Price Gouging after Sandy is Essential and NJ Officials are Idiots!

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It really pisses me off every time there is a disaster officials “crack down” on price gouging.  They’re such Stupid Fucking Idiots.

Look at this:

Let me break it down for you NJ Officials:  People are Greedy and 100% interested in helping themselves.  If there is a disaster and supplies are in short supply, the first people in line take as much as they can hold and then come back and take more.  If they are able to get away with it, they’ll take everything they can and leave nothing for the 2nd person in line.  Even if they don’t need it, they’ll take enough water to fill their swimming pool and leave everyone else with nothing.

When supplies are limited and the people who have them price gouge, the supplies last longer and more people are able to get some relief.

I get it, in a disaster, you’d like to fill up your tank for the market rate of $4 a gallon.  And that’s just what “NJ Officials” would do, even if they could get by with 1/4th of a tank.

But if the price is jacked up to $8 a gallon, many people will get just what they need, and then there will be gas left for the the next person.  And instead of  just 1 person filling their tank, 4 people can get 1/4th of a tank.   So the real question is: Do you want NO gas at all — ZERO GAS — or do you want 1/4th of a tank for double (or even triple) the regular price?  I betcha 100% of the people would choose the latter.

Works the same with everything else.  If you need a hotel room for your entire family and you’d normally get 2 rooms, would you rather not have a room at all, or pay triple for one room?  Again, the answer is clear.

In a disaster, you want people from neighboring states to load up their inventory and bring it over.  There’s significant risk, disruption and cost for doing this, but if they can make a profit, it’s worth it.  If you’re in NJ right now, would you rather buy a generator and get some water for triple the price from a guy who drove up from South Carolina, or would you rather have nothing?

If these disconnected, worthless politicians get their way, the guy driving in from SC will be fined, imprisoned and the next disaster NJ has, the people can do without water and generators.  Because I assure you, the local Sears is not going to have a half price sale on generators and water, if they’re even open.  Chances are the “victims” have looted anything local anyway.

But in all fairness to the spineless assess in the NJ Attorney General’s office, every state always has hissy fits about this during disasters.  I guess if your job doesn’t actually help anyone, you have to do something to feel needed.

Worthless politicians looking for a photo-op at the expense of the people really suffering.  There’s your Fucking Gouging.

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