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Oct 18

Pizza Hut STILL Sucks A LOT! My $10 for “any” Pizza Experience!

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I’m old enough to remember when Pizza Hut was pretty Damned Good.  But it has Sucked for quite awhile.  But in the spirit of remaining open minded, I thought I’d give their “$10 for any Pizza” offer a try and see if they were still as awful as the last time I tried them.  (Except …

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Oct 11

No new content this week to honor Obama shutting down the Government!

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Joining forces with Michelle Obama who can’t Tweet, national monuments that are being guarded at higher cost than it’d cost to keep them open, and Government websites that are being completely blacked-out while Barack is having his Über Hissy Fit, has nothing new to say this week!

Sep 27

Just in case you’re STILL stupid enough to sell on Ebay!

ebay sucks
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Here’s a quick summary for you, because if you’re still trying to sell items on Ebay you’re probably too stupid to handle more than that!  (The typical Ebay sugar-coated-spun-email follows in Shit brown below, but of course all the details are buried in the actual 5000 page user agreement.) In a nutshell: You can choose to …

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Sep 13

More on Apple…

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Last time I wrote about how Apple sold out Humanity with their development of a phone virus they want installed around the world in order to manipulate and destroy freedom. This time around, I have a couple more Apple tidbits for you! First, if you’re one of the elitist snobs that uses Apple products, you’re not …

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Aug 23

Apple sold us out, I’m glad Steve Jobs is Dead!

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I’ve always thought of Apple as artsy-fartsy-tech for people who were too stupid use a PC or who wanted to show off by having the latest expensive iCrap.  Even with all of the lawsuits where Apple claims to have invented everything that’s been done for the last 50 years, I was still pretty indifferent towards the …

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Aug 02

Do NOT Smash Your Time Warner Cable Modem!

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In October Time Warner Cable hiked everyone’s internet bills by $3.95 — even for those that had a contract or a guarantee for a set price.  See: Now less than a year later, they’re demanding another 40% and notified customers they’re jacking up the price to $5.95 for “rental” of old modems that most people have …

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