Groupon PoopOn II

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Who doesn’t want $60 for $30?  That’s free money.  It’s better than going out on a date, because this way I don’t have to put out.  But damned if any of the Groupons I did turned out like that.

Hey, that sounds like my Groupon PoopOn post from June 1st!  And if you want to read some of my personal experiences with Groupon, check out that link.

Screw me over 4 times and we’re done with that Shit!  (I know I’m slow, I can’t believe it took 4 times!)

But the reason I wanted to revisit Groupon this fine Friday, is I was just reading about some of the Business Perspectives that small owners have shared about their Groupon experiences.  You can do some Googling yourself, for specifics, but there are a bunch of  reoccurring themes.

  1. The business offering the Groupon generally gets slammed, sometimes well beyond their capacity to handle business.  Meaning that either they have to incur additional expenses (like temporary help) or not fill orders the same way they did before.
  2. The business owner gets only half the Groupon money; so on a $20 groupon they get only $10.
  3. The people who use Groupons to go to a business they’ve never been to before, generally aren’t people who come back again, E-V-E-R!  They wanted a deal and don’t want to pay full price, so next week they’re going where the next Groupon is.
  4. Some existing customers use the Groupon resulting in the business giving their existing customers a crazy discount that they didn’t want to, since the purpose was to draw new business.
  5. Groupon holds the money for a long, long, long time.  Sometimes months.

What a Deal.... For Groupon!

There are some other things that seem to crop up in specific cases, but 1-5 seemed to be happening over and over again in the articles that I read.

Since I began this whole blogging thing with my Groupon-Poopon artcile, I felt compelled to write this follow-up when I became aware of what a lousy experience this seems like from the small business side too.

So if the consumers get Screwed, and the small business gets Screwed — I guess it’s just Groupon that’s getting a sweet deal?



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