Oct 05

Why the Hell would anyone still use Ebay?

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If you were an Ebay seller, you’ve probably gotten Fucked over so many times that your Asshole is sore.  Ebay now charges about 30% in fees to sell.  Fraud is rampant and a crook can steal a seller’s shit and Ebay will happily let the Jerk keep the item, and then give the money back to the thief.  A seller can’t even leave a negative feedback after it’s all done!

If you’re a buyer, you’re likely as not to get Crap instead of the item that was ordered, and you’re sure to get a shitload of attitude from the pissed off nutcases that are still selling there.

And for all of this, the prices are now higher than anywhere else!

Just the other day I was looking at Water Piks (this Girl likes to keep her teeth sparkly and clean) and they were being “auctioned” on Ebay and going for about $30 each + $10 to $15 shipping.  ($15 Fucking dollars to ship a 2 pound item!)  Meanwhile Drugstore.com had them for $35 with free shipping.  Amazon.com too!  And from both those sources I knew I wouldn’t get some used crap passed off as new, like used to happen ALL-THE-FUCKING-TIME before I stopped ordering off Ebay.

(Why did I look at Ebay?  I did a Google search and the crap came up,)

Bottom line: Unless you plan to rip off a seller, I can’t see any use for Ebay.com anymore.  My Momma didn’t raise no shoplifter, so I have no use for that website anymore.

And it’s a Damned shame, because they used to be pretty cool.


  1. Synfidie

    I needed to make some money in August and was like “well let me sell my old shit on ebay.” I hadn’t “sold” on that website since 2006, I think before now.

    Holy hell it was an awful experience. From non-paying bidders, to messed up listings due to eBay’s horrible layout, to incorrect shipping charges. I “earned” 600 dollars according to ebay, but probably spent close to 300 in fees and out of pocket expenses so actual profit was probably around 300, if that. I’m still quite shocked that I sold all my “profitable” things and didn’t come out ahead. Shipping is out of control and ebay’s fees PLUS paypals fees were nuts. I still technically owe ebay 27 dollars for “listing fees” from last month.

    Many eons ago, before ebay became the “go to” website for everyone, there was a lot more variety on the auction/buying type websites. There was this one website that sold manufacture refurbished items in a bidding style. It was far superior to ebay, but ebay won the war against them.

    Someone needs to come up with another website for auctions that isn’t stupid looking, hard to navigate, and is cost friendly. I’ve looked at sites like “yardseller” (omg ugly) and a few others, but they aren’t going to cut it. Maybe if you have a website like pinterest and add more text search to it and don’t allow “power sellers” keep it so everyone is equal. Don’t charge listing fees, but maybe charge a monthly subscription fee to sellers.

    Okay rambling…

    1. El

      I have been happily selling on ebay for some time now. Just recently I started buying more and found that so many items were complete crap and a waste of my money. I found great prices so I bought the items after much research. Cheap prices from China proved a waste of money because it was such crap and the sellers blatantly lied about quality and the item itself. Then I started narrowing my searches to US based sellers. Still I found 1 in 3 items to be junk – even when a seller claimed it was the opposite. My experience having to deal with ebay sellers as a buyer has made me want to quit ebay altogether – even though I have been a happy, honest and successful seller. Please stop blaming the problem on scamming buyers and just don’t sell it if you consider it “crap” or your “old junk”. Even people who don’t have a lot of money to spend don’t want a shitty product, especially something you will try to market as “vintage” so it sells.

    2. Adam

      Fuck ebay! It is nothing but a rip off site for ebay and the buyers to scam sellers. I was ripped off countless times with the item not as described and partial refund scam. There are also groups of trolls that work together in outbidding your customers, in which, they then never pay. They also work together to only buy items from you here and there when you only list say one page worth, so you run out of money before the next sale, which causes you to not be able to pay your seller fees. Then, if you list a ton of items, they are smart asses and never buy anything. Ebay is coming to an end. All sellers should pack up and sell somewhere else. There are too many thieves and trolls that want to ruin your auctions and many of them are Ebay’s rip off crooks that want to raise up your fees.

  2. neil

    I bought a website template for £150.00, and after a week the seller went into liquidation after waiting a week .The arseholes at ebay let me open up a case. The seller never responded and the case was then escalated and the fat greedy mfuckers at ebay asked for a full description of what I had done to try and resolve the issue between the seller and myself. I forwarded all emails I had sent to the seller and explained to them the seller landline was no dead. Good old ebay went in the sellers favour and I am out of pocket £150 plus I don’t know how to get my domain names back. ebay big terrorists in the world. I wish they would all die especially Liam Breen useless wanker.

  3. Barry Turner

    I sold an absolute mint High End CD Player in perfect working order on eBay, as COLLECTION ONLY. The buyer arranged his own courier and it was despatched in it’s original packaging. The buyer claimed it did not work when he received it also claimed it was badly packaged, I warned eBay that this guy was trying it on. their reply to me was that they would not force me to refund if I was confident that I had despatched as described,which I was 100% confident about. Guess what this bent buyer opened a “Dispute” and eBay believed his side of the story, in spite of numerous emails I sent to them pointing out blatant lies in some of his emails to me; and yes you’ve guessed it eBay forced me to accept the damaged item back and refund his money.We asked a number of individual parties to read the emails from this buyer ,and without exception they all said that the buyer had dropped it and caused the damage, which I now have to foot the bill for repairing. So yes I think eBay are an “Absolute shower of SHIT” I will not be using their services in future, there are numerous sites on line for selling your unwanted items and a damn site cheaper.
    Disgusted and disillusioned seller.

  4. vx

    tell you the best scam, say its faulty and return-but!! send an envelope with nothing in it registered /signed for !! he gets an empty envelope(registered mail)/he loses hismoney refunded and the goods!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>you the buyer wins!!!
    you can prove you returned the item as you sent it registered !!!!

    1. fecker

      your a useless robbing cunt

      1. cinimod

        perfectly said!!

    2. Esther

      Buyers allways win!!!! eBay sitting with Buyesr ONLY!!! Swellers have ZERO Rights!!!
      eBay is RIP OFF!!! PERIOD!!!!

    3. lil joe

      ebay is garbage, seller’s have no rights. like she said, it is sad, because it was cool , 12-13 years ago.

  5. lozbozs

    In July 2013 I wanted to sell my second hand PS3 so I decided to use eBay to do so….BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! It was nothing but stress from the moment I listed the item. At the end of the bidding I received an invoice asking for £25 which seemed totally mad after it all came to £130 in the end due to their selfish tax evading causing the seller to pay a whopping 15% charge on the end total! meaning it would have just been cheaper and faster to just have put an ad in the paper to sell my PS3! And get this. The asshole who bought my lot just decided to not even pay me in the end. and I ended up still having to pay for eBay’s great help and service (sarcasm) for £6.33! Pure madness and a once great selling website now the worst selling website without a doubt.

  6. lisa

    I hate ebay.I used to sell and buy on there but so many lying bastard sellers i kept getting item nir as described so i opened cases to get my money back but guess what-damn ebay suspended my account said i opened too many cases!!wtf they expected me to accept shit itens

  7. Marty

    My Buddy Alex tried to sell some vintage bicycles(which included old Australian, American, English & Japanese made bicycles) on Ebay recently and the only “bidders” he got, for some weird reason, were only dealers, no private buyers or hobby restorers.
    Talk about the site being rigged! the dealers “blocked” other potential buyers from picking up a genuine bargain(as Alex is moving his business to the country).
    The dealer offered Alex a grand sum total of 99c (in old copper coins).
    Alex could’ve got more for his bikes from the local metal scrap yard up the road, even after he stripped the old bikes of their good parts!
    Yet for some weird other reason Alex can sell Chinese made Wal/K -Mart Junk , from China , like Huffy bikes for $150 a piece, no dealers of course want those!

  8. keith

    Those stupid thick lunatics at ebay have surely all escaped from Asylums.They are the most dopey,ignorant,lowlifes I have ever attempted to deal with.I have just spent the best part of 4 hours attempting to contact one of these dickheads and at every attempt I am directed to their stupid,useless help yourself answers,which have absolutely no relevance to my enquiry.I was stupid enough to make a purchase from an ebay seller and was promised a tracking id for international post-SIMPLE,no not to those freaks at ebay.The number they gave me is not recognized by UPS and despite trying to enlighten those stupid,robotic,imbeciles at ebay of their mistake it seems I would actually be better speaking to an inanimate object,such as a tree!

    It is absolutely unbelievable how these mindless morons actually get these jobs in the first place-maybe you have to have a grade 0 in education.All I want is the correct id for the UPS tracking system,but these turds at ebay are doing everything to deny this to the buyers.They are never going to get another penny of my money for anything and I would rather pay a premium elsewhere to avoid using these criminals.

  9. Esther

    Bueyrs from HELL!!! You as Seller have no Return no Refund Policy,but Buyer come up all all millions excuses to REQUEST Return on the Item!!! Special if you sell Pre-owned Item.Item is as described,but any Buyer from Hell come with Million Excuses to request Refund!!!! You know why? Because eBay sitting with Buyers ONLY!!! You as a Seller you have no Right to provide Buyer from Hell with Negative feedback and Buyers ABUSE Sellers as much as they can!!!! Selling on eBay SUCK!!!!

  10. richard

    I have had an absolutely awful time as a seller on ebay. I sold a perfectly working mobile phone recently (after upgrading to a new phone) and after four days the buyer contacted me to say it now wasn’t working. Ebay sided with the buyer and has ordered me to accept a return of the now broken phone and that Ebay would be coming after me to recoup cost!

    I sold the phone for £100 but after eBay fees, paypal fees, postage etc I have lost £25 which is a massive margin to loose from what you sell (25%!!).

    I now need to accept a broken phone which means I’m another £100 worse off as I can no longer sell the phone again. In total I think I am £125 worse off than when I stared the whole process and it’s all been massively stressful for nothing.

    The buyer was awful at communication and ignored emails and phone calls etc. I have a proven track record of selling honestly, ethically and with integrity on ebay so for eBay to side with the buyer like this seems illogical and a huge kick in the teeth.

    In short I feel like eBay didn’t protect me at all in this and that i have been massively exposed to being taken advantage of by the buyer. It’s been a horrible, stressful experience and has cost me a lot of time and money and would not recommend it to anyone!

  11. autan

    I created an account a month or so ago as a buyer on ebay. I got positive feedback.
    I had a phone from an upgrade, that I listed to sell. It sold within an hour. The buyer paid by Paypal and the transaction was put on a 21 day hold for me to ship the goods.

    I sent the goods sameday by Royal Mail Special Delivery and got a tracking number.

    The buyer received the goods the next day and filed a complaint saying goods were not as described (this was a lie), he sent the goods back to me, but instead of a new iphone he sent back a second hand blackberry. Paypal refunded the customer and ebay suspended my account saying I was a unreliable seller.

    So what have we learnt from this experience. Ebay/Paypal have aided a crook to get a new iphone. They refunded the money back to the customer so they have not received any fees.

    Ebay = 0
    Buyer = 1
    Seller = -1

    Who pays Ebay and keeps them in business (1 less seller), good luck with that business plan ebay. I look forward to the next new auction site, that will put you out of business and they will.

  12. Nobby

    Ebay my f*%$ing arse. Try talking to “Custome Care” (the don’t care or give a shit) and they go round in circles just to fob you off. As long as they’re making their money they don’t give a toss. THE BUNCH OF USELESS WANKERS

  13. Christian

    Oh my mother fucker where do I begin? Okay so I go on eBay just to check out a couple games and compare it to Amazon, I LOVE Amazon but I like to see other wevsite a every now and again since I have seen on FaceBook so many people in debates between Amazon and eBay. Now I have had a couple BAD. Things happen to me on eBay when my mom had her account when I was younger and I bought some Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards and all of them were ducking fake, funny with TERRIBLE grammar, but nonetheless I still got fucked (without lube mind you, and now my ass is stretched in unholy positions). Now I decided to check out some older Pokemon games for the GBA because I have ALWAYS loved Fire Red and Emerald. So I go on Amazon and they were like 10-20 bucks in pretty nice condition, well I decided to check eBay out again after all those years of being screwed over hoping it had changed. I seen a lot of Pokemon games for the GBA, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald for “only 30 dollars”. As an excited collector, I get my credit card out of my wallet and then happily make an eBay account, add it to card and buy my shit. Well they finally came in and I honestly couldn’t believe it, they were real!! Or so I thought, I opened that package like a bat outta hell and see these strange cartridges… Fakes. Fucking. Fakes. What was left of my asshole was gone. I looked at them with a rage only a man who put trust in a lover who then got cheated on would have. A horrifying pain of sadness mixed with hatred and mistrust. They didn’t save, the beginning always said “Don’t bE a piratE!?” with all sorts of fucked up nonsense. Moral of the story, fuck eBay. It is complete and total shit, oh and did I mention eBay stood up for the seller even though I had photographic proof? No? Okie dokie, good thing I threw that in there, huh? If given the chance, I would happily make my own auctioning website for others, sadly I am a poor ass bastard because of scammers stealing my money I work hard for… Makes me feel like shit…

  14. David

    We have also experienced many similar horror stories from eBay. So much in fact, it drove us to start our own marketplace. It started out as anger for the horrible treatment towards us (sellers of course). We kept running into these situations where we had scamming buyers or negative feedback they wouldn’t remove when it was clearly unjustified. We kept saying “If we were running the show, we would never do that to our sellers” and “who’s running the show down there, a bunch of kindergartners?” Finally we said, “you know what, let’s give it a go!” Of course I would love for it to grow so big, it eventually squeezes eBay right out of business, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. In fact, I’d be happy if eBay even broke a sweat that we are here.

    We are small, but we have used sites like this to hear the most common complaints and we are going to make a noticeable change. We are looking for seller’s support by checking us out, leaving feedback (via Contact Us) about what you like, what you don’t like, and what you would like to see next. If you have an eBay or Amazon store, you can import your listings (it doesn’t remove them from eBay or Amazon, it duplicates them).

    Unlimited listings are free, and if you give us a Like on Facebook and list at least 50 items, selling fees are waived for 1 full year! After that, the standard selling fee is only 5%.

    Thanks for reading and we hope to see you there! :-) http://toucandeal.com

  15. Jay Jay

    I completely empathise with all the people’s comments on here – the stats don’t lie:

    Percentage Royal Mail losses from items sold on our website – 2%
    Percentage Royal Mail losses from items sold on Amazon – 5%
    Percentage Royal Mail losses from item sold on eBay – wait for it – 35% YES 35%

    Isn’t it funny how even though all of our items are packed identially, Royal Mail knows which ones are to eBay customers and they get lost! Funny that!

    Says it all really – oh plus eBay customers are the rudest, most illiterate chavs on the planet too

    So long eBay hope you all lose your jobs, you tossers

  16. Mason