S. making over $50k and replaces with Indians making maybe $10K.

    She is a despicable human being who should be forced out of this country, which she seems to dislike so much. Screw her!

    • Sam on February 11, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    You’d think after Meg Whitman was crowned the worst CEO of 2015, the flailing leader of Hewlett Packard Enterprise would have bigger fish to fry than siccing her top PR guy, Henry Gomez, on the Financial Times to whine about a “snide” story.

    Seems that while Whitman was prognosticating with the top sliver of the 1% at the World Economic Forum in Davos, she issued the kind of platitude that passes for profundity at the annual gathering of the global elite: “You can always go faster than you think you can.”

    To which FT columnist Lucy Kellaway responded in a column that, sometimes, that kind of ridiculous Silicon Valley thinking leads to trouble. It was the kind of benignly snarky remark that, frankly, the windbags at Davos deserve to be called out on and Kellaway skewered comments from plenty of other corporate bigwigs.

    That’s when Gomez, who has been Meg Whitman’s attack poodle since her eBay days, jumped into action and fired off an email that Kellaway described using words such as “aggression” and “threat.” She then proceeded to tell Gomez where he – and HPE and, presumably, Whitman herself – could stick it: “…you seem to think your boss must be right because she runs a big company and knows about restructuring. In my experience people in big jobs occasionally say things that are a bit off. Then not only is it my job as a columnist to point it out, but yours too, as a member of her top team.”

    Indeed, Gomez is so closely aligned with Whitman that company communications are jokingly referred to as coming from “Menry.” He even oversaw Whitman’s disastrous bid for California governor before hanging out his own shingle and, ultimately, returning to Whitman’s side at HP before it was cleaved in two. He followed her to HPE, for as long as that may last.

    In the meantime, the takeaway is that anyone who dares question the questionable slogans bandied about by Silicon Valley leaders may likely find themselves being asked to consider, as Kellaway and her editors were, “the impact of unacceptable biases on its relationships with advertisers.”

    In other words, treat tech royalty with kid gloves or face the petulant response of them pulling their ads and going home. After all, a leader like Whitman who has laid off tens of thousands of people knows what’s best. And even if she doesn’t, she surrounds herself with willing lackeys like Henry Gomez to make sure the boss never has to be held accountable for what she says.

    Too often, reporters just go along with the flackery perpetrated against them in exchange for staying in favor. It’s nice to see that when Gomez came yapping, Kellaway took her rolled-up newspaper and swatted him away. Bad dog, Henry! But as with any house pet, it’s the owner who’s ultimately responsible.

  2. I hate Meg Whitman. She can buy stuff but she’s still an ugly wrinkle bag no one wants to pity-f*ck.

    Her and Carli ‘botox’ Fiorina. They’d both smile at the cries of the companies they’ve wasted, but they can’t smile.


    Industrialism at is worst. Capitalism is approaching its end. Marx was right about that. Find your own solution to the problem. Anarchy is coming.

    • Amr Ghareeb on August 23, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    I have an evidenced corruption and retaliation case in HPE related to her “Meg Whitman” ..
    anyone can help, please contact me directly ..
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