Someone Please call the Authorities on this Abusive Mother!

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I am not a Mother (Yet) and I found someone who shouldn’t be a Mother (Ever)!

Take a look at this anal-retentive, overbearing tool that slows you to be a lazy, controlling parent who doesn’t trust her kids, and who wants to dominate every aspect of their lives.  I introduce you to mamabearapp or as I like to think of it, psychobearapp.

Crazy Shit!

The Mamabear App which is in BETA right now, uses a kid’s cellphone to track their every moment, including the child’s location at all times, every social media post, if they’re speeding, when they have been tagged in a photograph, if they’ve used a “prohibited word,” when they are tardy for a class at school, and more silly things that I don’t have time to list.  And I’m sure the crazy woman will dream up more ideas soon.

I don’t want to go on and on about this, but I have to say that I hope she falls on her face and that it discourages other people from this heavy handed abusive parenting.

I think it’s a great idea to track your kids (and boyfriend, husband and pets) to some extent, but this application goes way overboard and is indicative of severe mental illness and psychotic domination.

If I were a kid whose Mother tried this on me, I’d leave my cell phone turned off, at home, and then head to the nearest social services office and report her.  Let her Fucking App deal with that!

Because we’re dealing with a psycho woman, I thought I’d add this paragraph.  My website is all about my opinions, and that should be clear.  And a review of a product is protected as free speech under the Constitution.  But this is a good time to reiterate that what I say here is my opinion and not fact.   My commentary on this nutso’s ability to be a parent and her whacked out App are my personal opinion (though I’m 100% right)!

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