Believe in GOD? Then explain the DEVIL.

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Religious fanatics are pretty stupid, so I’m going with a couple of numbered lists rather than explain in prose.

These are points that the religious crazies will agree on:

1. The Devil is Evil.

2. People who are evil deserve to be punished in Hell.  .

3. The Devil rules Hell..

Clearly I’m not theologian but if the Devil is in charge of Hell, who is punishing Her for being Evil?  Seems like the Devil gets away with whatever She wants and doesn’t suffer any consequences.  In fact, She was rewarded for being Evil.

There are 3 possible answers.

1. The Devil is not Evil, but actually an agent of God.  God has let Satan take a bad rap because the lie suits His needs.

2. Life is unfair and some Evil (like the Devil) gets rewarded with infinite power.

3. Religion is made up Shit.

What do you think?

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