Do NOT Smash Your Time Warner Cable Modem!

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In October Time Warner Cable hiked everyone’s internet bills by $3.95 — even for those that had a contract or a guarantee for a set price.  See:

Now less than a year later, they’re demanding another 40% and notified customers they’re jacking up the price to $5.95 for “rental” of old modems that most people have had for years without being previously charged.

This $5.95 fee will cost subscribers almost half a BILLION dollars more each year, in addition to already steep service fees..

They’re able to get away with this because they changed the Terms of Service so that they can’t be sued.  Instead, everyone is subject to Kangaroo Court arbitration that is always won by the crooked monster company.  See:

There is nothing that can be legally done.  And since TWC is a Monopoly in most areas, they’ve got everyone backed into a corner.

The only thing that would make the Bullies at Time Warner behave is If people started smashing their modems and demanding new ones.   If they had to replace everyone’s modems, then TWC would be forced to rethink Fucking over their customers.  Then someone at Time Warner might realize that replacing a $80 modem every couple of months isn’t offsetting their $5.95 gouge!

However even though it Is righteous thing to do given Time Warner Cables morally bankrupt behavior, I would never suggest anyone actually damage Time Warner Cable’s property, because that is illegal.


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    • Dave on August 12, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    Concur – I sent Time Warner an email telling them that I am ordering one less on demand movie per month until the modem fee is eliminated. As a note, my modem is acting a little testy lately – I will be ordering a replacement as well,

    1. lol at “As a note, my modem is acting a little testy lately – I will be ordering a replacement as well,”

      Thanks Dave!

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