Time Warner Cable Hikes the Price Even if You Have a 12 Month “Guarantee!”

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Think your cable bill is high now, but at least you’re “locked in” for a price for 12 months?  Think again!

Time Warner Cable has found a way around honoring their commitment to your current price by charging for equipment that was previously included in your monthly bill.

I received the following postcard today from my friends at Time Warner Cable:

Calling customer-no-service located in India, I reached Patel who advised me that, “thisisnotpriceincrease.”  It does mean that I am expected to pay another $48 a year more, but he assured me that I simply don’t understand.

If I want, I can buy a $200 modem and then I don’t have to pay the $48 a year, but that modem will be obsolete in a year + it locks me into having to Fuck with Time Warner Cable.  And that modem won’t do me a bit of good when I switch to another provider.  Nice choice, thanks for mentioning it, Patel.

Screw You Time Warner Cable.  I will be using your service just long enough to find another provider.


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    • Ron on October 28, 2012 at 11:27 am

    Great Blogs.
    Just read your last 5 entries.
    Spot on.
    Wish I was 20 years younger.
    Keep up the good work

  1. Here is an interesting piece of additional information:


    Time Warner is requring people who have VOIP phone with them to buy their own modem to avoid the price hike (disguised as an equipment fee) but the customer must still keep the TWC modem for the phone portion of their service! But, if they buy their own modem, the TWC cable modem no longer has a monthly fee because it is being used for phone only. WTF???

    This makes it 100% clear this is a price hike and nothing else.


    Important information about your Internet service

    We want to inform you of upcoming changes to your Internet service price beginning with your next bill. The Internet Modem Lease will be $5.99.

    When leasing a modem from Time Warner Cable you have access to 24/7 customer support and required equipment upgrades or replacements.

    We continue to invest in our network to make sure you have the fastest, most reliable service you need. Improvements we’ve made in the past year include:

    • A 50% increase in speed on our most popular tier
    • Additional WiFi Hotspots nationwide–now access to more than 150,000 free WiFi Hotspots is available nationwide with Standard Internet.

    Thank you for choosing Time Warner Cable.

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