Beware of Yahoo!

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Warning, what you’re about to read is not pretty!

I had been using Yahoo! messenger for many years, and each time they forced an update I resisted, because it was always filled with Bloat and Garbage and slowed my computer more than the previous buggy version.

But earlier this week when my  3-year-old messenger installation finally crapped out I figured I’d bite-the-bullet and “upgrade.”

Yahoo! has fallen on rough times since Google now dominates the search market.  So they’re trying to make extra money by scanning people’s personal emails and texts sent through Yahoo! messenger and selling this private information to advertisers.  So if you mention your old car is giving you trouble in an email or a chat message to your sister, they will sell that information to Bubba’s Cars, and then you’ll start getting spam from them.

But since not enough people were using their crap email, the latest version of Yahoo! messenger now Fucking Requires that you have an active Yahoo! email in order to use all of the features.  They figure if you don’t want their email, they can force it down your throat this way.

In order to sign up for Yahoo! messenger about 10 years ago, I had to create an email that I hadn’t used for 9 years and 364 days.  While installing the new version of messenger, I was ordered to reactivate the dead email.  After the reactivation crashed half a dozen times, I found myself talking to someone in Bangladesh and then we spent the next hour deleting my cookies and clearing my cache.  Then Abdul advised me that my email address had been suspended for “TOS Violations.”  He had no further details, of course, and said that the decision can not be appealed.  WHAT THE FUCK???

This is the email I never used.  Not once.

So that’s it, my Yahoo! Messenger ID that I’ve been using for 10 years is Gone because Yahoo! are Greedy Fucks who wanted to steal my personal information and sell it to snake salesmen.

Screw you Yahoo!  Your search Sucks, Your email Sucks, and now you’ve locked me out of the one product I did use.  Your commercials are Stupid too.

I will not shed any tears when Microsoft or Google buys your dead carcass.

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