What the Nook?

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Crazy, outstanding, wacky?  Fucked up?  A sign of the times?  I don’t know what to make of this Shit.

And to be fair,. I’m sure the phenomenon I’m about to tell you about isn’t limited to Barnes and Noble.

I don’t read, never learned how.  But the other day somehow I found myself on the Barnes and Noble website looking at bargain books for $1.99.  There were even some hardcover books as low as $2.99.  You can check this out for yourself at B&N.  They’ve even got the books.com domain so it’s easy to get there.  Once there they have a Bargain Corner or some shit like that.  Plus they have some kind of program where you get free shipping on books too.

So they’ve got some good deals for $1.99 books and if you get-with-the-program, free shipping too.  Nothing to get worked up about or to write an article about, right?

Well maybe there is.  Check out this screen capture of my visit!

NOOK Crazy Shit!


So if you’re seeing what I’m seeing, you can get a paperback of “Wedding Cake” for $1.99.  But  if you’d like an electronic download for your NOOK, it’s FUCKING $9.99!  Rinse and Repeat for all these damned books.  Dozens and dozens of books where they’ll ship you the damned book, for 1/5th of the price of an electronic download?

I have to say WHAT THE FUCK?  Are you shitting me?   People are really paying 5 times as much for a download of these books?

I’m not old enough to remember this (of course) but when automatic teller machines first came out, you had to PAY to use them.  At some banks it was as much as 75 cents to use a damned ATM.  Banks figured people would pay for the convenience of being able to bank all day and night and not wait on lines (except there were lines at the atm!)

After awhile the banks figured out that it was cheaper for them to put in an ATM instead of paying a teller, and now they charge you more if you go inside the bank.

I wonder when Barnes and Noble is going to figure out that it costs them a FUCKLOAD more to print, warehouse and ship books to people than it does to let them download a copy?

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